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What printing was to industrial economy, technology is to our economy which is called information-driven economy. The challenges therefore remain the same when the first printing machine was invented and when the first iPhone came into being.

Mobile application development company is an entity therefore which has to make sense of data floating around it relentlessly. One moment of reckless decision in the course of mobile application development and you have earned the ticket to a great disaster.

Let us learn the importance of a mobile application development company like Space-O which knows how to optimize the data and understand its major features.

Giving developers free hand with APIs

Companies that will win the mobile race are those that make it as simple as possible for developers to access the data needed for transformative apps. This is where mobile-optimized APIs come in. A professional mobile application development company is the one which successfully convinces enterprises to make mobile-optimized APIS accessible to their developers. To being with, an enterprise can empower developers to manage push notifications, geo-location services. Other basic capabilities to use APIS to its optimum include accessing a NoSQL database, storage of app data when demanded and flawless integration of application with social media services.

When a mobile application development company is required to develop a customized app, corporations can also build a mobile-optimized APIS to extract data from corporate data stores such as: Oracle, SAP, Microsoft, Salesforce etc. When data is optimized from multiple sources with developers having freedom to create a mobile-optimized app, a terrific leap of innovation is a natural result.

Encouraging third party developers to participate in your ecosystem

As mentioned earlier, the traditional web architecture and enterprises’ reluctance to make it mobile-optimized are the major stumbling blocks that developers face in creating unique enterprise mobile applications.

As per the survey conducted jointly with IDC, 34.7% of mobile developers admitted that traditional three tier web structure did not meet the demands of mobile as these structures were meant for larger data sets and were connected to a powerful, persistently connected big screen device. Therefore, mobile structure cannot function on that architecture and breaks virtually.

However, in the same survey, 90% of developers emphatically said that in 2014, an investment in mobile-optimized APIS for external builders and third parties is likely to be initiated by enterprises. Due to this, the developers anticipate, IT department would act more as innovators welcoming new markets for the business.

When the doors for external developers open up, enterprises would be able to appoint APIS that are suitable to third parties also. When any enterprise approaches efficient mobile application development company like Space-O, it reasons out the importance of enabling developers access mobile-optimized APIs to create unique and innovative apps to address acute needs of an enterprise.

Needless to say 2014 promises some great developments for enterprises as well as mobile application development companies in the realm of mobile application development.

Contact Space-O right now to know more about these and together we can make a difference.


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