Choosing Not to Hire iPhone Developer in India Can Cost You Adversely


If you have been planning on engaging a resource for your iPhone app project, then you MUST consider hiring an iPhone developer from India. It is not that you cannot rent an expert from elsewhere however; doing so may cost you more and in fact keep you devoid of other potential benefits that you could have possibly benefited from.

So how do you gain when you hire iPhone developer of India?

    1. Cost: Believe it or not you are going to save a substantial part of your investment when you hire iPhone developer from India compared to some other outsourcing destination. Even the difference in per hour rates is significant.

But don’t take the word for granted, you can check by yourselves. For instance you can browse the directory of mobile app development companies on and see the minimum hourly rates over there.

    1. Tax Benefits and Liberties: One of the major reasons behind the high difference in rates is the tax benefits and liberties that Indian govt. offers to IT and software exporters. But that is not all; the Indian government is equally favorable to foreign investors who are allowed to invest equity of up to 100% in any Software Technology Park (STP), i.e. they can have wholly owned subsidiaries in India.
  1. Versatility: No other country has got such a huge wealth of IT talent which is why majority of Service Buyers contract their work to India. As a result chances are very high you may get to work with the talent that is versatile and exposed to different challenges which is again a plus.
  2. High ROI: The return on investment or the value derivation is considerable. For example many Indian companies offer bundled services like application performance testing without any additional charge. So when you hire iPhone app developer from India, most likely you don’t have to hire iPhone app tester separately.
  3. Flexibility: Because there is ample availability of resources you will have the upper hand at bargaining and negotiating your own terms. Remember, Demand-Supply rule in economics. You may not get the same flexibility otherwise, when you choose not to hire iPhone developer from India.
  4. Quick Time-To-Market: If you are a business outside India (especially in the USA) and have outsourced or hired iPhone Developer from India, then you may gain by time zone differences, i.e. companies may finish your work with great efficiency and earlier than you anticipate providing you the quickest time-to-market.

So what you are waiting for? Find and hire iPhone developer in India.


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