Hotel Booking App Development: 6 Features to Consider While Developing an App like HotelTonight


Today, the online hotel segment has the potential to generate about $2.3 billion in gross bookings by 2020 for online travel agents (OTAs), according to a report by Deutsche Bank AG.

Gross hotel bookings, which stood at $7.2 billion in 2016, are expected to grow to $10.9 billion by 2020. The total percentage of bookings made online will boost to 28% from 19% currently.

Talking about the most popular hotel booking app, HotelTonight is updating its loyalty program and expanding its four tiers to an infinite amount. In this new program, users can get the benefit of a discount on base rates once they hit level 2 at $250 in lifetime spend, and that discount doubles at level 3 for $1k lifetime spend, triples at level 4 for $2k lifetime spend, and quadruples at level 8 for $6k in lifetime spend.

According to another latest news from TechCrunch, HotelTonight, a leading hotel booking app, has been acquired by Airbnb. Today, the company has completed its final acquisition of the last-minute hotel booking application.

Still, hotels and travel agencies can invest in an online hotel booking app to get maximum opportunities from the industry. If you also have any hotel search app idea in your mind, you can discuss it with any android app development company and ensure that you consider HotelTonight App that is one of the most widely demanded apps.

6 Features to Include While Developing a Hotel Booking App like HotelTonight

1. Last Minute Hotel Bookings

One of the best things about the HotelTonight application that is also known as one of the most popular last minute hotel room booking apps, allows its users to book last-minute hotels using their smartphone. All they just need to do is visit the application and within just a minute, they will have everything that they need for their last-minute bookings.


With a range of hotels and packages, the hotel search app allows them to choose the best hotel, giving them an excellent experience. Even, they also provide the same-day booking feature for people, who travel for business meetings or conferences. Thus, you can also provide a last minute booking to your users, making travelling a lot simpler.

2. As Easy As Just 3 Taps to Book a Room

Another important feature of HotelTonight booking app is that users can book a room in just 10 seconds. With just three simple taps, they can book a room and sit back relax.


No matter whether they are planning for their holidays or business meetings, HotelTonight, room booking app, has made booking a lot easier for them. Likewise, you can also make your hotel booking mobile app as easy as possible and allow your app users to check different hotels, rooms, price, and book the best one instantly.

3. Great Deals and Discounted Offers

An essential thing that HotelTonight users are enjoying is great deals and discounted offers on their every booking. The HotelTonight app has partnerships with hotels across the world. Whenever these hotels need to fill rooms for the night, they offer up availability to HotelTonight and it is because of the last minute.


So, the users can check out the list of the rooms at super discounted rates like up to 70% off the rack rate. The app uses a special algorithm to show you the best deals and offers on the hotels for that night.

Similarly, you can also provide discount deals and offers on their hotel bookings, allowing them to save maximum money. It will attract your users towards your app and maintain long-term relationships.

4. Provide Maximum Information That They Need

Currently, HotelTonight has considered the most widely demanded hotel booking app as it allows users to get maximum information that they need when they are booking a room for stay. Along with the right information, hotel search app allows users to check photos that are real and accurate.

These things can win the app users because they can book the right hotel for their stay and make their holidays memorable. Make sure you also provide maximum information to your customers when they book a room using your application. Allow them to scroll some of the best pictures of the rooms of different hotels so that they can take decisions easily.

5. Push Notification

Push Notification plays an important role when you are developing a hotel booking app as it will let you connect with your guests like never before.

Through notifications, you can engage them at any time in any language and give them special offers and discounts like one-to-one promotions before, during and after every single stay.


You can also notify them for special festive offers so that they can stay connected with you. Like HotelTonight app, you can connect with your users in any language irrespective of the place or distance.

6. Payment Integration

The mobile payment gateway integration in your hotel booking application can help users to pay for their bookings safely and securely. Without giving a second thought, they can book a hotel room and pay it using a secure payment gateway that integrated into your app.

As like HotelTonight has collaborated with Braintree at full blast to allow its users to securely pay for their bookings. You can also use any secure payment gateway from different options considering different factors.

Final Thoughts

So, these are the different important reasons to consider the last minute hotel booking app like HotelTonight when you are creating your own hotel booking app. You can also include these necessary features in your app, making it easy for users to book last minute hotel room easily.

If you have made your mind to make a hotel search app like HotelTonight, you can discuss your idea with us as we are a leading mobile app development company and we will get back to you with the right solution.

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