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As a Start-Up Company, you may have decided upon multiple ways of targeting your audience. If one of the ways you have chosen is to built a mobile app, then beware.

Why beware, you might be thinking.

The reason behind this is that your journey might become long, tedious and troublesome if the right decisions aren’t made. While making an app is a good choice in itself, selecting the right app development company is the choice that matters in the end.

What Happens If An App development company is not chosen wisely!

  1. Budget: As a client you may have decided upon a certain budget you would like to spend on the app created. Some App developing companies say yes to the budget, for the time being and as the process starts, they ask for extra money for the smallest of all things.
  2. Progress: There might be a deal made between the client and the App development company regarding the estimate time within which the app might be made. However, once the money is given, your app will take a thousand years(more or less) to materialize.
  3. Quality: In order to develop your app, you may be able to give as much money as you possibly can. But with that much money spend, do you really get the app of your dream? Or is it like a building with improper pillars and weak basement. This app will crash land before it even takes flight.
  4. Incomplete Work: Some app development companies, quit making the app midway due to issues they might be facing. With all this money spend, what you receive is a non-functional app.

What are the Qualities you must search for, while choosing an app development company:

  1. Credibility: Before coming to any decision regarding the company that will make apps for you, check on the work that they have done previously. If possible download and check the apps they have made. Search for people that they have worked with and contact them. Get reviews and then make the decision. This process might take a while but it will help you make a decision you won’t regret.
  2. Experience: Use some time and resources to know about the company’s experience. There might be a date written in the ‘About Us’ space of the company’s website. But Do not count the years as experience. Experience includes the number of apps created in the years that they have spent in the industry.
  3. Getting Honest Answers: Once you have zeroed down on a couple of firms, talk to them and find out how the app might be made, how quickly, what the procedure might be and what will the money structure be. These final questions will help you finalize the one company you want to trust and work with.

App Making Procedure at Space-O

  1. Your Idea: As and when a client comes to us, we discuss with them their idea of what their app should be. As an honest brand we also feel free to tell the clients about potential improvements to their idea.
  2. Our Magic: Once the ball is in our court, our business analysis team will actualize your idea and with the ‘design led engineering’ belief. We will also turn your idea into an awesome mobile app.

Maintaining your privacy and confidentiality is of utmost importance to Space-O. Developing 1500+ apps in four years, our experience and and competence knows no bounds and using this we will help you in making an app that connects you to your target audience in a better way.

If you’ve got an app idea that can boost your business, feel free to get in touch with Space-O. As we believe in ‘Value Engineering beyond Software Engineering’.


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