How much do you charge to develop an iPhone or Android App?


We can collaborate in two ways, one can be we use hourly schemes or fixed price scheme.

If you want to use hourly scheme briefly our workflow might be the following:

How Much Does It Cost To Develop an App
  • Creation of the detailed specification (1 full-time business analyst);
  • Based on the specification the project effort will be estimated and it will be divided into milestones and the following team can be assigned 1 part or full time project manager, 1-2 full-time iPhone developers, 1-2 full-time Android developers, 1-2 part or full-time QA engineers, 1-2 part or full-time web-developers. This is just a suggestion and team size can be negotiated further when the project effort is estimated in order to meet your deadline.

As advantage of this scheme, you’ll be able to change your requirements flexibly. You’ll be charged for hours spent on your project.
For all the professionals our usual rate is $30 per man-hour. But it can be negotiated and vary on the team size and project duration.

For the Fixed price scheme briefly the workflow will be the following:

  • Based on your requirements We’ll provide you with our preliminary estimation;
  • When we approve it we’ll come to the creation of the detailed specification. Based on it you’ll be provided with the exact project effort, cost and delivery time. After your approval we start development of your project and you’ll be able to control its process. And the same team will be assigned as it is mentioned above.

Advantage – The project price will be fixed. You won’t be able to change your requirements flexibly. Any changes will be estimated in additionally and added to the project cost.

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Yes you, tell us what collaboration scheme is more preferable for you? Then we can decide how we will move forward.


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