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Recently Uber – a ride sharing application updated its API to add ‘content experiences’ for its users. Didi Kuaidi in China, one of the biggest competitor of Uber, has also opened its own platform by releasing an SDK for third-party and developers.

In its latest round of funding, Didi Kuaidi got funding of $2 billion recently and is valued at $25 billion. It has a connection with Lyft and other Uber rivals. Before opening its API for all, it gave an initial 30 apps access to its API to Alibaba’s Alipay, Tencent Map, WeChat, and more.

A big surprise for third-parties and developers is API for ride sharing app provides access to the “Hail a Didi Ride” button along with other services like private cars, registered taxis and test drive services. What you people want more?

The China’s largest messaging app, WeChat has more than 550 million active users and has already features through which users can book a Didi car-ride from the messengers – just like U.S. users can book Uber ride with Facebook Messenger. However, such types of functionality we have seen in many more popular applications in China.

Believing or not, this enables platforms to grow stronger, as it probably loads, even more, pressure on Uber in China, where Didi Kuaidi leads the market. Since the summer 2015, UberChina got funding of $7 billion valuation and claims to have completed 1 million rides a day through its 22 cities.

What Statistic Says about Didi Kuaidi Success?

According to Uber data, Didi Kuaidi is completing around 7 million rides each day and is expected to become its largest global market this year. It is revealed that this ride sharing app did 1.43 billion rides (200 million during December alone) across its seven businesses during 2015. With this statistic, we understand that to integrate Didi Kuaidi API means utmost advantage for our business.

According to the latest news from TechCrunch, Didi Chuxing, China’s leading ride-hailing company by a number of users, has declared safety oversight and meet new government rules, including a training program for drivers.

A Didi Kuaidi spokesperson words shared in an email to media,

“This [annual] number is nearly twice the total number of taxi rides in the United States in 2015, and 1.4 times Uber’s global rides in the past six years since its launch in 2009.”

To Beat China’s Didi Kuaidi, Uber Takes Its Alibaba’s Alipay Partnership Global

Yes. You have heard the right thing. Uber and Alibaba’s Alipay has announced a partnership to provide Uber China customers to pay far through their payment service when they are travelling overseas.

In 2014, Uber China and Alipay partnered to cover domestic rides, however, now they are tapping into the huge market for Chinese tourism and business travel. generally, the partnership goes live in Taiwan, Hong Kong and Macau, but the agreement “will be extended to more regions around the world during the year”.

Having more than 400 million active users, Alipay makes easy for Uber customers to travel overseas. It is essential as Didi Kuaidi has established a strategic partnership with Grab in Southeast Asia, Ola in India and Lyft in the U.S., which enables its customers to use other services through Didi Kuaidi app when they are travelling abroad.

Do you have global dream of taxi app like Uber or Didi Kuaidi? Be the ride-sharing industry’s biggest player with your unique mobile app concept. Share your ride sharing app idea with us.

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