Planning to Create ‘Uber for Babysitters’ App? Check Out 3 Major Challenges & Their Solutions Before Developing On-Demand Babysitting App


This article is for those startups who are planning to create uber for babysitters app. We’ve compiled major challenges and its solutions, which you need to consider before developing an on-demand babysitting app. Have a look!

It is hard to trust when it comes to finding a nanny or babysitter for a child. A lot of questions may pop up in parent’s mind before hiring a babysitter for his/her child. Hard-working parents can reclaim their social lives. Thanks to Uber for Nannies mobile apps. These on-demand babysitting apps let parents find, book, and pay babysitters in just a few taps of the app.

These mobile apps have left behind the traditional models and providing on-demand babysitting solution like Uber. These apps use social and community data such as Facebook, school, nurseries to connect parents with babysitters that already exist within their wider personal networks. However, these babysitters have already used by friends and people as they trust the most.

So, meanwhile, if you remember that challenging time when your mind was occupied by a plethora of questions like how can I start my own Uber for babysitting app? How can I make my app popular?

It is not a secret that recommendations run the babysitting world, and parents are still of being afraid of hiring somebody through an app. In order to overcome this hesitation, startups need to provide solutions that will incentivize parents to use the app and keep using it.

In this post, we are going to shed some light on the major challenges and its solutions that startups can face while developing on-demand babysitting app. Let’s explore them.

Challenge #1: Gaining Trust

In the world of babysitting niche, one of the toughest things is to build trust with your customers. And, it is quite hard, especially when it comes to babysitting. So, while attracting parents or we can say that customers, the central challenge you can face is – mistrust.

  • As per the babysitter survey result from, “64% of parents do not use babysitter services because it is too stressful in order to find someone as they like and trust”.
  • On the other hand, as per another survey, which is conducted by UrbanSitter, “According to 68% of parents, life would be harder if they would be miserable without trusted childcare”.

Now, the thing is how to gain parents’ trust? What’s the right way to fill this gap? Here are the solutions to this challenge.


All startups need to fill the gap by using different ways of trust-building like suggestions and offering the extra guarantee. Let’s check out how you can implement these ways to gain the trust of your customers.

1. Suggestions

Suggestions can win parent’s heart. According to the survey, “88% of parents still ask for suggestions. That is why startups need to consider this solution. So, you need to think about to make parents feel comfortable finding a nanny with the app. The app like Uber for babysitters allows parents to create a list of their favorite sitters and browse the favorites in their community. Additionally, each nanny profile, which includes the number of repeat families, showing how many families have repeatedly work with that nanny.


Image Source: urbansitter

2. Extra Guarantee

Even if you have well-checked and screened nannies, then still there can be some risks. In that vein, the app asks both parents and babysitters to confirm the job performance to prevent all possible accidents. In case of emergency, the app communicates with users by email or phone. The concept of parent loyalty covers more areas than trust. While choosing a babysitter, 61% of parents make their choice based on comfort as they can get for themselves. Therefore, you need uber babysitting app to be convenient and efficient.

Challenge #2: Inconvenience

Parents know very well how difficult it is to find the reliable child care, specifically when it is on-demand. In the past times, the story was not same. There was a lack of convenience for parents. So, on-demand apps have provided with the solutions that can actually work in the recent times. On-demand babysitting app works same like as you can book a babysitter the way you book a cab or even book Uber without internet nowadays. Let us explore how can on-demand babysitting apps overcome inconvenience.


Image Source: urbansitter


So, to overcome the inconvenience, it is important to provide the solutions that actually work. All you need to eradicate the inconvenience by using diverse technologies. Here, we recommend you to pay attention to the availability and online payments.

1. Availability

In the recent times, you may have seen that both parents are working in the families. Some of these parents have flexible working hours, but it is hard to manage their kids along with work and other things. Thus, people need someone to stay with their kids early on weekend mornings so that they can have at least some rest, or overnight in order to spend a romantic evening. The solution is that your babysitters must be available 24/7.

So, as a startup, you need to consider the feature like real-time booking in the babysitting app. Therefore, it is safe to say that availability is the main reason why more and more people use these babysitting apps. And, it must be instant or on-demand as people expect from Uber after booking a cab.

2. Online Payments

As everyone knows that online payments lead to convenience. So, this is the solution for your customers to overcome inconvenience. Online payments help to avoid embarrassing situations when parents don’t know how much to pay to the nanny. It is also pivotal to implement online payment system into the app.

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Challenge #3: No Safety & Not a Good Pay Scale for Babysitters

There are many entrepreneurs, who believe that they provide a perfect working environment for babysitters. But they do not see, and avoid the evident failures that can lead their business models to fail.

However, many entrepreneurs are failed to resolve the problems like quitting jobs for contractors. So, this is one of the major challenges that you need to overcome by using winning patterns and solutions. That is why we have gathered solutions, which are in the favor of babysitters. These useful tips will help startups to engage more babysitters to work with them.


1. Safety for Babysitters

Safety is one of the most vital requirements. It is important that startups need to provide a secure environment and have protection system in the place. Now, the question is how you can create such system for babysitters? You need to arrange 24/7 support so that babysitters can contact you in any critical situation. Also, it would be great if you can provide an option to block those users immediately within the app.

2. Fair Pay for Babysitters

Payment is one of the major issues, especially for babysitters. If you as a startup do not provide fair pay option to nannies, then there is a higher chance of losing contracts or babysitters in the future. Make sure that your payment rates are not too low. To illustrate, UrbanSitter does not allow parents to set rates below $8 per hour. If you want to set up a successful business model under the category of ‘Uber for babysitters’, then you need to take utmost care of these challenges and must consider solutions to get greater success.


So, we’ve just shared some major challenges and their solutions that you as a startup can face while creating an on-demand babysitting app. All these solutions will help to overcome these challenges and make a successful babysitting app like UrbanSitter. After deciding about babysitting app development, you might have some questions like:

  • Why babysitting agencies need an app?
  • How much does it cost to develop a babysitting app?
  • Why should I consider an MVP (Minimum Viable Product) before developing a mobile app?
  • How much does it cost to create an app like for babysitting service?

If it is so, then you can directly consult us through the below-given form as we are a leading iOS/Android app development company and have already developed over 40 on-demand solutions successfully for startups and enterprises.

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