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Got a new startup idea? Need someone to convert it into an app?

If you were to go by the traditional approach, you would find trouble hiring the right developer who can convert your idea into an app effortlessly. But, the traditional market is not as easy to get through as it seems.

Let’s understand how you would target the traditional methods to attract a developer.

  • Post a job on one of the many freelancer sites like oDesk and Elance (now Upwork).
  • Get as many bids as possible
  • Select the bidder who matches both you budget and timely constraints

What is the hitch in this method? You don’t have a criteria to select the right candidate. The bids would range anywhere between $50 and $50000. Finding the right candidate in this difference is not really an easy task. Again, there is no guarantee your work would be done on time, or you would get the outcome that you desire. Gaps would just increase the cost of development, and in turn add on to your budget.

The traditional method involved a marketplace, where you inform about a job, and there are millions wanting to be a part of it. Considering the cons in here, you might want to rethink about the solution.

Go Gigster!

All you need is an idea and some cash handy to convert your idea into an app with Gigster. It is basically a full service development shop. Let’s understand how it works.

  • Go to Gigster, and use the instant message to chat up with the sales engineer
  • Discuss your idea with them
  • In flat 10 minutes you will receive a quote on the time and budget that will be invested in developing your app

What does it guarantee? It guarantees top notch coders and freelancers, timely completion of tasks, and transparency.

You want to update or add some new things to your app? Well, Gigster retains your code even after development; so you can easily get them to perform this task for you.

Prolancers, not Freelancers

The talent hunt problem, and the other subjective issues in freelancing are solved by Gigster prolancers. A project manager is assigned to the task, who is the single point of contact. He leads a team of coders and developers who will be working on your project. The best part of Gigster is that you get the crème-de-le-crème of developers and coders, so your work not only gets done on time, but also possesses good quality.

Only 7.7% of freelancers applying at Gigster get selected. Till date there are close to 500+ gigsters, and they belong to top notch companies like Google, Facebook, Pinterest etc. Gigster has been specifically developed keeping startups in mind. It’s on-demand freelance network assures that you don’t need to pay up for the non-workers.

So, start outsourcing your idea, and get a real worthy output. “Outsourcing” is no longer a bad word!

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