4 Lessons On-demand Delivery Startups Can Learn From Line Man, Thailand-based On-demand app

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If you are an entrepreneur looking to enter the on demand economy, with your idea of an on-demand delivery startup, these lessons are a must read for you. We wrote this blog on the basis of our recent discussion with one our on demand app specialists, who studied about the Lineman, a Thailand based on demand app and its disruption in the delivery app world, with its offerings. Let’s have a dig at the 4 intricate lessons from the delivery service app.

Do you want a pizza delivery at your doorsteps? Or maybe a beer crate? Diet food from a specific dietician? We have an app for everything! The disruption made by the on demand apps solutions like Uber and Airbnb has been followed by a chain of inventions like Postmates, Doordash, Lyft, Food Panda, Drizly and many others. The point to prove here is, it is never ending plethora of on demand deliveries.

Each year, more and more users are engaging in the Uber for delivery genre. At Space-O Technologies, we have gathered statistics related to on-demand food delivery which is clearly showing a constant increase in the interest ratio of developing delivery apps. 

constant growth of delivery service app

It is a one-time investment for on demand delivery companies or startups to make an on demand delivery app for better business engagement and also to provide the trending delivery services through the delivery app. 

From business engagement, we remembered recent news related to Line Man app, published by TechCrunch. The delivery startup, Line Man, observed a growth rate of 300% which is 300 million users, who regularly use at least one of its services, making the app apt for investors.

Let’s have an insight into Lineman app and its lessons which is making the on demand delivery services very popular throughout Bangkok.

Lineman: Top On-demand Delivery Service App

  • Popular messaging app Line decided to expand its e-commerce lineup with Line Man, delivery service app. It consists of 5 distinct services- food, grocery, courier, messenger, and taxi service.

delivery service app

  • Line Man app maximized its business by partnering with other industries throughout Thailand, accelerating employment opportunities.
  • The “delivery on demand” of the app is achieved consistently by seamless ordering, delivering, and payment process.

Being, an on demand delivery startup, if you are planning to dive into this niche, then you need to check the driving force behind the success of Line Man app. Scroll down a few important lessons learned from this Uber for delivery model.

4 Important Lessons from Line Man App (Delivery Service App) to be Considered by Delivery Startups.

#1. Know the user’s concerns and provide a platform for their needs

The important lesson from the Line Man app for all the delivery startups is to offer what your customers have missed in other on demand apps.  Line, the messaging app, came with a concept of meeting the daily concerns of its users. Being, a 218.4million monthly active users platform, it had the audience who would engage in such on demand mobile apps.

You can develop your delivery app by studying the actual needs of your users. For instance, if there is a need for developing a courier delivery app like Uber for your niche, but you end up developing another food delivery app. The food app will not get desirable traffic or revenue generation. So, whether you are developing on demand delivery app for food or developing grocery delivery apps, remember, you supply an item which has high market demand.

#2. Line Man went online with apt prospects for local people

Mobile internet user growth has transformed user behavior in Thailand. Line Man app was developed to serve the purpose of online to offline delivery business and flourish the employment opportunities for local people. The local street food hawkers and restaurants are getting more exposure being on the platform. With different services from courier to taxi booking, the people are getting more business and livelihood.

delivery service app

Image Credit: Line Man App

This Uber delivery app has simplified the living of localities and also helped in the country’s economy. Make sure, your on-demand assistant app can provide a solution that results in economic expansion along with the app success.

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#3. Easy to use app with an all-inclusive ecosystem

Line Man, on-demand service app, has a very intuitive user-interface that attracts and engage more users. The navigation of the delivery service app has been extraordinary and thus they have inculcated all-inclusive ecosystem for payments, ordering, and delivery.

The main focus of every on demand app is to provide with real-time deliveries to the users. The Line Man app has been accurate in the offline delivery system and managing its online orders along with dispatch management solutions.

Thus, being a newbie in the delivery segment, you should give utmost leverage on UI/UX design of your app for better communication with the users through the app. If you are planning to develop such an app, California, New York, Nevada, Texas, are some of the places where there is a huge market of delivery service apps.

#4. Collaboration with logistics industry

Line Man app has partnered with two startups for its smooth logistics app solutions. One of them is a top restaurant review app, Wongnai, which provides a food listing of over 10,000 restaurants and street food hawkers across the capital. Another is Lalamove, a Hong Kong-based startup which is an app like Uber for motorbike courier and truck drivers.

Being an on demand delivery startup, you need to collaborate with the big guns of that particular city or region. This can help your app to reach more audience in a short span of time and will give you exposure in the app world. Collabs always add an expert name and a flawless service tag to the app which helps build trust among the users.

Before ending this blog, we would like to discuss our contribution to this genre.

How we contributed to on demand delivery service app genre?

Space-O Technologies have contributed over 40 on demand delivery apps and are striving to grow the delivery segment with more technically sound functionalities. Glovo, JabroolBevy are some of our developed delivery apps. In fact, some of our on demand delivery apps are covered by top news websites like TechCrunch, The New York Times, BBC News, The Daily Mail and many other sites. 

Being in the mobile application development industry for almost a decade, we have listed some features to consider in your on-demand delivery app:

  • Live tracking of drivers
  • Filtered search
  • Re-order an item
  • Request product
  • Foreign currency converter

These are some of our favorite features for delivery app solutions. For a detailed discussion or to know more about such delivery service apps, we can talk over a call. We have designed a simple contact us form which will help you to share your needs. 

So, if you have any idea about on-demand delivery app development, you can get in touch with us. We are a leading Android app development company and already developed over 3500 mobile apps of different categories. Just fill our contact us and one of our sales representatives will get back to you shortly. 

This blog is written with the help of on-demand app expert. Please do write to us your feedback for our future improvements.

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