Excel to Mobile App: Benefits of Converting Your Excel Spreadsheet into a Mobile Application

This blog is for those enterprises and startups, who want to convert their excel spreadsheet into a mobile application. In this blog, we have mentioned the top benefits of converting excel sheet into a mobile app.

For millions of businesses worldwide, the Excel spreadsheet has become an integral part when it comes to generating memos, track sales trends, and other business data. According to Microsoft, there are more than 750 million people across the world, who use Excel, making it the most popular spreadsheet of all time.

Since the launch of the Excel spreadsheet in September 1985, this figure averages more than five new users of Microsoft Excel per minute. No matter what field of business you work, you might have probably used the spreadsheet to maintain some data and share it by emailing files to each other.

Problems with Excel Sheet

While this traditional practice is suitable for small-scale businesses, but it results in corrupted and confusing data, costing enterprises and companies to spend maximum time and efforts in maintaining these sheets.

In addition to this, an inbox that is full of spreadsheets and excel files can make it quite difficult to know that which file contains the latest updates. This confusion can keep decision-makers from having access to the most recent information.

Moreover, spreadsheets that contain your company’s valuable data and attached to emails can be sent to unauthorized people purposely or accidentally. Therefore, converting excel spreadsheets into a mobile application would be a great solution as it simplifies many situations like the management of data, updates, and distribution.

To help you know why to turn excel into an app, we have mentioned four benefits of converting excel spreadsheet into a standalone mobile application.

4 Major Benefits of Turning Spreadsheet Into an iPhone & Android Application

  1. No Chance of Human Errors

    Errors in user-generated spreadsheets are extremely common. Even, it is also common among experienced Excel users. Let’s take one such example of the London Whale, where JP Morgan Chase lost approximately 6 billion dollars because of the spreadsheet error using SUM function instead of AVERAGE.


    Another example of banking powerhouse Barclay’s that unintentionally bought 179 more contracts than they intended in their purchase of Lehman Brothers assets in 2008. The bank said that someone hid cells containing the unwanted contract rather than deleting them. Then, the file was converted into a PDF and the hid cells were made visible again. Due to this small mistake, Barclays had to face the losses on the 179 contracts, costing them a big amount.

    There are many such disasters traced that happened due to the minor Excel errors. So, large-scale enterprises and companies that manage their data in excel sheet, convert spreadsheet to app, taking a break from endless rows and columns and unwanted errors.

  2. Easy-to-Access Anytime & Anywhere

    These days, it is almost impossible to find any businessman, employee, or any self-employed person without a smartphone. Everyone has a smartphone with them, and it has eliminated the need of carrying a laptop to do few of the calculations.

    By converting an excel spreadsheet into a mobile application, it will become easily possible to send any urgent figures or Quotes to any employee or executive when he is out of the office or traveling. The employees do not need to Google important formulas or carry a laptop to access the spreadsheet as they would just want to open the smartphone app to do the math.

  3. No Need to Keep Track

    Companies and enterprises that are maintaining excel spreadsheets find it difficult to keep track of all the files and last updated file. All the colleagues keep sending excel sheets to share information, so maintaining too many versions of the file can make it difficult to understand who has made what changes.

    So, create an app from excel spreadsheet to remove the hassle of maintaining and tracking the number of sheets, allowing all the employees and executives to access the information anytime. Moreover, turn spreadsheet into app to get an ability to save it as a template inside the app for reusing. It also helps to generate PDF reports to send emails instantly.

  4. It’s More Safe & Secure

    Though users of the excel spreadsheet add the password to protect the worksheet, the level of security is comparatively low and can be hacked quite easily. Even, there are several third-party service providers, who claim to open the protected spreadsheet.

    So, big enterprises and companies that are maintaining important data and other important information in excel sheet can convert excel to mobile app and get a secure experience.

Have You Decided to Convert Your Spreadsheet into a Mobile Application?

In this digital age, having a mobile application has tons of benefits like convenience, better accessibility, and safe & secure data. The main benefit is that all the businesses and entrepreneurs can reap the benefits of turning excel to app.

To know what other benefits you can get by converting excel to standalone application, you can get in touch with us as we are a leading mobile app development company with experienced iPhone app developers, who  have already converted more than 20 excel spreadsheet into an iPhone and Android app and allows businesses to access the data anytime and anywhere.

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