How to Create Photo-Video App like ‘Face Swap Live’ Top Charted App

How to Create an App like ‘Face Swap Live’ Which Secures its Top Position on Paid Apps?

Photo Video App Talk in TechCrunch Disrupt NYC 2016

Recently in TechCrunch Disrupt NYC 2016, YouTube star and Beme co-founder Casey Neistat talk about his social video app, Beme, launched in last summer to the applause of millions of those YouTube fans because he says he wanted something to bridge the divide between creativity and live, unedited sharing.

He also shared that first iteration of Beme confused users.

“The product was too far away from the promise,” he said.

So he tore the whole thing down and rebuilt it — recently relaunching the new version and also adding it to Android. The new app launched just days ago and Neistat says it already has 100,000 downloads on iOS and 75,000 downloads on Android.

Face Swap Live: a 99-cent app in Top Charted App

Face Swap Live app enables users to switch faces in the photo or with another person IRL. Users can create a still image that will freak out their friends and family or can create a hilarious video.

This application available in iOS only. but soon Face Swap Live will launch it for android too. For Android, you can look at this app which we developed in 2014, RedNeck Photo Booth app to transform your favorite photos into looking like your mom-dad are your cousins. This swapping photo app has 200+ different objects like adjustable Mullet, Mustaches, Sideburns, etc.

Snapchat & MSQRD Also Have Face Swap App Feature

It’s fun to swap face by using Snapchat application, however, not everybody is using the popular application, as they don’t have access to use this feature. According to some Snapchat users, the face swap filter is not available in-app, although it is still available for most of the users at this stage.

Don’t get disheartened, if you don’t find face swap online app in your Snapchat. There are many applications offering face swapping abilities, one of them is MSQRD, which was bought by Facebook before 2 months. Available for iOS and Android, it offers face swapping abilities along with other effects, which is similar to those used by Snapchat.

If You Don’t Find Snapchat and MSQRD Appealing, Face Swap Live (A Free Variant) Is A Good Option

Offering Similar features like Snapchat and MSQRD, Face Swap Live bring something different like taking/recording face swap selfies, apply the number of filters to your face, superimpose your face onto a photo.

Users can also use static photos and switches faces live right from your camera’s video feed. If you want to capture a good face swapping videos, you have to

  • Brush your hair that might be around your eyes.
  • Remove glasses, and large beards, if possible.
  • Avoid tilt or rotate your head.
  • Stand in Google lighting place. Your face shouldn’t be too dark.


Have You Ever Thought to Create a Photo Editing App for Android and iOS?

It’s not easy for a non-technical person to develop photo or video editing app for iOS or Android platform. From applying filters like Instagram to enhance the photo’s appearance, photo, and video application should have every single feature that users required which makes their picture attractive.

Most of the photo manipulations are pixel-based and thus, it is essential to access the pixels of the picture with Core Graphics on iOS. If you are manipulating pixel-based graphics, it is must to understand image processing. This can include matrices and color corrections and of course, the sense of designing.

What language(s) should be used to create Photo Editor App?

Everyone knows that iOS applications are written in Swift or Objective-C and Android in Java. Both the platforms have a collection of SDKs to work with and are well-documented. Most of the developers are finding difficulty with the image itself rather than learning one of these languages.

How Face Swap Live became a top charted app?

Face Swap Live has face swapping feature with real-time effects and video recording. Giving fun to the people, this application is ready to compete with MSQRD app that also has photo & video swapping feature. It’s not really about to have the best face swap or face swapping feature in your photo and video app, but it’s about how better you are integrating this feature to provide a smooth experience to your users and ranked among the top charted app.

How much does It Cost to Develop Photo and Video App like Face Swap Live?

It’s quite difficult to know the exact cost of app development of developing the best face swapping photo app or face swap apps as it includes a list of features like taking photos, editing it, offering to filter, and sharing on the social media.

If we said it costs as much as a car, then you will ask what kind of the car? Exactly. It depends whether you are looking for a custom car or old car. Likewise, you have to ensure that app’s price will not follow quality in every case. We are working for hundreds of our clients and we have the pretty good ratio on the quality of price.

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