Coworking Space App Development: 3 Tips to Make a Successful Workspace App Like Squarefoot That Raised $16M in Seed Funding

coworking space app development

The app world is accelerating the change in work culture. The companies today are after flexible workspace management solutions. If you are into real estate or space finders business, there is a definite niche for you online in the form of coworking space app development. Apps like WeWork, Breather, Squarefoot have transformed the working space culture. Being in the coworking space business, if you want to develop a successful workspace app like Squarefoot that recently raised $16M in seed funding, go through this blog that contains 3 tips that you can consider for office finder app development.

Coworking space is an AirBnB for working professionals.

Coworking has become the new normal as it is expected and preferred workplace of today’s workforce. Now, large companies are increasingly seeking to enhance the workplace experience and have also become a successful way to attract and retain their employees.

There are approximately 35,000 flexible workspaces in the entire world, which represent around 521 million square feet of flexible space. With the right technology, you can help startups and businesses to manage their workforce through coworking space app management. 

According to a global coworking forecast, there are 30,432 spaces and 5.1 million members expected to increase for 2022. 

coworking space app development

The global market value of the workspaces is expected to reach $26 billion. Now, who will leave the chance of investing in such a profitable business? According to recent news, a workspace app, Squarefoot, has announced a raise of $16M Series B led by DRW VC. Other investors like Triangle Peak Partners, RRE, Rosecliff, and some senior real estate executives also participated, bringing the total funding of the firm to more than $29 million. 

Being in the space finder business, through a coworking space app, you can offer your stakeholders to discover and refine their requirements and ultimately provide them with commercial real estate listings that meet those needs.

Without doing any further due, here are 3 tips that you can consider to develop a successful coworking space app like WeWork and Squarefoot. In fact, these tips will help you to understand your audience and how to attract investors for your coworking space app development.

3 Tips to Make a Successful Coworking Space App Like Squarefoot That Raised $16M in Seed Funding

#1 Enhance your user’s space tour experience through technological advancement

It is said to be a negative implication when someone says, “it doesn’t fit anymore.”

But in case of a workspace business, this saying acts as a boon.

Being in a real estate or coworking space provider business, you will easily relate to what we are saying. It might have happened with you that you showed a space to the client but he forgot how it used to look or the WhatsApp photos were too shabby that you were not able to deliver the essence of the space to the client. 

Now, through coworking space app development, you can easily give your users a space tour by organizing an in-person tour with virtual  3D technology integration. This will engage your users in viewing and understanding the space. You can also add an in-app notes feature, which can help users to note down their queries or information regarding space right after seeing it. This helps in recalling the space too.

#2 Easy access to the listed agents and building amenities

As you are in a coworking space business, you need to integrate a curated list of agents and available properties. No one is interested in searching through emails and switching between different apps. It is better that you create a workspace management software that has all the necessary information like:

  • Agent’s profile
  • Contact information of the agent
  • Price of the place
  • Size of the place
  • Other specification of the space
  • Available amenities at the space

This will help your app users to easily access your space and will also introduce flexible office space solutions to accommodate all of the needs of the growing and established companies. For becoming the best coworking space app development, you can also curate a list of suggestions or responses from the brokers on a particular space so that the user can refine his search.

#3 Manage your tours effortlessly through a list or map format

When your main audience is real estate agents and clients trying to find an apt location for their business, it is necessary to schedule the tours. Both the parties should be on or before time to obtain a proper space tour. 

If your coworking space app idea is lacking a ‘schedule tour’ feature in the feature list, add it right away. To accompany this feature, you can always increase user interaction by facilitating them with a list of their space visitors to locate the space through geolocation map integration.

Are You Having an App Idea for Coworking Spaces?

In today’s fast-moving world, companies need to be agile and flexible with their employees. A person’s day to day life has drastically changed over the past decade and to perform across the globe such coworking trends are necessary to be adapted. 

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