On-Demand Trucking App Development: Takeaways Which Startups Can’t Miss Out Before Developing Uber for Freight App

Whether you’re in the logistics business or trying to get into it, this blog is for you! Herein we’ve mentioned some takeaways from Uber Freight app that you as a startup or entrepreneur can’t afford to miss while developing an Uber for freight app.

There’s no need for any introduction of the Silicon Valley ride-sharing service provider, Uber. The ride-sharing giant has also a trucking business as you may have already aware of. The service is known as “Uber Freight”, which pairs up trucking companies with loads that need to be hauled from one place to another.

Uber is performing well in every single area, whether it is a taxi booking or on-demand food delivery service. The ride-hailing service provider, Uber is always thriving because of constantly delivering unparalleled services to its users. Thanks to its radical business model!

The widely-famous Uber cab app claims that the company’s mission is to provide reliable transportation service for everyone. Additionally, the ride-sharing network, Uber for logistics has made billions of connections between riders and drivers across the globe with its app for Truck routing and queuing management systems.


Uber has also started to invest in trucking. According to the latest report from TechCrunch, “Uber’s Advanced Technologies Group (ATG) upgrades its autonomous truck test feet with the new technology”.

Before heading towards the new and prolific features of “Uber Freight”, it is worth to check out the growth of Uber Freight in its previous years.

An Overview: Uber for Freight

  • Launched back in 2017, Uber Freight came up with the intent of promoting simplicity, transparency, and reliability for the whole process of moving goods everywhere.
  • Launching in New Markets: Uber Freight is rolling out in handful of new areas, including Chicago, Arizona, Georgia and California.
  • Uber has provided solutions to make booking loads easier and fast. The company also claims to make payments less headache for truckers.
  • An easy-to-use Uber Freight free app provides solutions to all the difficulties faced by truckers on a daily basis.


Image Source: Uber

Moving ahead and let’s check out the new features of Uber Freight as what makes this app stand out.

Top New Features of Uber Freight App

1. Take Me Home

As the Uber has already evolved with the advancement of self-trucking technology, there is a core feature, named as “Take me home” in the Uber Freight app. This feature is already changing the lives of truckers as previously they worked with only local freight companies. Such feature eases the lives of truckers who were not able to get home due to hectic lives being a carrier. Uber has just realized this and provides a solution for it.

In an Uber Freight like app, it would be great to provide a section named as “For You” within the app as it shows drivers personalized notifications and recommendations. Such feature automatically learns drivers’ preferences based on their past loads, locations and home base. Whenever a new load will be available, it will match these preferences. After that, the uber clone app will notify the driver so they do not miss out.

In addition to this, over the coming days, such feature will start showing only those loads for drivers whose preferences are local, short haul or long haul routes. In a nutshell, such feature shows all the personalized recommendations for drivers. By providing this type of feature in Uber freight like app, startups would make continuous improvements so that app users/truckers will see improvements over time.

However, if you are planning to create an Uber freight like app, considering this type of feature can lessen the lives of truckers.

Takeaway: Ultimately, we can say that this feature allows truckers to find out the perfect load as per their convenience. So, being a startup, all you need to understand the pain points of your end users and provide the optimal solutions. Moreover, there is one another notable thing is that your app users’ feedback that is crucial for constant improvements in the app.


2. Allows Uploading Proof of Delivery Documents (POD) Via App

There is another important feature that can be included in the Uber freight like app. The feature allows truckers or app users to upload proof of delivery documents via Uber freight app. With this, making payments become more simpler and easier for carriers.

Uploading the documents from the delivery location minimizes the hassle for truckers. So, after completing the load, trucker simply needs to follow three simple steps to upload the proof of delivery documents through freight apps like Uber:

  1. Click on “upload proof of delivery” button.
  2. Then, click the picture of the signed proof of delivery documents.
  3. In the end, confirm and submit the documents.

This is what all you can check in the below-given video:

Takeaway: By including this type of feature, your app users or carriers can avoid long waiting hours in never-ending lines at the truck stops. This feature can help users with no more purchasing costly fax machines as they can upload proof-of-documents straight via Uber freight like app.

Therefore, this feature does not only save time but a huge amount of money for your users and drivers. So, make sure that you include those feature that helps both drivers and your end-users to save their time and money.

To Sum Up

Undoubtedly, Uber has not only to modernize the taxi-booking industry but also the trucking industry. If you’re in the logistics or planning to head into this industry, then the above-mentioned Uber freight app features are one that you as a startup or an entrepreneur can consider. Also, if you have some questions like

How can I benefit by adding the aforesaid these features into my freight app?

Then the answer is simple as that all you just need to consult any leading app development company that have already developed such apps.

In case, if you also have such ideas on developing mobile app for your logistics and freight business, then you can share those ideas with us by filling up the below-given form and we will get back to you within 48 hours.


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