Challenges and Solution for Implementing Enterprise Mobility for Media Industry


The rise in Internet-enabled smart phones has posed a new challenge for media industry. As per the industry experts, by 2016 India is expected to lead the global enterprise mobility market at 57.5% with Brazil following at 44% and China at 26.2%.

Also, IDC Research estimates that by 2015, the world’s mobile worker population will reach 1.3 billion, representing 37.2% of the total workforce.

Mobility for media therefore demands relentless zeal to improve ways of delivering mobile content, data usage and implementing supporting infrastructure.

What can be the challenges while implementing a robust execution of mobile solutions for entertainment or media industry?

How media organizations can chart out a thorough strategy to successfully implement enterprise mobility in media industry.

Challenges in implementing mobility solutions for media industry

The rapidity with which this industry is growing puts an enormous pressure on media organizations to constantly innovate. This is one of the major challenges. This challenge is obviously followed by issues related to setting up secure and competent infrastructure. Let us have a look at other challenges:

  • Identifying user segments and their expectations
  • Integration of mobility solutions for media industry in tune with the institution’s IT operations
  • Challenges in setting-up supporting infrastructure involves management of content and sustainability of mobile devices
  • Security is a major challenge to meet head on for enterprise mobility in media industry as data theft and stealing of devices are rampant incidents
  • To integrate such solutions at an affordable cost is yet another challenge media organizations often face

How to address these challenges?

Implementation of enterprise mobility for media industry should be strategized with a multi-layered approach. It directly affects the way organizations are habituated to conduct business. Therefore, a preparedness to change the overall functionality is a pre-requisite to implement mobility for media.

One of the first ways is to set a clear corporate, IT and employee expectations policy. This would mean implementing mobility solutions for entertainment or media industry in a way that is in tune with all the stakeholders – employee, enterprise security, cost management and end users. Following are other ways to address challenges in the way of implementation of mobility in media industry:

  • Solid understanding of major user segments and how to create solutions that can give users a value-added experience
  • Building basic research and development resources
  • Understanding of device choice options
  • Setting up frameworks for robust governance
  • Put in place a business model that is growth oriented and sustainable
  • Greater emphasis on security and active participation of corporate security staff at the stage of development of mobility solutions for media industry. This should translate into higher protection and confidentiality of data

Space-O’s role in addressing the challenges to implement mobility in media industry

Finding a technology partner that not only knows these challenges in implementing mobility for media but also delivers the best is equally a great challenge. When you come to Space-O, this challenge is overcome with great success as we not only create mobility solutions for entertainment/media industry, but also provide consultations.

Space-O exactly knows what it takes to turn challenges into opportunities.

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