Have a Dating App Development Idea? Check These 3 Powerful Strategies by Hater Dating App

If you are a dating startup and planning to create a dating app for iPhone and Android, this blog is for you. Herein we have curated 3 powerful strategies of Hater dating app that you can consider during dating app development.

“Hate” is the new “love” for today’s millennials.

Who would have thought the strongest emotion HATE can give the dating industry a whole new online dating experience. There was a set notion of mutual like and swipe, by Tinder dating app. After the success of Tinder, there came a time where every other entrepreneur started eyeing the dating platform.

Bumble, OkCupid, Happn, all these apps similar to Tinder have created a benchmark in the dating app clone world. With the advent of these mobile dating apps, online dating is no longer seen as a last attempt for the desperate and lonely to find their soulmate.

According to the report of U.S. consumer spending, led by Tinder, the top 10 mobile dating apps in the United States saw an increase of $679 million gross consumer spending during the past year.

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The mobile app world is flourishing its boundaries and opening new genres for every business, service, or product. The apps are an inevitable part of our lives. To find love, taxis, bill payments, bank statements, food delivery, and the list is endless. Recently, we came across one such dating app named Hater that is settling subtle with the Tinder like apps.

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“Hater app,” the name itself is intimidating, but the app has a unique approach to the dating platform. Let’s know about this unique dating app that has created a buzz in the dating market.

Hater: A Successful Example in the Dating App Development Industry

  • Hater app was founded in 2016, by Brendan Alper, who left his job at Goldman Sachs to become a comedian and first had the idea of this app as a joke.
  • The concept of this dating app is based on mutual dislikes of anything from vegetable to minivans. Basically, the app matches someone based on location and similar dislikes.
  • The app has over 1,00,000 followers and saw an increase of 10,000 followers in its very first month. The intriguing part about this app is the concept of “dislikes.”
  • Dallas Mavericks, the billionaire owner, pledged to invest $2,00,000 in exchange for a 10% stake in the company, by increasing the hater app valuation to $2million.

A Business Model of Hater Dating App

The hater application, for now, is a free subscription but is experimenting with a few monetization strategies.

  • To sell the data obtained from the app. The Hater app can go to brands like Starbucks and Starbucks them a useful piece of information region wise. For instance, the kids of Northeast region love Starbucks but also loves coconut milk with a particular kind of music. This will help the dating app to earn more revenue, and the Coffee brand to filter into targeting a niche audience.
  • The other idea is to charge premium in-app subscriptions, which is the traditional dating app approach for revenue generation.

Being a dating startup, if you want to create successful dating apps like Tinder, Coffee Meets Bagel or Hater, let’s take a quick look at a few exciting strategies of Hater. You can consider these strategies to generate curiosity for your dating app development idea.

3 Strategies of Hater App that Made a Huge Impact on Other Dating App Development Like Tinder

  1. Find Love Based on Dislikes

    Unlike other dating apps like Tinder where a user puts the best self forward and bonds over shared interests, Hater app, is not an app like Tinder. In the app’s dating premises, matches are found based on mutually hated topics.

    They say opposites attract, so maybe haters attract each other, too. That’s what the dating app Hater is betting on, anyway. This app also makes the users realize how many things they actually dislike, and they can actually portray those things on this dating platform, without feeling ashamed about it.

    If you are planning for dating app development, make sure you create a delightful concept like Hater, that lets users drop their idealized, perky version and to put a profile which shows off the inner crank instead.

  2. Swiping Experience Redefined

    What separates the Hater app, from other dating apps, is the swiping experience. Instead of swiping people, users swipe on their disliked topics. As the user base grows, the list of issues also extends, based on which the Haters can find their compatible potential matches.

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    Swiping left denoted no and right meant yes. It matched with men or women as per similar dislikes and ranks through hate-compatibility. That makes it easy to vet candidates based on their top hate (and, admittedly, profile pictures).

  3. Icebreaker Conversation Starter

    If we look at the very basic concept for the emergence of online dating, it was invented for comfortable conversing. There are certain shy personalities who hesitate in approaching the opposite flame. Through dating apps and online conversing, the interests and likings were made clear before going out on a date.

    In the Hater, dating app development, if after mutual swipe on the basis of dislikes, the users are not able to start a conversation, an icebreaker option is kept. An icebreaker game poses a question and has the users fill in the blanks, it lightens up their mood and adds a fun element in the dating application.

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    For a dating application to be among the best dating apps, your app needs to have such icebreakers in the form of games, that makes your app outstand from the clutter. The dating app needs to have excellent UI/UX and easy navigation to engage more users.

Want to create an app like Tinder or Hater?

So ready to create an app like Tinder? Have you ever thought about how dating apps make money? Hater, dating app, has proved that there is still a niche left to mesmerize users in the online dating genre. We have some concrete stats which can emphasize the scope of dating app industry for you.

According to stats by statista.com, the number of online dating users in the U.S. are accelerating and are projected to reach 37.5 million in 2023.

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The January 2019 survey depicts the following results, as per the statista report.

  • 49% of dating app users use dating apps for romantic relationships. 20% of the users use it for a non-exclusive romantic relationship. 23% use it for sexual encounters.
  • 14% of the U.S. internet users are aged 18 to 34 years started using dating apps this year, and 29% had done so previously.

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