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Whether it’s a startup or a well-established enterprise, competition is getting increased in every business sector. Every business, nowadays, needs to be updated according to latest market trends otherwise it has to suffer in the long run. This is where custom app development comes to rescue.

Custom apps are specifically built for the particular organization to achieve business goals with ease. Custom apps can deliver better as they can accomplish company’s unique needs. According to CDW’s report, businesses today are depending more on customized apps to assist in everyday operations and procedures including support, sales, data access, business process, productivity, and communications.

A report also found that 72 percent of companies plan to invest in custom application development or custom web app development. And 25 percent of them agree that custom mobile apps give competitive advantage.

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To understand further in details, check the below comparison between custom mobile app development and commercial off-the-shelf products.

Custom Mobile Application Development Commercial Off The Shelf Product (COTS)
Competitive Advantage Build and deploy your idea exactly the way it was conceived. Your app will have more features than you need.
Customer Relations Build an intense relationship with your customers by tracking preferences of each user and make personalized offers to cater their needs. COTS caters to multiple set of users with varying requirements.
Security Eliminates risks through integration of data encryption and security measures. security is a serious risk in using COTS software, according to US Department of Homeland Security.
Ownership You’re the owner of everything. Never gives entire reins and control.
Third-party integration Flexible in integrating diverse features for future expansion. Difficult and sometimes, impossible.
Cost & Maintenance Little costlier to develop, but easier and cheaper to maintain. Ongoing licence fees make initial cost saving less compelling over the long term.
Change with market needs Develop only what you need and upgrade as required. Buy another product that implements parts of your need to match up with market changes.

Drawbacks of Off-The-Shelf Product:

While commercial off-the-shelf solutions may seem promising due to its low initial cost, quick deployment, and customer support, but it does have critical and major shortcomings.

They’re not business-friendly:

Off-the-shelf solutions are designed to satisfy basic needs of multiple type of businesses. That means, the unique/special business needs might not be met with ready-made solutions. In fact, it may also mean that you may be paying for features that your business does not need.

Furthermore, the off-the-shelf solutions may work for your business today, but they cannot be easily customized to accommodate future needs.

They cannot meet every business requirements:

When considering to build a mobile app for your startup or business, you should know that the mobile app should work well with your business model and enhance the business flow. It should ease your business tasks, not complicate them.

So, if your business requires to modify its focus from time to time, off-the-shelf is not the correct solution.

Our Experience in Developing 2500+ Custom Mobile Apps

We’ve seen it all. We’ve been approached by startups whose entire business depends upon a mobile app to large enterprises that organize inventories, data, employee management, and invoices using only Microsoft Excel. Can you imagine? If a single spreadsheet is overlooked, orders can be missed, inventory may get lost, employee training can misanalysed and more.

While business owners probably wouldn’t have relied solely on Microsoft Excel, or similar boxed solutions, had they known their company would have taken off as it did, they are in a real pinch when that becomes their reality. Worse yet, switching to new software means losing years of data. But they have to do something. So they call us.

We’re mostly working with entrepreneurs, startups, and small businesses to bring their dream idea into life. For our clients, especially if it’s a startup, balancing their technical and commercial needs with long-term growth is both powerful and challenging. But, Space-O has the capability to ensure the balance between the two.

In fact, we’ve also worked with many clients who initially prefered off-the-shelf solutions, but due to lack of customization, they later approached us to create custom mobile app from ground zero.

Upon asking, they told us that the lack of customization led them to insufficient day-to-day business operations and increasing manual processes. And as their businesses grew, these problems became more and more pronounced and scalability became difficult to reach. Ultimately, all of these problems forced them to invest in custom application development at the end.

In these cases, we developed a tailored custom mobile app solution for each client. We analyzed and imported existing data, while offering enhanced functionality for each need, including all necessary features. This not only ensured the clients will have more efficient processes moving forward, but also that they are equipped for future growth with almost no learning curve because the new customized app models their previous methodology. The custom mobile app is created to support future growth and when our clients need updates, we are able to quickly provide new functionality. For them, they’re investing in peace of mind.

Build Your Custom Mobile App With Space-O Technologies

There is no doubt that the future of mobile app development belongs to custom application development.

At Space-O Technologies, we only provide custom mobile app development services, rather than using common tactics of off-the-shelf solutions. We develop mobile app from scratch and never use previously developed source code for another client.

Space-O Technologies has all required skills, expertise, and a huge experience of developing  mobile apps for Android and iOS platform. In fact, many of our clients’ apps got millions of dollars in fundings and also got featured on App Stores. Just Check out below!


Gallery Guardian

Parent App



Restaurant App


Write Behind

Photo Editing App



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Map-based App



On Demand App

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