How to Create an Enterprise Mobile App That Your Employees Would Love to Use? And How It Will Benefit Your Business?

enterprise mobile app

Enterprise mobile apps are changing the face of business. An Enterprise mobile app helps to increase worker productivity and optimizes business process efficiency.

Today, mobile apps have quickly moved from nice-to-haves to a mission critical app in many businesses. In fact, 75 percent of Fortune 500 companies are working on to deploy HTML5 mobile apps, according to a White paper from IBM Worklight.

Now, creating a mobile app for your business is a difficult process to understand.

There is a lot to think about.

And one of the most important thing in creating an Enterprise mobile app is deciding the feature set.

So how to determine the feature set of your Enterprise mobile app?

Involve Your People

After deciding to create an Enterprise mobile app for your organization, one of the first decisions you’ll be making is deciding who exactly is going to create your mobile app.

Now, whether you build it internally or hire top mobile app development company, it is important that you involve your organization’s people in every step of your mobile app development, especially when deciding the feature set.


The reason is, determining the feature set of your enterprise app is a critical decision. And you would want to know what your users are expecting from the app. Therefore, they should be involved in the process of reviewing wireframes and deciding features of your enterprise app.

And by doing so, not only it provides your users some comfort about the app, but it also helps to provide additional features which can incentivize users to embrace the new app.

Start With User Experience

God knows how many times we’ve talked about the importance of user experience and still, it is one of the major mistakes many Entrepreneurs and businesses make. The mistake of compromising the user experience while building a mobile app.

Good User Experience is not only important to adoption, but it’s also important to your app becoming a usable tool. Moreover, employees also expect the same world-class user experience which they get from their B2C apps.

Today, employees expect to use enterprise apps which help them to become more efficient and productive with their daily work tasks. This means, an Enterprise mobile app must have flawless user experience and set of vital features so that employees can produce and complete tasks no matter where they are.

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Encourage Users to Use Your App

The most difficult part, after building an Enterprise mobile app, is adoption. An app won’t help anyone if no one is willing to use it.

Many organizations, after developing their Enterprise apps, have made it mandatory, but it isn’t a great choice. If you have an option, you should encourage users to adopt your app.

We’re strongly against making an Enterprise mobile app a requirement as a first step.


Because nobody likes to to be forced to do something. Therefore, you’ve to think of a way to encourage your users to use your Enterprise app.

And no matter what the circumstances are, your adoption strategy should never begin after you’ve developed your Enterprise mobile app. It must begin during the during the app development process. As mentioned earlier, Involve Your People.

So, once you’ve developed your app by involving your people in the mobile app development process, encourage them to use the app. The best practice for this is to integrate additional features they suggest, make changes in the design for them to use conveniently, and incentivize them to use the app with benefits and features.

Now…How Will It Benefit Your Business?

These days, Enterprises across the world are moving to a more organized tech-savvy phase. They are mainly focusing on their communication, work environment, and availing their staff with best of work experience.

Here, the enterprise apps are playing a big role in bettering the working environment of organization. Below are the 3 main benefits of an Enterprise mobile app.

Enterprise Mobile App Boosts Productivity

Productivity mainly depends on communication. And a communication went well will surely deliver the productivity you expect.

These mobile enterprise apps enable mobility to the employees. And this mobility provides an easy way of communication for employees. Not only that, but with an increased number of mobile users at workplace, enterprise apps can improve the work performance of employees while they’re on the go.

An Enterprise mobile application ensures the productivity of employees with the following advantages.

  • Anywhere, Anytime accessibility
  • Ease of communication
  • Flexibility

Enterprise Apps Save Time

Many times employees find themselves in a situation where they need access to the data stored in their desktop while they’re away. The employee has to get back to his desk for access any report or data. And this consumes time of getting back to the office, turning on the system to access a report file, where he could have been more productive in some other way.

enterprise apps

But, by developing an Enterprise app you can save this precious time of your employees by allowing to access data or report anytime, anywhere through mobile app.

Enterprise Apps Are Cost Effective

Considering the various types of operations done in an organization, using different technologies for each department would be little costly. Moreover, deploying too many systems would also require a lot of maintenance. But, an Enterprise application can be a cost effective solution to take shelter beneath.

By building an Enterprise app which can be used by all departments of an organization can save you a lot of money. In fact, it can also help you make decisions more precise and faster. With an Enterprise mobility solution at your disposal, the use of papers will reduce which again will lead to cost reduction and less complexity.

So if you’re an organization looking for Enterprise mobility solutions, Space-O Technologies would be happy to guide you through. With expertise in Android app development, iPhone app development, and website development, we can help you with the following types of Enterprise mobility solutions :

  • Customer Relationship Management (CRM)
  • Enterprise Application Integration (EAI)
  • Enterprise Content Management (ECM)
  • Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP)

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