Having A Customized Mobile App Can Influence Shipping, Transport or Courier Business


Mobile applications have always been the savior for every industry and the problems they face; ranging from apps for enterprise, startups, restaurants, eCommerce, taxi business and more. It is now time for the app’s light of focus to reach on the shipment/ courier industry with transport management system or app.

One such very important part in shipping and transport business is Bill of Lading (BoL) process. Having a customized app can ease the process of BoL.

What is Bill of Lading (BoL)?

Bill of Lading is a very important document and it is widely accepted as a legal evidence across the world. Bill of Lading is also referred to as a government bill of lading, transport bill of lading, Airwaybill, cargo receipt and evidence of the contract of carriage. A Bill of Lading can be produced prior to or after the shipment is done.

Issues faced by shipping/transport industries…

The shipping/ transport or courier business face a lot of difficulty in handling their deals, documents and most importantly, their bills.

While the bills are multiple and a problem in itself, another problem they face is that of making the consignment reach safely.

Shippers, transporters need to make sure that they have delivered the goods/material exactly in the same shape / physical condition in which they have received from the sender/consignee.

Significantly, practical problems have arisen over the past few years regarding the standard BoL requirement, to present the BoL at the discharging port in order to attain delivery of the cargo.

Bill of Lading in the modern shipping industries…How can an app bring the solution?

For a long time, the BoL has been the crucial document in the logistics industries. Due to the rapid growth of the modern shipping environment, it required some sort of application or software that can manage and handle the problems easily.

Let’s take a look at how a mobile app can automate the process of BoL.

Using the Mobile Camera:

Using a mobile camera, you can take the picture of the consignment before loading the shipment. It is very important that you have all the other details filled in the form which is required in the bill of lading. You can have the driver taking a snap of the consignment before delivering it and get a comparison, of the condition of the goods, done.

Make an eSignature:
In the case of reliability and trust, the signature of the driver can be captured, on the mobile screen. Bill of lading is required to be signed and with a mobile application taking the digital signature can be made possible. You can have a digital signature (eSignature) of the person preparing the document by signing on the mobile device screen. Once the BoL is completed with all the required entries, the photos of the current condition of the goods; the signature can generate the entire details of the deal stricken.

Track Using GPS System:
Using the mobile application, a live tracking of the shipment can be provided to your customers. Using GPS technology. You can track the location of the courier and based on the distance traveled, current speed and the remaining distance your app can predict the time required to reach the destination. When it comes to making a mobile application, we only make the best. Even in the tracking facility, when it comes to us, we will develop a tracking system that may compete for the accuracy of Uber itself while using and implementing some intelligent algorithms.

Digitalizing BoL System can help your business growing!

  • Cost Saving: Eliminates the expense of printing the Bill of lading as an ecopy can be provided and signed on.
  • Less Paper Wastage: As an actual print does not need to be taken out, at the end of the year, a lot of paper is not wasted.
  • Less Space: When the system becomes digitalized, extra space may not be needed for the storage of the Bills of Lading.
  • Less Manual Efforts: Since the entire process becomes digitalized, the manual efforts of separating, sorting and mailing the BoL.
  • Faster Communication: With the app in hand, information and notices can be passed on easily and in no time.
  • Security: Since all the Bill of Lading can be saved in the app, in a passworded folder, only the ones who are granted access to can.
  • Audit Trail: Full audit trail history of billing information, clear and visible externalized billing information.
  • No Misplacing: The records will be stored in the app’s Backend system and therefore the possibility of misplacing the documents was very less.
  • Multiple Users: More than one officials can access the documents, at the same time, without having to pass the copy around.
  • Easy Accessibility: All the documents (BoL) will be easily accessible for Customer service, audit, and compliance.

The technological pillars that assists the Bill of Lading (BoL) app

Most of the established businesses working as export house/shipping/ freight carrier either are using SAP ERP, QuickBooks, JD Edwards, etc or custom made solution for managing their inventory, payroll, dispatch, accounting etc. There are quite a few areas in which you can have a mobile (iPhone, Android, or Windows) app to enhance productivity and provide your customers with an improved experience.

As you are already running your business successfully with your existing software packages such as SAP, Microsoft Dynamics, Oracle, Epicor, Infor, QuickBooks or any other ERP system, you certainly need to integrate the mobile app developed with your existing software. We can surely integrate the mobile app with your existing software flawlessly and effectively whether it uses any database or backend technology.

FMLFreight is an available Bill of Lading mobile application, which provides solution for the bill of lading and other export/import related activities. Apart from this, there are other mobile apps/solutions available such as IntegrationPoint to handle certain aspects of the bill of lading but none of them are not effective enough to make a huge impact.

There are few other solutions which are providing software solutions for bill of lading and export document management but they do not have mobile app to boost the productivity and give the wow experience to their customers such as DSI-TMS, Shipping Solutions, and other solutions are good at a certain level and it’s time to improve the export documentation management.

The right solution at the right time

We had already laid our hands on the courier business in Spain with Glovo app. Want to know more about the Bill of Lading solution? Or any other solutions for your shipping or transport business?

In case, if you still have any query or confusion regarding courier service app development or how much does it cost to create courier service app, then you can get in touch with us through our contact us form. The consultation is absolutely free of cost.


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