BYOD in 2014 and Coming Years

BYOD is a global phenomenon with 89% of IT departments enabling, adopting and implementing the BYOD program in some form. Bring Your Own Device had been widely accepted for few years now and is going to remain here at least for few more years to come.

Here are a few statistics that indicate how BYOD will be perceived globally in 2014 and coming years:

  • BYOD Devices: In 2014, mobile devices brought into workplaces will more than double. Juniper Research claims the number of devices being used in the corporate environment will reach 350 million globally, compared with 150 million already used in 2012. It also predicts Western Europe region to be the leading contributor in BYOD activity accounting for 140 million devices in 2014.
  • BYOD Implementation and Value: By 2014, the average number of connected devices per knowledge worker will reach 2.8, up from 2.3 in 2012 (22% more). – (SOURCE: Cisco IBSG Horizons Study)
    Currently, the average annual value per mobile user generated with Comprehensive BYOD implementation stands $1,650 compared to $350 with Basic BYOD implementation. Not just that, companies in United States have even better gains, with value per mobile employee rising to $3,150 annually, from $950 per year under Basic BYOD. – (SOURCE: COMPREHENSIVE BYOD BENEFITS – Cisco)
  • BYOD Productivity and Bottom-Up Innovativeness: Shifting from Basic to Comprehensive BYOD improves the ability to collaborate with colleagues and experts at any given time or from any place, ultimately fostering capacity of enterprise for bottom-up innovation. A significant 17% of the productivity gains spring up from improved collaboration since mobile employees feel more capable of using collaboration tools to work with their managers and colleagues.

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