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This case study demonstrates Space-O’s exposure and experience of creating a Document Management, PDF, Signature iPad App.

Client Profile

The client was one of the largest Group Training Organizations from Australia. Primarily, they offer apprenticeships, training, workforce development and sustainability services.


Business Need

Business need was to develop a Document Management, PDF, iPad Signature App that can allow its users to open a document, enter data into it, generate a PDF out of the submitted data and send it to an email address.

Since majority of the users are consuming tablets, it was essential to make the App available for a tablet, especially iPad.



Space-O’s team of Business App Developers started out with a higher level analysis of the business need followed by detailed functional analysis and came up with the following solution:

There are primarily two types of users that will access the app. End users and Administrators.


The end users will be able to do the following using the app:

  • Access a document template and enter data into it.
  • Submit the document to server where a PDF will be generated and sent to an email address.
  • Document changes will be tracked by adding a timestamp. Also, whenever the document is sent via email, a timestamp will be saved.
  • Ability to save the document in “Draft” mode- so that users can finish the document in more than one session.
  • Ability for users to view the list of all the documents saved in “Draft” mode. Also, users can copy the draft or delete a draft record if they want to do so.

The system administrators will be able to do the following using the app:

  • Administrators can create or delete one or more document templates.
  • Administrators can define a file structure and name it to their needs.
  • The functional analysis required a facility to load a CSV file that was generated by a third party CRM software into the app. Administrators can load the CSV file seamlessly and access specific fields such as client addresses and so on.
  • Administrators can notify the end users about the changes they make in the document template by adding news content in the news area. It is called the “News Tab” in the application.

Technology & Frameworks used


Benefits of document management app

The client got the document management app developed which exceeded their expectation. Users of the Apps are able to fill the forms over iPad, generate PDF, and send emails. Administrators of the Apps are able to manage the templates, import third party CSV data and inform users of any changes they make in the document. The Australian client got their business goal achieved.



Business Application Developer team at Space-O not only developed the application and served the client needs but also gathered business knowledge that enabled them to create another app for another client in much lesser time. The reason was simple – they have the business knowledge. The code was reusable and the generic libraries that they build while doing R&D were the weapons they could leverage.


If you have a similar business need, contacting us would be worth the effort. Similar experience will enable our teams not only deliver the app timely but also to prevent the bugs are generally found at the time of testing if such an app is being developed for the first time.

Business knowledge, reusable code libraries and fanaticism towards getting better than what we do enable Space-O to serve their client better. Now, we don’t say that. Our clients say so. Have a look at some of the client testimonials if you have any doubts :).

Steve Dollens
I wish to acknowledge the high quality of your team effort in executing the project for Dollens Electric. Seldom do things go as initially imagined and requested, an such was the case for this project. However, the capability of the end product fills the need. The professionalism of your team an company is impressive. I appreciate that, as it reduced the time required from our staff. Thank you for a good effort; please feel free to use me as a reference customer if it is useful. Best Regards, Steve DollensSteve Dollens
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