How to Build Video Editor App Like Clips That Goes Viral In Less Than a Week!

Apple recently launched its own video editing app called Clips that provides an easy way to shoot, edit, and create shareable videos. This video editor app is the Goldilocks of Apple’s video editing apps. It’s not too simplistic, and not too complicated either.

Recently, we reviewed the Clips app and wrote a detailed article that explains each feature with its benefits.

However, in its four days of release, the video editor app Clips reached between 500,000 and a million in downloads, according to estimates from App store analytics firm App Annie.

But, despite the heavy press conference and featured position in the App Store, Clips is yet to enter the top 20 apps by ranking in the U.S. App Store’s Top Charts.

Now, most of you may think that Clips received large amount of response because it was developed by tech giant Apple. But, it’s not entirely true.

In fact, there are many video editing apps like Magisto that built from ground-zero and reached top, along with getting million dollars in fundings. While there are also examples of video editing apps like Vine that got huge success and eventually bought by a bigger company, Twitter.

Point is, if an idea of video editor app like Clips or Magisto keeps buzzing in your mind over and over, but you’re afraid whether it’ll succeed or not, JUST DON’T!

Give it a go, because while in the process you may discover new opportunities just like the BlaBlaCar did.

The ride sharing app startup BlaBlaCar had to pivot many times to see the spark of success. Their simple funda was: Iterate Until You Get It Right.

Now here’s the thing. Mobile video views has gained a lot of traction in past recent years. Between 2014-2016, the mobile video views have been increased by 400 percent.

In fact, if you open any of social networking apps such as Facebook or Instagram, you’ll see video frequently. Today, people love to create videos and share it with their circle. This has encouraged many Entrepreneurs to build different kinds of video editing apps and make a business out of it.

Today, the competition is high. So, to build a video editor app that go viral quickly, you’ll always have to keep your target audience in mind.

So, who is your target audience?

The right answer is everyone.

Everyone who wants to make a funny nice videos for their friends to share with. So basically, we’re talking about young, energetic, and socially active people.

Now we understand that you want your video editor app to be thrilling and ultramodern. You want to pack it with all kind of fancy features that you could, but let’s get real for a minute.

How many features do you want to include in your video editor app?

The right thing to do, while developing your video editing app, is not to start with a fully-functional version.

First, let your initial users get acquainted with your product, let them get used to it, consider their suggestions and feedbacks seriously, and then you’ll have an idea of new features that will boost your app’s overall success.

Another important to thing to avoid while video editing app development is not to copy the existing solutions.

We know people these days prefer to clone a successful app and enter the same market, but if you look closely, you’ll find that they’re not a complete duplicate. Those who enter the same market with same services have done it in a different way.

Similarly, for your video editing app idea, make it different, unique, and recognizable. Here, different doesn’t mean to offering your own filters, but for example, you could consider adding streaming and broadcasting, or trying to implement AR and VR feature.

Now comes the monetization part. Most of the people build app to earn money. Now you finally have your own unique idea, you worked hard, researched about your app idea, and hired a top notch mobile app development company to build your video editor app.

Now what?

Your app should make money for you, and this is the deepest pitfall and biggest danger that can lead to failure.

Imagine you’re recording your kids or filming the stunning view of the Grand Canyon in Las Vegas and suddenly a full-screen ad banner pops up.

How would you feel?

You got irritated because the ad ruined your video, right?

This is why a paid feature or in-app purchases is a more sensible choice when it comes to monetizing your video editor app.

As a matter of fact, this idea is a well-judged move.

At first you find your fans and then add anything you want.

This isn’t hard to remember, right?

Though, what about necessities?

Idea For Your Video Editor App

If you’re new to mobile app world, development process or at least planning the development process can become a worst nightmare. You’ll need to know so many details, but don’t worry. Just read on and remember the following points to make it right.

Select The Features Wisely

For any kind of mobile application development, the functionality should fit the purpose of your app. Hence, if you aim to target video editing app market, then it should have all sorts of features for editing. However, if you want to attract millennials, your app must be fun and easy to use.

Make It Simple

When creating a mobile app, the interface should always be intuitive. Nobody wants to go through multiple steps of guide in order to use one feature or another.

The same with app’s functionality. It’s better to start with an MVP version, choose the most core features, and in few months the users will tell you what functionality or features they would like to see.

Now imagine how delightful it would be to make app which is vital to your users.

Your App MUST Standout!

If you’re just creating a regular copy of an existing product, Again, JUST DON’T!

Your app may have only one, but it should be absolutely exclusive feature. For this, a precise analysis of existing apps in the market is required. And the next step is…

Social Integration

What is really fundamental in any video editor app is social integration. After creating funny nice videos, users will want to share them instantly. So, provide them this instant function.

In fact, the more social media you add in your video editor app, the better. Nowadays, a mobile app development company can easily build a sort of mobile app which you can use for all social media websites at once.

Let’s take a look at an example – our sensational video making app Slide Show Maker.

The app is integrated with all required functions along with the feature of sharing on social media. Users have adored this app because there is no need to remember any steps to use any features, and the app allows to make video along with adding Music up to 5 minutes.

Now, if you decide to break into this growing market by making the perfect video editor app like Clips, bare in mind the above points to avoid common pitfalls, reach out to the best web and mobile app development company, and give it a GO!

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