5 Powerful Features to Create a Successful On-demand Delivery App

With Uber Eats, GrubHub, DoorDash, Instacart, the on demand businesses are bursting with potential. These Uber for delivery apps have taken over the on demand world, According to statista, the largest segment is Platform-to-Consumer Delivery with a market volume of US$53,786m in 2019. Thus, if you are planning to develop on demand delivery platform to connect service providers and customers, don’t overlook these 5 must-have features during on demand delivery app development. Feature image taken from Vegan Liftz

The on-demand delivery service apps or popularly define the segment as “Uber for Delivery” has been on a rise. It is sprawling across industries ranging from food and grocery to healthcare. 

Let’s face the fact – customers are not only looking for the best products in the market, but they are also looking for ways of getting it on the same day and last time, and instant consumption in the most convenient manner.

And this is where on-demand delivery service apps score. 

They offer the customers – with what they want – right when they want it.

Being an Uber delivery service startup, you need to understand the shifting ‘Uberization trends.’ Customers are shifting from traditional shopping methods to home delivery apps for the simple reason that the entire experience is comfortable to them and is always at their disposal. 

Think about it for a minute….

Who will go through the pain of going to a supermarket, searching for the desired products, waiting in a queue at a bill counter, and then getting the item? 

Probably, no one, right?

Instead, everyone will rely on an Uber like delivery service app where the items are one click away. And, the on demand solution arranges, schedules transportation or logistics services that provide door-to-door delivery service.

Without any further due, let’s dive into the effective features for developing successful on demand service app. 

Don’t Miss Out On These 5 Effective Features for Your Uber Delivery App Development

  1. Search & discover products

    You may have the best products but the customers need to be able to discover them. And this brings us to the importance of search and discovery features. 

    Your search filters should be highly refined. Your customers should be able to search from a plethora of products, in a fraction of seconds. We as humans are very impatient, so if you are really after retaining your users to the delivery app, you need to work on this functionality.

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    They will not always type their exact choice but the search should be intelligent enough to bring out what he/she needs. For this, your products should be neatly categorized in their respective sections and the search should be optimized to accept a few misspellings. Also, ‘recently viewed’ and ‘you might also like’ sections are a treat.

  2. Seamless order placement

     A successful on-demand delivery service app should be able to serve its customers with anything and at any time. What this means is – customers can use the app at any time of the day. The app should accept orders 24*7 without any restrictions on that part. Also, through the app, the customers should be able to order all they can possibly need. 

    Being a delivery service app, you can allow your users to make an order of postal delivery or package delivery at one’s doorsteps. If you want to be among the best delivery apps, ‘order convenience’ is the key when planning to provide a package delivery service like Uber.

    Make sure, your order placement has an easy checkout process with the payment gateway integration and invoice preparation. A seamless user-interface with properly mentioned ‘delivery item’ and an ‘add to order’ push button should be an intuitive experience for your users. 

    With the payment gateway integration functionality, your on demand app solution or package delivery app should not ask for customer details, every time when a user logins. Thus, integrate some trusted gateways like Paypal, Stripe, Braintree, and secure your online users’ data at a time in a detailed backend datasheet for future in-app payment transactions.

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  3. Real-time package tracking

    To maintain a trustworthy relation with your users, real-time tracking is the most important feature of your on demand delivery app. When we look back in time when there were no mobile apps, customers had to call the parcel delivery agency to check the status of their item. The follow-ups were a real-deal for customers and they always had to be in a dilemma of whether their parcel will reach safely to its desired location or address.

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    With the real-time tracking feature, the customers will know the whereabouts of their package and how much time will it take to reach them. They can constantly track it and know the estimated arrival time of delivery using Uber package delivery app. In short, customers can easily take follow-ups and track their orders from its creation to all the way at their door.

  4. Ratings and reviews

    This feature is an indispensable part of a business.

    Feedbacks are highly beneficial as they help the business know what features they are excelling in and where they are going wrong. It will help your on demand mobile app to identify the loopholes in the process that are likely to miss otherwise. 

    Another great advantage of this feature is – customers tend to trust a business with reviews and ratings as they realize that many people have used the service before and found it good enough. This not only builds trust in the existing users but also attracts the potential ones. 

  5. Real-time updates and notifications

    Another vital feature to include in your on demand delivery app is real-time updates and notifications which is considered as beneficial for customers. This feature updates customers with what exactly is going on with their order from order confirmation to ready for delivery notification.

    It also lets them know of any discounts or offers related to the items they were eying. Notifications do the job of conveying the offers and discounts going on in the package delivery app like Uber. The feature finally lures the customers to use the app once again when there are looking for food delivery or any package delivery service.

Are You Having an On Demand Delivery App Idea?

Mobile apps have rightfully become a crucial asset for all businesses. This applies especially to on-demand models where the entire business is based on the efficiency of the app. Make sure you do it right with the aforementioned features.

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