How To Choose Keywords For Your App And Name It?


Choose Keywords For Your App and correct naming to your new app is not that easy because they both determine the ranking of your app in App Store search just as like in Google and other search engines. Therefore, app name, company name, and keywords must be search engine optimized so that your app can be visible easily in App Store searches.

 How To Find Keywords For Your App:

Start out be identifying relevant and search engine optimized keywords for your new iPhone/iPad app. We have made it easier. You just keep in your mind the following tips with dos and don’ts and start off your search.

  • Use innovative and relevant keywords. SEO experts always recommend that all keywords should be unique and relevant to your iPhone app. If they are extremely unique that’s awesome, but don’t compromise on the relevancy of keywords to your new application. Unrelated keywords can badly affect the search tendency of your app in the App Store and it can also lower the search engine ranking as well.
  • Always use commas that separate the keywords.
  • Try to use maximum keywords because iTunes Connect’ keywords field offer hundred characters.
  • Make it sure you are using keywords in different languages if you have different versions of your app in multi-languages.
  • Do concentrate on analyzing the search results when you search with your selected keywords in an App store. This will let you know the competition rate of your keyword.
  • Make final decision in choosing the keywords carefully because you can’t change them again until you upload a new version of your app or your app is accepted by the Apple.
  • Don’t consider generalized and overly used keywords for your iPhone app. It will help to get lost your app in the long list of apps. Prefer the less competitive keywords because they will put your app higher in App search engine.
  • Don’t make repetition of keywords.
  • Don’t include your application name and your company name in the list of keywords. This will give the sense of repetition. In fact, your app name and company name are already in the search list of App Store.
  • Don’t assume keywords yourself. You can get help form Google’s AdWords Keyword tool. It gives you a long list of keywords with competition, global monthly searches, and local monthly searches analyses.

How to get a perfect and SEO friendly App name?

Here are some dos and don’ts that will help you find out the perfect name for your app and keep your app at the top of search engine ranking.

  • Don’t give a phrase name to your new app. Keep it short so that it fits in the iOS home screen and give you a chance to write a descriptive caption along it.
  • Don’t use irrelevant, offensive, and registered trademarks names while naming your app. Moreover, avoid celebrities’ names as well. Think wisely at the selection of your app name because once Apple accepts your app, there is no chance to change it at all.
  • Your app name should come first when you use colon or hyphen to separate the caption from the title.
  • Write relevant caption for your app that describes your app highly functional and beneficial. It’ll grab and hold the reader’s attention.
  • Do add the keywords in the caption content; it will increase the ranking of your app in search results.

Choose Keywords For Your App

How to write a highly functional description for your iPhone/iPad App?

App description writing is really tricky. If it is done well, it can give you huge benefits in marketing and sale of your app. Here are some dos and don’ts that will increase the chances of your application easily found in the Application store.

  • Do explain in few lines about what your app does and why people should buy it. Give solid and convincing points!
  • Add media reviews, testimonials, and customer ratings – if they are available – in your description and convince your customers with evidences. In addition, statements from the famous bloggers and celebrities can also helpful in the promotion of your application.
  • Next, you can also include the awards briefly your app has achieved.
  • Find the perfect sales hook for your app. Classic benefit of it is, you will catch the immediate attention of the customer and he or she will not move on the next search.
  • Don’t make your app description dull, irrelevant, and boring with incomprehensive and useless content.
  • Don’t prefer your awards and testimonials over application’s perfect pitch summary. People are more interested to know what an application can do for them.

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As you may have noticed, Space-O Technologies has real ability to name your app unique and get you search engine optimized keywords and smart description of your app so that your app can be found on the top of App store search. So, we’re proud that we’ve made your life a lot easier!



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