Buy or Build Enterprise Mobile Applications: The Biggest Challenge


Since enterprise mobility has started to change the life and soul of businesses across world, so has changed the aspects and prospects of developing or developed firms. Most people are now pitching in on mobility, through mobiles and mobile apps.

According to Fliplet, companies gain an extra 240 hours of work, every year, because of the concept of enterprise mobility. With this idea catching fire, the confusion between choosing the apps that can give a boost to your business, is rising too.

A survey mentions that more than 41% of IT decision makers and 34% of developers named it their biggest challenge.

What is their biggest challenge you ask? Due to this increase in enterprise mobility, all the businesses are stuck with this question. A question they have not been able to answer yet. For their firm’s mobility, in all the sense of the term, to increase and flourish; should they buy an already existent app or should they build an app of their own accord.

In order to understand which choice is right for you, we decided to make a tabular list of pros and cons on apps that are custom made as against those which are bought from the pool of existing apps.

Buy Apps – Pros & Cons

It can be easily integrated, with other apps, according to the features of the app It can consume time to find the right app for your requirement
No wastage of time. You get a directly readymade app to start using, when the need be You may need to use more than one app as that single app may not have all the functions and features you need
Reliable Open access for all
Fewer Bugs Employees forced to use apps they may not be comfortable with and which doesn’t include their inputs
It takes time in learning to use the app to its fullest as this app is not customized

Build Apps – Pros & Cons

All of your business needs get covered in one app only

Expensive to make

 Everyone gets to have their say in making a wholistic app Keeps on requiring updates and newer versions, taking even more time
You can decide which other apps do you want to connect/merge, this app with  Possibility of errors, increases
Which data is to be stored in this app is your decision to make
The password will be set by you which means that no one can access the data except for those who are made available with the password

As easy and cheap as buying an app may sound, you might want to think and reconsider the disadvantages it brings alongside it. If this is a first app your enterprise is thinking of creating then you need to be alert, be updated and be agile. But more than that you need to come out of the confusion between buy and build.

For all the reasons mentioned above, building an app, seems to be the perfect idea of all times because of the belief that it will be better tailored for individual organizations.

And now making an app is just a stone’s-throw away. You can talk to Space-O and make sure the complications related to your apps get untangled.


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