Swype Dating App

Let The Love Begin

Swype is online dating, friendship, and social networking app. This app allows users to mutually like each other’s photos and connect with the right match. This mobile dating app, based on the iOS and Android platform, is committed to putting an end to unwanted messages that the customers usually get on other dating platforms.


App Type: Dating App

Language: Swift 4 and Kotlin

Technology: iOS, Android

Country: Ghana


Swype dating application is made for the people of Ghana. The app is all about communicating, sharing the mood with people, making friends, and having a good time without interfering someone’s personal space unwillingly. It is a must on Swype for the users to have a photo on their profile as one would feel safe to view real faces and no anonymous profiles. In the form of the mutual like feature, a barrier alike Tinder dating app which does not allow to mess around with uninvited people on the app.

Super Like feature enables a person to show his real-time interest by responding through this option. In addition to this, we have developed a smart sorting feature filter that targets the niche to find the correct match on the online dating application development. For example, if a person selects an age group of 30-40 years with his gender interest and other hobbies, the app will filter this information and send matching profiles to the particular requirement.

The Idea of Developing a
Dating App

Our client is an executive in the USA, who wanted to develop a dating app like Tinder for his homeland Ghana. He was fascinated by the idea of online dating and wanted a free environment for the people to get connected and date with mutual interests. He wanted an app that allows users fast and efficient connections, with safety measures.

The name of this app was suggested by our client from a mere basic idea of swipe and get connected for online dating. By modifying the swipe word into Swype the app got an effective origin in a competitive market of developing dating apps.


How The Client Contacted Us

Our client decided to make an online dating app and started searching on Google for trusted and experienced mobile app development company India. He came across with our name on SERP and checked our company’s portfolio. Every app, developed by us, had diligent features which attracted him to contact us through our website.

Our sales representative team conversed to discuss the requirements and to get a basic idea behind the app. The sales team was familiar with such concepts beforehand and thus they took minimal time in understanding the app requirement.

Initial Step In Building This App

Based on our client’s requirement, we first decided to make a brand identity in the form of a relatable logo. With a brief clientele insight, we came across two effective ideas which were merged into an efficient app logo design as shared.

After perfectly portraying the real-time dating app, we discussed some important features for the app. We came with some new ideas like search super like and niche filtration that made this mobile dating application unique in the cluttered online dating app market from others.


Salient Features Of The
Swype Dating App

Smart Sorting and Filtering

Smart Sorting and Filtering

This social dating app targets a perfect niche of the matches that perfectly fits the filtered information entered by a user. The filter consists of the preferred age range, maximum distance, location preference which narrow down the search periphery for the exact match.

Profile Building

Profile Building

After filtering requirements, a user has to create his own identity which consists of his name, photo, a gist about him. This helps a match to know the person in a better way.

Uploading Photos

Uploading Photos

It is a must on Swype app for the users to have a profile photo as it gives a sense of validation and would feel safe to view real faces instead of an anonymous profile.

Search The Match

Search The Match

The users can get their matches through the filter and also by a common search, mentioning hobbies and interests that he wants in the match. People with similar interests will appear as per the search.

Mutual Photo Like

Mutual Photo Like

This app unlocks the messaging feature when the photo is liked mutually from both end users. An equal amount of interest makes the conversation more easy on this app.

Super Like Feature

Like & Super Like Feature

This is the most important feature of this dating application, which breaks the barrier to connect with mutual interests. After liking photos, users can converse conveniently and the super like feature makes a real effort by actually showing a serious gesture of liking the match on other ends.

Notification Alert

Notification Alert

When a user likes or super likes the real-time match, the user on the other end gets a notification for the liked photograph. If the user wants to engage for a further conversation, he can revert back by a like and vice versa.

In-app Purchase

In-app Purchase

This allows users to purchase more likes, super like, and a direct messaging feature if he/she uses all the free app services. Every user gets 20 likes and 1 super like a month, in case if he wants more than the assigned limit he has to purchase via in-app packages.

In-app Messaging

In-app Messaging

This feature helps two mutually attracted users in exchanging their ideas, thoughts and personal interests. The messaging option gets unlocked only when there are equal efforts from both the ends.

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Android App Development

Our client wanted to develop dating app on iOS and Android platforms. To develop this app on the Android platform, we assigned an experienced Android app developer who got the clientele insight easily.

At first, the Android app developer had to research on existing dating apps and study the features with algorithm insights. He came up with a new inbound feature online users notification on the search page. This feature enables the user in searching potential online matches nearby him, thus it is a fast connectivity option on the app. When a location is filtered, an immediate pop-up of available online users looking for a suitable match is shown on the search page as a menu on top of the search bar.

Another interesting feature is super like which lets users make a gesture of genuine interest and also makes connecting faster. The developer had a tough time developing photo uploading feature as new social media updates sharing on a third party platform is not applicable. Any user has to upload a new photo every time when he wants to update his profile, and photos from other social networking apps will not be shared or uploaded in this dating app.






Android Studio

Tools & Libraries:


quickblox (for chat)



Android SDK

Third-party Library:

  • Default native tools
  • Google in-app purchase
    (for subscription)

iOS App Development

For iOS app development, we assigned our dedicated iOS developer, having an experience of 1 year. While developing this app, the most challenging task he came across was filtering the locations of the users and run the search function effectively. However, after researching aptly to cross this barrier, a unique connectivity algorithm is made that smoothly allows users to locate their mutual interests and search them quickly.



Swift 4



Xcode 10

Tools & Library:






Third-party Libraries:

  • betterSegmentedControl
  • AWSS3
  • Segmentio
  • QMChatViewController
  • KDCircularProgress
  • MarqueeLabel/Swift
  • GSKStretchyHearderView
  • SwiftyOnboard
  • SDWebImage
  • QuickBlox
  • QMServices
  • Fabric
  • Crashlytics


After facing one or two development issues, we successfully developed this online dating application and also invented some new features to stand-out from the competitors. The users of this app can mutually connect without any intrude messaging.

Words From Client


The app was successfully launched and fulfilled original expectations. The Space-O Technologies team was communicative and effective in completing the project. The app is available in the Google Play store, and we’re thrilled with the final product. They were a highly efficient team to work with. They were strong communicators—whenever I had an issue they were available. Additionally, they were timely in getting deliverables to us.


Tom Asare