3 Important Lessons Learned From Wildly Successful Customer Messaging App, Intercom, Which Has Secured $125 million in Series D Funding


This blog lies information for those startups, who are willing to establish a business model like Intercom, and want to create a successful customer messaging app. Herein we’ve curated three important lessons from which you can pick the ideas.

Automation is a great thing. If it is too little, it is the enemy of the efficiency, if it is too high, then it could kill the engagement. Likewise, it’s true for the customer messaging software, which is vital to boosting any company’s effectiveness.

Talking about the sales software, Salesforce is not the only name in the top of the list. However, the spotlight is on the new yet already matured startup company, Intercom, which provides the customer messaging platform to businesses.

In addition, the seven-year-old startup, Intercom has secured $125 million in Series D funding. According to the latest report, “The total valuation of the company, Intercom is $1.275 billion. It means that the company is also known as a unicorn”. And, its existing investors’ name is Bessemer Venture Partners, Index Ventures, Jack Dorsey, and Mark Zuckerberg.

Intercom and Its Key Points of Growth

The widely used customer messaging platform, Intercom is by no means the only startup selling messaging technology to businesses, but it is probably larger than you may realize. Let’s know more about what’s Intercom and how big it is?

  • Intercom is used by over 13,000 companies: Founded in 2011, the San Francisco-based software company, Intercom is used by over 13,000 companies, including Ancestry, IBM, RackSpace, Shopify, and Yahoo.
  • 1 billion monthly user milestones and the total customer count was 10,000 businesses: Initially, the company, Intercom started its journey as a provider of chat software within web applications, but now Intercom helps other companies unify the customer conversations across diverse channels, including email, mobile apps and Facebook messaging platform. In the year 2016, the company has passed 1 billion monthly user milestones and disclosed total customer count was 10,000 businesses.
  • More than 20,000 customers in just six years: The messaging platform, Intercom has reached more than 20,000 customers in just six years. The famous companies like Microsoft, Spotify, Stripe use Intercom to engage with their users.
  • 400 million conversations every month: Intercom powers approximately 400 million conversations every month, and reaching over a billion end users across the world.
  • One of the fastest growing firm in Silicon Valley in 2017: The company, Intercom launched its software, and a customer service app that handles and integrates all the ways companies talk to customers. Its three-stretch of growth makes Intercom one of the fastest growing firms in Silicon Valley, according to the report from Intercom. In the year 2017, Intercom hits $50 million in ARR faster than Shopify, Servicenow, Twilio, and others, which you can see in the below graph.


What Can Exactly Intercom (Customer Messaging Platform) Do For Businesses?

Intercom is a messaging app, which allows businesses to interact with their customers. Intercom provides the medium to communicate with several businesses through messages. By using this messaging platform, customers can get in touch with businesses via a mobile app. However, this service has replaced live chat, email, and, another medium of communication.


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3 Important Lessons That Startups Can Learn From Intercom (Wildly Successful Messaging Platform)

1. A Simple Idea Can Simplify The Way of Communication for Internet-Based Businesses

Undoubtedly, Intercom has drastically changed the way people communicate in past times. If WhatsApp is the king of the communication platform for common people, on the other hand, Intercom is the crux of communication for businesses. However, but what does make Intercom stand apart from its rivals like FreshDesk, Team Support, Olark, and Zoho Desk?

As we have already told about Intercom, it is a live chat system for support, sales, and marketing team. However, the main idea behind the emergence of this app was as nobody like spammy communication; neither with their customers and nor businesses. Because most of the businesses do not have a clear and cohesive way to communicate. Plus, spam messages, which are not irritating people, but they don’t meet their needs in a business point of view. So, the Intercom company had analyzed the real problems, which were faced by many businesses while communicating with their users.

The company has a wild idea, which has changed the landscape. In a nutshell, it provides the platform that would bring messaging products for sales, marketing, and customer support easily from anywhere. Currently, Intercom is used by over 20,000 businesses, which want to connect to their customers within the app. Thanks to Intercom, because of providing such an innovative idea!

2. Focused on Simple Things: Resolving Major Issues

Intercom app is based on messaging-first approach. The idea behind the approach is very simple. Initially, Intercom wanted to make really easy for internet-based businesses to talk to their customers without delivering spam or irrelevant messages. A customer messaging platform, Intercom focused only on simple things and resolving the major issues like spam messages, which was the barrier to communication.

Moreover, currently, Intercom considers itself as the “next-generation Salesforce”, and allowing a digital take on a timeless problem; enhancing business’ interactions with potential or existing customers. Furthermore, an app like Intercom provides platform wherever businesses and customers are talking to each other, and this is what a customer messaging app is all about.

So, if you as a startup have decided to create customer messaging app like Intercom, you need to bear this lesson in your mind. And, it will help you to establish a business model like Intercom. Additionally, if you are one of those entrepreneurs who have already started with this type of mobile app, you must be aware that talking to users is probably one of the most important things, which is essential. Instead of sending massive email blasts to customers, you must prefer to communicate with them on chat.

3. Focus on The Internet Bots Like Chatbots and Voicebots that Have Already Created a Sensation.

One of the last solutions provided by Intercom was based on – Internet bots. If you may not be aware of the term “bots”, then it would be better to explain more about it.

The Internet bots are like virtual assistants that can answer questions, and help users to get things done faster without requiring to speak to another human. They are used by many companies like Skype, Facebook Messenger, and of course, Intercom as well. Moreover, bots use natural language to get tasks done, and one of the many reasons Siri and Cortana, the technology behind them are internet bots.

Likewise, Intercom is also based on chatbot technology, and the company claimed that 400 million conversations are powered by Intercom. So, bots are the future like A.I. (artificial intelligence). Chatbots are the programs that interact with humans via text or voice interface.

Fundamentally, bots sit between the business and the end user, which tries to pair conversation. So that it is as easy as possible for both the parties. And, it can automate tasks simpler.

Therefore, like Intercom, you as a startup company needs to concentrate on the latest technology that could make things simple for users.

Side Note: On the technology side, if you have decided to create a customer messaging app like Intercom, then you can consider internet bots, which are of two types like chatbots and voice bots.


The adage, “The technology has a long way to go” still rings true. However, if you are trying to triumph in this niche, you as a startup company needs to focus to nail it. Also, these solutions in terms of lessons will help you to achieve success like the company Intercom.

Furthermore, if you have an idea and looking for developing a mobile app based on business messaging software, then you can discuss your idea through a below-given form. We will revert you within 48 hours.

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