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An Online Quotation App

NetQuote is an enterprise-level online quotation application that allows our client’s employees to fill customer’s data and generate an instant quote to send it to customers directly from the app.


App Type: Enterprise Business App

Language: Swift 4

Technology: iOS

Country: USA


NetQuote is an employee-specific enterprise application that is developed for our client’s enterprise named SunnyCal Solar. Mainly developed for employees, this application allows them to instantly generate quotes to send to customers.

Using this application, employees need to fill customers’ requirements for solar power systems and installation services and instantly generate quotes based on the requirements. Moreover, NetQuote app has made it easier for employees to fill and access data anytime and anywhere.

Problems Our Client
Used to Face

Based in California, the United States, our client is running an enterprise named SunnyCal Solar that provides complete solar power systems and installation services to residential and commercial customers. The company also provides regular grid-connected systems and battery backup systems and serves Amador, Calaveras, Stanislaus, and San Joaquin Counties of United States.

Our client and his team were facing problem in managing customers’ data and requirements for services and products. They used to maintain an excel sheet, fill-in information about the job that needs to be performed.

The excel sheet contained different sections, including wiring details, rate sheet, cost table, housekeeping, and the tax table, and employees manually generated the product and installation quotation to send customers. Let’s check out the different problems the team used to face:

Challenges in inventory management and service
  • Employees were managing customer’s data and requirements for products and services in the excel sheet.
  • The entire team of SunnyCal Solar was manually filling the information about the job that needs to be performed, wiring details, residential contract, commercial contract, rate sheet, total installation time, housekeeping details, and tax table.
  • After filling information and customers’ data, employees manually generated product and installation quotation to send customers.
  • Many a time, excel sheet created confusion among employees and the team used to spend maximum time and efforts in maintaining these sheets.

As this entire process used to consume maximum time and efforts of employees, our client decided to automate the entire process and develop an enterprise application on iOS platform, allowing employees to instantly generate product and installation quote.

How We Came into the Scene

Our client contacted more than 8 enterprise mobility solution providers and described his requirements. However, he did not get the expected solution from these companies. Then, he found us through Google and described his requirements to one of our sales representatives.

We took almost one month to understand his business, products, services and the entire process that his team used to follow. In fact, we checked excel sheets that his team used to manage manually. After digging deep, we decided to develop an enterprise mobility app solution for his business.

how to find enterprise mobility solution provider
app idea of NetQuote tool

The Very First Step We Took

After taking some time to comprehend his requirements, our business representative made one proposal for our client, offering NetQuote tool, online quotation tool app. Using this application on the iPad, the SunnyCal Solar team only needs to fill client’s requirements. Based on the requirements, the app will generate the product and installation service quote.

This securely launched application with our client’s organization has made it easy for employees to generate quotes for the customers. Now, employees don’t have to maintain excel sheet and fill wiring details, rate sheet, cost table, and tax table in it. The team needs to enter job information and select wiring details from the given options and the app will generate a quote based on it.



Job info form in NetQuote app


Netquote Tool


House Writing chart in NetQuote app


Netquote Tool


House writing chart in NetQuote tool


Order details form in NetQuote app


I/O management form in NetQuote tool


I/O management in NetQuote tool

Let’s have a look at the
features of NetQuote tool application

manage customer data in NetQuote app

Manage data easily

Using NetQuote application, employees manage all the data and information of the customers without any hassle. In fact, this information and data can be accessed anytime and anywhere and edit if requires.

Import excel sheet into app feature

Import excel sheet to an app

With just a few clicks, employees can import an excel sheet from the backend and update the latest data and information about the products, rates, and tax table in the application.

generate  real-time installation quote

Generate product & installation quote in real-time

The app allows employees to instantly generate product and installation quote in real-time. Employees just need to enter basic information about the customer, the job to be performed and select requirements. Based on these requirements, the app gives product and installation quotation in real-time.

Digital contract signing feature in NetQuote app

Digital contract between company and customer

The application has a digital contract, allowing employees to fill customers’ information and job description in the contract and get it signed by the customer. The contract can be easily sent to the client through email.

Digital signature feature in NetQuore app

Digital signature

The app comes with a digital signature feature, allowing customers to acknowledge the filled information in the form. Once an employee fills the customer’s data and requirements, he can take a digital signature on the contact from the customer as an acknowledgement.

Send Quote as Email from NetQuote app

Email quote directly from the app

Employees send product and service quotation emails directly from the app, allowing customers to make an instant decision.

Tax management Feature in NetQuote app

Tax table management

The app calculates how much tax employees need to charge to a particular customer based on his product, service and county.

Invoice Generation feature in NetQuote app

Invoice generation in PDF format

The application allows generating an invoice in PDF format.

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iOS App Development

Our client wanted to make NetQuote tool application on iOS platform only. Considering our client’s requirements, we assigned one of our Sr. iOS developers, who has more than 3 years of experience in the iOS app development industry.

During the development phase, our assigned iOS programmer faced one issue while generating PDF from tableview because there was not a single library that provides an accurate format and prevents split page in dynamic content.

However, after researching and analyzing it, our developer decided to generate PDF from the backend and successfully converted tableview into PDF. Our assigned developer spent almost 3 months developing this enterprise application for iPad using the following tools and technologies:


Swift 4 programming language

Swift 4



Xcode 8.3


Alamofire SDK

Alamofire for API


FCfileManager for reading CSV file content

FCfileManager for reading
CSV file content


We along with our team successfully developed Netquote application. This application is currently used by SunnyCal Solar employees to maintain clients’ requirements and generate real-time quotes for customers.


Client Testimonial Quote mark

I wish to acknowledge the high quality of your team effort in executing the project for Dollens Electric. Seldom do things go as initially imagined and requested, an such was the case for this project. However, the capability of the end product fills the need. The professionalism of your team an company is impressive. I appreciate that, as it reduced the time required from our staff. Thank you for a good effort; please feel free to use me as a reference customer if it is useful. Best Regards, Steve Dollens

Client Testimonial by Steve Dollens
Steve Dollens
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