Top 4 Categories To Consider While Creating an App For Startup

If Your Startup Comes Under Any of These 4 Categories, Get Ready for the BIG Success

create an app for startup, If Your Startup Comes Under Any of These 4 Categories, Get Ready for the BIG Success

Does your startup fall into these top four categories, which are going to get a big success in the upcoming years? Do you want to know what those categories are to create an app for startup? Let’s check out what are those categories!

Being a startup, if you are looking to start a new business in this year, then remember that ideas alone are useless as it’s all about the execution in a right manner. However, it is equally true, if you are executing the wrong idea, it will lead you nowhere.

Currently, mobile business has been doing good so far. And, as per the report from TechCrunch, “The average seed or an early stage round of mobile app category has been growing since 2012”. There are some founders, who have been striving hard for years to secure a spare Seed Round. On the other hand, others seem to go from launch to massive fundraise very quickly. Have you ever thought of why is it so? And, how does startup get into that second round of funding?

Over the past decade, as Seed and Series A rounds have grown in broader way, but there is a Pre-Seed Venture, which can help startups to do more with less. Furthermore, there is no single formula for achieving all this at one time. Now, you might thinking:

What’s Behind The Success of Some Startups Who Are Able To Take Off So Quickly?

According to the report from Crunchbase News, “there are some of the startup companies that have been founded in the year 2015 or later, but they have already raised $100M or more in venture funding till now.

Now, the question is – what’s behind the success of these startups that are taking off so quickly?

The simple answer is that all these fast-growing top companies consist a broad variety of sectors, from insurance tech to autonomous driving and cancer immunotherapy. Even though, all these are varied groups and having commonalities.

If you, as a startup, is hoping to raise funds in minimal duration of time, then you can’t afford to miss the following four categories, which have recently reached that milestone. It is broken into top four categories, which will help raising money for startups, and to transform solid startup idea into reality.

Top 4 Categories Before Evaluating App Ideas in The Process

Category #1: Self Driving Cars

A very new yet the most powerful concept ‘self-driving cars’ become one of the major developments that are changing the transportation industry. And, it is expected that 10 million self-driving cars are going to hit the roads and there will be more than 250 million cars, which will be connected to high-tech networks.

  • Projected Size of Global Market For Autonomous Driving Features from 2016 to 2025: If we are talking about the global market for autonomous driving, it is projected to be sized US$26 billion in the year 2025. This is an optimistic scenario.

create an app for startup, If Your Startup Comes Under Any of These 4 Categories, Get Ready for the BIG Success

Image Source: Statista

  • Exponential Growth in Autonomous and Semi-autonomous Cars down the road: As a startup, if you want to invest in the autonomous driving sector, then you can’t miss the below-given image, which shows the forecasting growth of autonomous and semi-autonomous cars in the near future.

create an app for startup, If Your Startup Comes Under Any of These 4 Categories, Get Ready for the BIG Success

Here’re Top 4 Autonomous Driving Technology Startups That Have Secured Funds From The Lead Investors in a Short Span of Time

In the autonomous driving sector, automakers are participating fiercely to get the technology road-ready. There are top four companies, including Aurora, Argo AI,, and Nauto, which are on the list of self-driving cars.

Aurora: Self-driving vehicle startup, Aurora has raised $90 million in a Series A round from Greylock Partners and Index Ventures. Additionally, the startup company is concentrated on Level 4 autonomous systems with an aim towards the next i.e. Level 5. Level 4 is a designation by SAE International for autonomous vehicles. On the other hand, in Level 5 autonomy, the vehicle is self-driving in all situations.

Argo AI: Pittsburgh-based Argo has scored the largest sum, a $1billion financing from Ford, which has the startup developing technology for its vehicles.

Nauto: Talking about Nauto, the startup has closed nearly $175 million till date for its AI-powered connected to camera technology. The company, has teamed up with both the countries, including Silicon Valley (USA) and China, which has raised $112 Million in Series A funding to build the platform for connecting a self-driving car’s sensors, software, cameras and other technologies.

create an app for startup, If Your Startup Comes Under Any of These 4 Categories, Get Ready for the BIG Success

Category #2: Cancer Immunotherapy

Cancer immunotherapy has been drawing a lot of attention from top VCs (Venture Capitals), and this category has quickly become a hot startup space for a number of years.

The companies of this field develop therapies to corral the body’s immune system and destroy the cancer cells. The sector, cancer immunotherapy has generated enormous returns and remarkable clinical trial results. In the below image, you can see the annual smart money financing history.

create an app for startup, If Your Startup Comes Under Any of These 4 Categories, Get Ready for the BIG Success

According to the report from Crunchbase, “Top seven companies in this field are Neon Therapeutics, Gritstone Oncology, Forty Seven, Tmunity Therapeutics, Arcus Biosciences, and FLX Bio, which have raised $100 million or more in less than three years”.

However, the funding for space comes primarily from traditional venture firms, but the corporate and philanthropic investors are also there in the mix. Long story short, we can say that if your startups come under this category “cancer immunotherapy”, get ready for a big success from now on.

Side Note: At Space-O Technologies, we’ve already developed more than 40 mobile apps in the niche of medical, health and fitness. If you as a startup want to validate your new app idea that falls under the category of cancer immunotherapy, then it can be a right time to start with.

create an app for startup, If Your Startup Comes Under Any of These 4 Categories, Get Ready for the BIG Success

Category #3: Biotech Platform

Among the top four categories’ list, Biotech is heavily represented, and it is the type of startup, which seems particularly widespread among others. And this is what commonly called as a biotech platform company. Herein, we are going to mention “biotech platform company”, because it is a rigid category, and more as a description of the startup, which deploys its expertise towards therapies for a wide number of possible ailments. Furthermore, “Silicon Valley startups, Grail has raised $1.3 billion for cancer diagnostics”, according to the report from EvaluatePharma.

It goes without saying that the biotech platform has become increasingly popular with biotech investors. However, there are a lot of challenges in managing a broad array of clinical trials and R&D efforts, but the biotech platform has a greater potential for successful outcomes in multiple areas.

So, if your startup falls under the category of “biotech platform”, then there’s no room for doubt in that the growth of the biotech industry is increasingly worldwide.

Category #4: Insurance-Focused

Well, if you are planning to start a startup that raises fund easily, then the insurance-focused needs to be your high preference. This is due to the fact that there are few insurance-focused companies i.e. Lemonade, Oscar Health, and Bright Health, and, which have been doing well for the past few years.

Talking about the Lemonade, according to the report from TechCrunch, “SoftBank leads a $120 million round for this insurance startup in the year 2017”. Additionally, by combining big data and AI (Artificial Intelligence) with a seamless user experience, the insurance startup company, Lemonade is revolutionizing the insurance industry.

So, the next insurance startup company, Oscar Health, which also falls under the category “health insurance”. The app, Oscar Health provides health insurance to its app users, and the company also claims to save your time and money by providing unparalleled features in the app. Launched back in 2012, “The insurance start-up, Oscar Health has raised $165 million led by Alphabet (Google’s parent company) and Founders Fund. However, the company’s total valuation is now more than $3 billion, according to the latest report. It is also predicted that the company will expand to more than 250,000 members in the year 2018.

Moreover, if you are planning to create an app under the category ‘health insurance’, all we can say that the success is around the corner.

In a nutshell, we can easily say that the insurance has become one of the top four categories in which startup companies can surely get a big success in the year 2018.

Does it Give Guarantee?

Here, we have just rounded up top four categories, which will surely create a buzz in the upcoming years. As you can see the aforementioned statistics, which reflected the four categories, including self-driving cars, cancer immunotherapy, biotech platform, and insurance-focused companies are going to scale up next.

As long as the guarantee is concerned of these categories, over the past years, these classes have already taken place in the list of top categories. We can also say that these categories will score big rounds in the upcoming months.

Apart from this, if you as a startup have business idea that falls under these top four categories, then make sure to validate your idea from a professional iPhone app development company first.

In case, if you have any query or confusion related to app development for any of these categories, you can consult us through below given form, and we’ll revert you within 48 hours.


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create an app for startup, If Your Startup Comes Under Any of These 4 Categories, Get Ready for the BIG Success create an app for startup, If Your Startup Comes Under Any of These 4 Categories, Get Ready for the BIG Success
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