6 Exclusive Features That You Can’t Afford to Miss While Developing a Dating App like Tinder


In recent time, the online dating industry has gained huge popularity as the demand for the top dating apps among adults is increasing constantly.

According to the latest report by statista.com, the total revenue in the online dating segment amounts to $1,389m in 2017, and it is expected that the revenue will show an annual growth rate of 3.3% resulting in a market volume of $1584m in 2021.

When it comes to talking about one of the best dating apps in the App Store, Tinder app is experimenting with a new feature, called Super Likeable, in select markets. The new feature will make Super Liking a more intentional experience. Moreover, it pop-up at the random times in the app to give users a free Super Like that can be used on one of four people presented on the Super Likeable card.

Recently, the company has introduced a location-based feature named Places that tracks users’ location via its application, and then shows potential matches where you have been. The main aim behind this feature is to allow users to come across their real-life missed connections and it is quite similar to Happn, a dating app. Further, last year, Tinder was declared as the top-grossing dating app across the U.S. with user spending of over $336 million.

Undeniably, there are popular dating apps, but there are not many that can suffice the majority of users. So, entrepreneurs, who want to create tinder like dating apps, can grab the opportunity to create their own dating solution that stands apart.

As per another report from TechCrunch, Tinder has already developed a fairly chat platform within the app, providing support for sharing things like Bitmoji and GIFs. And it also provides an ability to “like” messages by tapping an icon (heart). Now, the company is testing a new integration like sharing music via Spotify. The company has confirmed with TechCrunch that it’s trying a new way to connect users by enabling them to share music within the chat.

However, if you are planning to create one of the popular dating apps like Tinder, you can’t afford to miss these below mentioned features that can make your tinder like app successful in the dating industry.

Tinder Like Dating App

Check out 6 Unique Dating App Features That Help Users to Find What They’re Looking For

1. Allow Meeting Interesting People Nearby

One of the most important features that you can consider while developing a dating app like tinder is allowing your app users to meet interesting people that best match with their profile.

When someone is using any dating app, it means he/she is looking forward to meeting interesting people nearby, so rather than just suggesting people, you can suggest interesting people that best match with their profile. It would be helpful for your users to find a perfect match.


Taking an example of a Tinder app, it has made it easy yet fun for people to find a right match. While using this app, you can swipe right to like someone, swipe left to pass. If someone likes back, it is a match.

So, you can also make it as easy as Tinder app to make it easy for users to use your app and get their perfect match.

2. An Ability to Create 1-2-1 and Group Meet-up at Real Locations

Another unique feature that you can include in your tinder clone app is an ability to create 1-2-1 and group meet-up at real locations. If someone has found a perfect match with similar interest, they can arrange a face-to-face meeting at any location.

However, you can also allow them to arrange a group meet-up, where different users can meet, talk, enjoy, and find a perfect match. By meeting with different people, they can easily find one that best meets with their interest.

Along with this, you can also suggest a right place to your app users, where they can meet. You can provide different places as a suggestion to choose from, and according to their convenience and choice, they can select one place and share it with each other.

3. Chat or Messages

The current scenario of online dating apps is that there is not a single dating application without a chat feature, so it is highly important that you include a chat feature in your dating app so that users can initiate a real-time chat with people they are matched.


They can easily send messages or chat with their matches and know each other better. Furthermore, you can also ensure that you allow your users to edit their sent messages as sometimes, it can be life-saving for them when they type any wrong message. With the message editing feature, your users will never be embarrassed for writing a wrong message.

4. Real-time Notifications

Do you know that real-time notification can trigger your users to open your application and reply instantly? Notifying your users that something of interest has happened is the most fundamental thing because they never want to miss a single thing when it comes to dating app.


For an example, you can notify them if someone viewed their profile, sends a new message, pokes them, etc. Your users always want to be in the know about the things that interest them and get an instant notification without the need for a browser refresh.

5. Well-organized Search Filters

There can be a lot of people, who might want to search any particular person on your dating app. Right? Why not provide them with a search functionality? You can include a well-organized search feature in your application and allow users to search for right matches by interest, location, friendliness, photos, etc.


Let’s take an example of Badoo application that makes use of facial recognition technology to help its users find a match, who looks like anyone at all, including celebs, their ex or anyone.

Moreover, Badoo has recently released a new app version by adding live video chat feature for its app users. Using this chat feature, users will be able to chat face-to-face with their matches. It will be helpful to those people who would like to chat before deciding to go on a date.

Though, the video chat feature has been launched with some limitations as of now. According to the officials, the video chat option will be switched on only when both the parties have matched and exchanged minimum 1 message to each other.

So, you can also allow your app users to search a perfect match and get hooked-up with them.

6. Safe & Secure

As you know that dating apps can be proved both an exciting and scary at the same time if the security feature is avoided while developing it. Therefore, you make your that your dating app is completely safe and secure for your users so that their private information like image, phone number, name, address, etc. is safe with you.

You can consider including some built-in security features that can advantage your users like blocking someone from contacting, turning off instant messages, location tracking, etc. Allow them to turn off the location-aware features in the app or show location-based information to selected people only.

So, these are the six unique dating app features that you can include in your application and allow people to connect with each other to find a perfect match.

What Would Be the Next Step?

As you know that dating industry is constantly soaring, and many new dating apps are coming up on the market and getting much traction. So, entrepreneurs can also take benefit of online dating industry by developing their own dating app like tinder by discussing it with any mobile app development company.

And if you think that your dating app idea can surely interest people and grab the maximum attention, you can discuss it with us through below given form and we will get back to you with a right solution.

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