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Basic requirements for Art and Sounds to develop interactive books for iPad


We have been developing an iPad application called “Let’s Go to the Zoo” for Wolf Tale Publishing. during the development of this application, which basically is interactive eBook, we found that there is no information available on Internet that guides a developer about elements or assets required for development of such application.

Hence, we decided to take this opportunity to create these white papers, which would serve the purpose of other developers who intend to develop such an application and use this document for reference of development of graphics, sounds, animation and buttons required for such project.

Wolf Tale Publishing supplied all the graphics and contracted Space-O as the developer for this project. We used CoreGraphics.framework and quartzCore.framework (Cocoa2D) to during the development. If you want to develop such application, please feel to contact us or If you have any questions about your such similar project of, please feel free to say “Hi”.

Art Format

All art should be in PNG format with transparency.

Icons: We need icons with sizes 512×512 and 72×72 pixels. (more)

Name of files: All art should be in PNG format with transparency.

iPad or Universal App

Is your application only for iPhone or is that to be developed as universal? You would need to supply us with two separate sets of graphics for both. Remember the size of application does increase when it needs to be done as Universal app. If your application needs to support Retina display for iPhone 4, then you need to supply .2x graphics. Please, read Apple guidelines for the same.

Background: Should have size 1024×768 or 768×1024.

Art Specification


1. Background

You will also have to supply us with color background with no character for all pages.


1. Background

You will also have to supply us with color background with no character for all pages.

3. Animation Guide

For each page where needed supply us with an animation guide.


4. Text (as a png picture) &Clouds for text

You need to supply us with all text objects as transparent without background. if you have a white background or popup you need to supply us that as separate image like “text1.png”, and text1cloud.png. If you need Draw highlighting on text feature please, indicate the same.

5. Complete Navigation Menu Structure

Every frame should be in a separate file (all frames for one animation should have the same size) with frame number at the end of file name. For example: boyRun1.png, boyRun2.png, boyRun3.png … etc.


6. Preview Pages

For every page, we also need preview in .jpg format with all objects for this page.

We need full screen view of all pages separate in PNG as per iPhone / iPad Screen size. If your application uses Vertical and Horizontal (Landscape and Portrait) then you need to submit us all the images in both formats.

Please, note that this is just for our reference where all elements including text are included.

7. Individual Objects for Each Page

Individual objects that do not have animation for each page: Other than above full page, you will also have to supply us separate images for each object on that page that do not have any animation (they are just there and don’t change on touch or other event).


8. Buttons

All the graphics of Buttons will normally have two states: On& Off; you need to supply us with two seprate images. For eg. “soundon.png “ & “soundoff.png”. Please, make sure you supply us with all the buttons as serpate PNG and also you can create a Preview Guide for the same, which is easy to undestand and implement.

If there is a background for buttons then you need to supply us with this also as a separate image.

Please supply us with Preview of Button Panel – so that we can understand the sequence in which the buttons need to be placed.

9. Social Network Elements

If there are any social network elements, please specify each of them like Twitter, FaceBook or Send by email. You need to provide us with details as where these buttons should be placed and what happens when the button is clicked.

Template of content for Social Media Elements: if a post has to be made on FaceBook or email of a drawing needs to be sent, you need to give us details of the text and if possible, please supply us with guide for the same.

10. Recording Feature

If your application requires voice recording features, please, specify how that needs to work. if buttons are required for Play/ Pause On / Off message, please, supply us with them with proper guide refer. Remember: it’s not possible to have Draw highlighting on text for voice record outside the application because the timing cannot be matched.


11. Zoom

Indicate if there are any sections which require zoom. If yes, please, supply us with guide and instructions of the same as well.

12. Table of Content

Is there any “Preview navigation” or “Table of Content”? If there is such Preview navigation, you need to supply us with small images of the pages for the same with background, also, supply us with guide as where you want this Preview navigation to be shown.

13. About us or Info button

Please supply us with graphics or HTML text for this page. if there are buttons on this Info page that opens up a website, please, make sure you supply us with those buttons separately with an Instruction guide.

Color the Page


If your book has options for users to color the graphics, then you need to supply us with transparent objects, you do not need to add any text to this.

We would need 2 images: one with all colors and one without color in Black & white(Pencil art work). Please, note that there is no need to add text.

Instructions for Animations


Every frame should be in a separate file (all frames for one animation should have the same size) with frame number at the end of the file name.

For example: boyRun1.png, boyRun2.png, boyRun3.png… etc.
Please, use either Color or Black & White image to explain us how & where you want animations on each page.

Normally, there will be two types of animation: the first one is when a page is opened and you see that a bird or legs are moving and the second one will be when you touch it. For example, if you touch the Kangaroo it will start hopping, or when you touch the clock it start to play a sound.

If there are hidden treasures or mini games, please, indicate the same also.

You can use simple tools like MS-Paint to draw and explain them.

Be very specific on what animation you need exactly, what delays you need on each animation. For example, you might say in your document that “touch clock and change time (clock chimes each hour)”. but instead of this small info you need to give us more details like detailslike if a single tap moves it forward by exactly one hour or if the clock shifts to different time on each tap (thus cycling between a fixed set of pre-defined times)?”


Music,Sound and SFX

Music should be in .mp3 or .m4a or .wav format.Bitrate: 64 kbps or higher.Every sound should be in a separated file.

Texts of the book (recorded voice) should be in separated files. (a new file for every page).

If a sound needs to be played in an animation or touch, please, supply us with a separate sound (80 Parrots.m4a) for the same.

In-App Purchase

If there any “In-App purchase” to be implemented in your application, please, specify it the same way.

Free / Paid Version

Is there any PAID vs. Free Application? Please provide us with full details about what’s the difference between paid and full version, limitations of free version, how you want the paid version to be marked from free version.

Background Music or welcome music

Please, indicate if your application has any background music?

Multi-Language options:

Does your application have multiple languages? If yes, you need to supply us with different sound files and different text in both languages, remember, the size of the application would increase in that case.


Does your application have any mini-games or puzzles ? If yes, please supply us with details about those with complete guide and separate images for the puzzles. Also while a user is playing a puzzle if a user wins or loses, do you need any effects or animation or sounds. Please, add them all in the guide for these mini-games.

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