Get Crazy With Safari Smartness And Its Enhancements In iOS 6!

Safari in iOS 6 is an amazing web browsing tool for that makes your browsing intelligent, ultrafast, and coordinated.

Safari features in iOS operating systems have always been a target of interest for the gadget lovers especially Apple addicts. In iOS 6 operating system, safari is presented with some major updates i.e. smart app banners, iCloud tabs, full-screen landscape, and offline reading list. This is perhaps the most native application and most awaited one also. Following are the new updated tools added into safari feature of iOS 6.

  1. Efficient iCloud Tabs: The iCloud tabs is a fantastic feature added to the latest iOS6, aiming at to present a unified search system of synchronization. Through this feature of safari in iOS6, the customized reading list of every single user can be personally uploaded from MacBook. You can then continue reading a forum from any Apple device such as iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch then anywhere anytime from the same point you left, instead of going all again from the start and finding your last left point. So, in that case, it is a great achievement and pretty handy for the iOS 6 users interested in online reading. Moreover, the reading task is much more simplified by the iCloud app. Hence, the iCloud tabs allow complete freedom to resume work where you left off on any Apple device.
  2. Adorable Full-Screen Landscape: iOS 6 by Apple gives another to be conditioned option of full-screen landscape in Safari feature. Full-screen icon in iOS 6 is embedded in landscape and it can show you full-screen web pages without any distraction.  Now you can enjoy whole picture, images, and websites without watching irrelevant icons and bars on your iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch.
  3. Effective Offline Reading Lists: Offline reading list provides great assistance and support to iOS 6 users. It gives a marvelous opportunity to its users to read the stuff even if they do not have internet connectivity. In the previous versions, reading lists could only be bookmarked by the users. But, with the introduction of iOS 6, offline reading lists feature is amazingly supportive with the ‘read it later market’. It is dominated by Read it Later/ pocket and Instapaper. This feature lets safari cache full websites for offline reading instead of just bookmarking the links. So, you can enjoy online reading content while staying offline.
  4. Smart App Banners: Safari in iOS 6 introduces “smart application banner” along with other amazing tools of iCloud tabs, full-screen landscapes, and offline reading lists. Smart application banner is an amazing marketing idea from business point of view and on the other side, it gives direct link to a mobile version of specific website.
  5. Frictionless Upload photos and videos: iOS 6 gives you opportunity to take photos and videos and post them to any social networking site such as facebook, twitter, and business website like eBay, or to any website without leaving safari.

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