TopIt is a video and image-based competition application, allowing users to create different challenges on categories like music, fitness, arts, books, cooking, gaming, entertainment, beauty, fashion and other categories of their interest. The users can create competitions and invite their friends and family members to participate and compete.

Depending on the choice, users are allowed to create challenges in private and public mode. In private mode, creator of the challenge can invite up to 20 friends, toggle on/off public viewing, voting and commenting whereas, in public mode, a user just needs to select the category, create a title, invite 1 user, and tag friends.

How our client got this unique
app idea

Based in Texas, United States, our client was initially doing an executive job with one USA-based company. However, he always wanted to start his own startup company and already had one app idea in mind – video-based challenge application. Our client got this idea when he was doing an executive job. To dedicatedly work on his app idea, our client left his job and started his own startup company.

video-based competition app idea

How our client found us for
his challenge application

After deciding to develop an image and video-based challenge app, he started searching for the top mobile app development company in Google. While searching, he found our website as we were ranking on the first page with mobile app development company keyword. Our client visited our website and checked our portfolio section to know more about our company. Impressed by our developed apps, our client decided to contact us through our contact us form.

Our Client’s Requirements

Our client wanted to develop an image and video-based fitness challenge app, allowing users to create fitness related videos and challenge their friends, family members, colleagues, and other users of the app. He described his app idea in detail and explained that he wanted to make this group challenge app for all age-group of people.

Through this application, he wanted to connect the different age group of people and challenge each other. In fact, he said that he wanted to make such a contest app, where users can create both public and private challenges and invite people as per their choice. After listening to his requirements, here’s what we proposed to him.

photo video based fitness challenge app

Our Proposed Solution

After listening to his app idea and requirements, we proposed our client to develop an image and video challenge app for different categories. It means we suggested to make one such challenge app, where users can create a challenge on different categories like entertainment, cooking, music, fitness, arts, beauty, fashion, gaming, and other hobbies.

Not based on one single category, but we wanted to make this application available for all the people, who have some kind of interests or hobbies and love to create videos to challenge their friends. In short, we proposed TopIt application, where users can create short videos of any of their interest and challenge their friends and other users of the app.

As per the choice, users can create challenges in both private and public mode. In private mode, creator of the challenge can invite up to 20 friends, toggle on/off public viewing, voting and commenting whereas, in public mode, users just need to select the category, create the video, invite 1 user and tag friends.

proposed solution for photo video challenge app
TopIt app features

Features of TopIt
(Image & Video-based Challenge App)

create a profile in Topit app

User Profile

The app allows users to create a profile in two simple steps. By entering details like username, password, email address, location, select categories from music, sports, arts, gaming, fitness, food and other interest, users can complete creating a profile.
Daily Feeds feature in Topit app

Daily Feeds

Through daily feeds, users can see daily new challenges and competitions based on their interests and hobbies. As per their choice, they can like and leave a comment on any challenge or competition.
Social Sharing Integration in Topit app

Social Sharing Integration

With one click, users can directly share any challenge or competition with their friends, family members or anyone through Facebook, WhatsApp, and Twitter and invite them to join the competition.
creating challenges in Topit app

Start Challenges

Users can start creating challenges both private and public as per their convenience. In public challenge, they just need to select a category, create a title, invite 1 user and tag friends. Moreover, videos are limited to 30 seconds while in private challenge, user can invite up to 20 friends, toggle on/off public viewing, voting and commenting. Videos are extended to 1 min.
One-to-one challenge in Topit App

One-to-one challenge

The challenge app allows users to create any competition and give a one-to-one challenge to any app user, friend or family member. Both users can compete for one-to-one and fight for winning.
Chat feature in Topit app

Chat (Messaging Option)

There is a chat feature in this group challenge app, allowing two users to communicate regarding competition and discuss anything related to challenges.
App notification

Updates & Notifications

Users get real-time updates and notifications about the challenges and competitions when someone challenges them. They will also get notified when they get likes and comments on their competitions.

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iOS App Development of Group Challenge App

As our client decided to make this competition app only on iOS platform initially, so we assigned one of our Sr. iOS app developers, who have over 4 years of experience in the iOS app development industry.

As it was the first challenge application for our assigned iOS programmer, so he decided to spend some time on researching. He spent one entire day researching this project, reading the requirement document given by the client. After researching, the developer started work on this application.

During the entire development phase, he faced one problem while managing video related features like time-based validation and size compression. Our developer resolved this challenge through threading and background process for the video uploading.

Within 2.5 to 3 months, our assigned developer successfully developed TopIt application with mentioned features and functionalities. To develop this app, he used given tools and technologies.

Tools & Technologies Used by Our iOS Developer

Programming Language:

Swift 4 programming language

Swift 4.0



XCode 10.2

Some Third-party Libraries Our Developer Used

  • XMPP Library
  • StoreKit
  • AWS
  • Firebase
  • SwiftJSON
  • Swagger
  • TwitterKit
  • FacebookKit
  • Fabric
  • Crashlytics
  • SwiftMessages


After spending approximately 3 months, we successfully developed this challenge app, allowing users to create challenges to compete with friends. Currently, the application is performing good and received many downloads within 1 month only.

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