An Important Lesson Startups Can Learn From Slack’s Competitor, Stride by Atlassian (A New Work Chat App)

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This blog contains information for those startups, who are willing to create a workplace chat app like Stride and Slack. Additionally, there’s an important lesson that can be learned from Slack’s competitor Stride to build a successful business model.

In any office, communication is key. If it would seamless, then it helps the team to keep synchronized. Moreover, in the workplace, colleagues have diverse ways to communicate. Nevertheless, it is questionable if all these messages and emojis are actually creating productivity.

However, Slack is a highly popular workplace communication software. This is one of the first preferences for colleagues among other workplace chat apps. According to the report from Crunchbase, “The cloud-based team collaboration tool, Slack has secured $427 million in series H round of funding.” And, its total valuation is over $7.1B. But, if we’re talking about the work chat apps, then how can we forget to mention about Stride, which is known as a Slack’s competitor now.

Stride is launched by Atlassian, which is an Australian-based software company, and having popular tools like JIRA, Trello, Confluence, and Bitbucket. The company has also long offered a team communication service in the form of HipChat (a group messaging app).

Moreover, according to the report from TechCrunch, “The idea behind Stride (which will be available on all major platforms) is to provide solutions in the current scenario of communication, which can make users’ professional lives easier”. Additionally, there’s another recent report, which says, “The Slack’s competitor Stride is opening the Stride API for all the developers”.

Stride – What Exactly It Does?

Stride claims to be a complete communication solution, which empowers business teams to work seamlessly together with the group messaging along with custom emoticons, sharing files, and easily moving chats to video meetings.

Also, Stride provides only a single tool to its users that includes both smart text-based messaging service and fully featured video and audio conferencing services. It also allows frictionless meetings without the need to install other plugins.


Image Source: TechCrunch

Stride’s Spontaneous Growth

Stride is no more than a good-looking makeover of HipChat, however, it is important to look upon the instant growth of Stride, which is mainly designed for the purpose of creating value into workplaces or addressing new challenges in the marketplace.

  • People’s Interest Over Time: Let’s have a look at the below image, the data by Google Trends which reflect people’s interest over time.


  • Ranking: When it comes to global ranking, Stride – the work chat app is unexpectedly growing even though it is too new as compared to Slack.


  • Traffic Overview: Furthermore, you can see the data of overall traffic of Stride by SimilarWeb in the below image.


Image Source: Stride

Apart from aforementioned growth data, startups and entrepreneurs can also create an app like Stride. The point is, before developing a work chat app, you as a startup needs to check out the following unique and must-have features as what makes Stride stands out.

Top 3 Quirky Attributes to Include in Workplace Chat App to Make It Standalone App

1. Allows to Isolate Important Message from Chat History by Marking Actions and Decisions

One of the core features, which startups can consider before creating a work chat app like Stride is letting users to isolate important messages from the chat history. Such feature lets users to mark actions and decisions rather than getting lost in a plethora of messages. Even when user is out of the office, such feature in a work chat app assures that he/she never be out of the loop on key outcomes.


Image Source: Stride

2. The ‘Focus Mode’

Well, in the workplaces, emails and instant chats are the only ways for formal communication. With the constant thrum of pings, notifications, messages, plus alerts, office workers can easily get distracted from these activities. Getting constant pings is quite noisy. In order to get rid of this, there is a feature called ‘Focus Mode’, which lets user to work without noise. Such feature lets the users to focus on work even though stepping away.

This focus mode comes with one tap, and it will mute all the notifications and incoming messages. Also, it removes the necessity of noise-cancelling headphones. Additionally, once users come back to office, it will surface the most important messages, actions and decisions.


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3. Allows One-to-One and Channel Specific Video Chat

Another core feature, which startups need to consider is to allow one-to-one and channel specific video chat within the workplace chat app like Stride without installing other plugins. Providing such feature in your app is a critical way of moving work forward. Such video chat feature allows the user to have one-to-one and the team video chat by inviting them via phone numbers.

Additionally, startups can also provide features like screen sharing, voice and video calling, and remote control access across all devices as whatever suits best to needs of individuals.


Image Source: Mashable

An Important Lesson From Slack’s Competitor – Stride

An office chat app, also known as ‘enterprise social network’ like Stride allows team members to collaborate with the team members in open forums or catching up in private messages along with the unique and usable features. A workplace chat app like Stride helps teams to stay in touch regardless of the location.

Undoubtedly, it’s not at all easy to grow, and being a standalone app in the market for Stride, in front of its competitors like Slack and Workplace by Facebook. However, with the unique attributes, which make Stride arguably a better workplace chat app.

In a nutshell, to create a disruptive workplace chat app like Stride, it is pivotal to provide your app users useful features that give solutions to their problems and ease their lives while working, no matter where they are.

Is Your Idea Innovative Enough?

If you think that your idea has momentum behind it, then you can surely build a successful app like Stride and Slack. All you just need to validate your app idea from the trusted android app development company, which would ensure you that you are on the right way.

However, if you still have any query related to work chat app development or app development resource, then you can get in touch with us. Just fill the below-given form and we’ll revert you within 48 hours!

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