Build a Pandora App Clone with with Enhancing Missing Features Which Generally Major-label Apps used

Create an App like Pandora, Enhancing These Missing Features

Started in 1999 by a long-time musician, Tim Westergren, Pandora connects artists with their audience and help people to search new music.

When Pandora launched, there were many startups coming online. All of them faced the same problem – tons of music, but no ways to search good stuff.

Thus, instead of launching another music website, Westergren decided to create B2B technology company that solves the problem of music discovery. Pandora radio app has an excellent feature of personalizing the music you listen to.

The music app like Pandora has ‘Browse’ feature that serves up artists and stations users are looking for and also helps them to discover new singles. Browse is only available in the United States, Australia, and New Zealand for the iPhone.

Pandora’s chief product officer, Chris Phillips, said:

“Finding new music should be a simple and enjoyable experience. The new Browse feature makes it easy to find the music you love, whether you know what you want or need a little help discovering music you didn’t know existed.”

Pandora gives limited personalization on the basis of present songs and artists. And, Browse is extending that capability further to add stations. Discovering new music feature is the core service delivered by music app like Pandora in UK, Canada and the rest of the countries.

However, it’s Browse’s capability provides a chance to collect more data about listening habits and search different ways to translate that into real-life events while App like Spotify offers weekly discovery.

Is Spotify Better Than Pandora?

Spotify is free and its non-premium version enables to listen to albums in Shuffle mode. It allows users to upgrade and try Spotify Premium free for 30 days. Spotify Premium account offers users to listen to songs without ads. After one free month, it automatically charges $9.99 a month.

Pandora Radio App offers an ad-free subscription service named Pandora One, for those users, who want to listen to their favorite songs without advertisements. It charges $4.99 a month. Users can create a music streaming app like Pandora without ads by hiring a mobile app development team from the reputed company.

Currently, Spotify supports multiple devices and thus, you can download Spotify on WinPhone, Google Chromecast, Mac, Windows, iPhone, iPad, Android, and other platforms also. Spotify allows you to listen to songs offline as well.

Pandora supports on multiple devices so, users can download Pebble Smartwatch, Mac, iPad, Android, Windows, iPhone, and other platforms. Users can have all its features in their mobile app, including biographies, song lyrics, and artistic exploration.

Overall, we found that Spotify is the best music streaming application for Android and iOS devices. Its interface is user-friendly and has better navigation through Spotify’s large music library. Another side, Pandora radio app offers remarkable radio experience for listeners, having a better song selection algorithm than Spotify’s radio selection.

Recently, Pandora Gets a Spiffy New Interface for its Mobile Users

There was Pandora before YouTube, Spotify, Google Play Music or any other music services. No matter how other music streaming services show up, but people coming back for all their radio needs to the Pandora. With its latest updates, it has to be a server-side change in phones, not tablets.

Almost every screen of Pandora radio app has an appealing white interface with different transitions, buttons and other crap that makes users happy. Settings, Feed, and Profile have been moved from an overflow menu to a hamburger menu. And, users can also have a new option to browse suggestions through a toggle at the top of the main interface.

Why Pandora Is Available in U.S., Australia, and New Zealand Only?

Both apps like Pandora and Spotify are different from each other, however, the common thing is they are offering remarkable music experience to their music fans. Pandora is only available in the U.S., Australia, and New Zealand due to “licensing constraints”.

App Like Pandora

Pandora earns most of its revenue, i.e. 80% from the advertisement and 20% from subscriptions. Pandora aims to grow about $4bn+ business by 2021 in the US alone. Then, ad-free subscription builds on the current Pandora One with on-demand features.

CEO Brian McAndrews said, “We believe we can build a $1.3bn subscription business over five years, conservatively based on 10% conversion of our current US audience.”

According to the recent reports, SiriusXM has acquired the music streaming and internet radio service provider – Pandora, for $3.5 billion. The New-York based SiriusXM is a broadcasting company, that provides 3 satellite radio & online radio operating services in the USA, has invested $840 million in 2017, to get a 19% stake in Pandora.

Now, though this acquisition, SiriusXM aims to retain the Pandora brand & its service which includes around 70 million active users in the USA. Currently, SiriusXM has approx. 36 million subscribers.

According to the latest report from Sensor Tower regarding top grossing apps in the United States for November 2018. The Pandora app has ranked among the top grossing apps for both the Apple app store and Google Play store.


As per another report from TechCrunch, Pandora has declared the launch of its own, in-app voice assistant that you can call up at any time by saying “Hey Pandora,” followed by a request to play the music or podcasts you want to hear. Using this feature, users are not only allowed to control music playback with commands to play a specific artist, album, radio or playlist but it also capable of delivering results customized to you when responding to vague commands.

Pandora Hopes to Get More Listeners in 2016

In the Pandora’s latest financial report, one of the main areas of concern is to decrease in active listeners. The company noted 81.1m listeners at the end of 2015 from 81.5m at the end of 2014. Pandora sees huge progress in the longer term. It is expected by McAndrews that they can get 100 million listeners in the next three years to five years.

Since 2009, Pandora Has Spent $1bn+ On Marketing

According to the Pandora, its auto activations has improved to 15.5m, which is by 64% in 2015, with related listening hours up 55% year-on-year. While it accounts for 10% of radio listening in the US, which is under 2% that McAndrews pointed out account for “nearly 50% of radio listening”.


Pandora Development Cost 2009 - 2015pandora-financials

Building an app like Pandora has Done More for Listeners Than Producers

When our client asked how much does it cost, we ask a lot of questions, to build the base. We have developed many music applications for users to share and listen to their favorite music. We are iPhone app development company with huge expertise of developing best music app for Android and iOS Platform.

There are a lot of inventive apps yet to come. Think unique and create an app like Pandora with some exceptional features.


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