How Uber Resolves Safety Issues With These 4 New Safety Solutions


This blog is for those taxi startups, who want to build a ride-sharing app like Uber. To make a successful taxi booking app like Uber, you must-have to consider these new safety solutions from Uber. Let’s have a look!

The “Uber” has become one of the most recent trends and buzzwords from the last few years. With the rapid growth of Uber, there are many startups who are proposing the ‘Uber for X’ model, connecting buyers and sellers through an app.

When it comes to ride-sharing services, technology puts millions of people together in cars in cities around the world. However, running a taxi booking app business or starting it from zero, it is important to consider safety feature. It is a huge responsibility that you can’t take lightly. This is what Uber’s new update is all about.

According to the recent report, “Uber introduced a bunch of new safety features for the app that is mainly designed to address growing concerns over rider safety”. Several new improvements by Uber to double down on safety in the app, strengthen the screening process, and bring a new powerhouse advisor on board to help shape Uber’s next chapter.

With total funding amount of $24.2 billion, the ride-hailing app, Uber has reached new heights. As per the report from Crunchbase, “Uber has secured $2 billion in Debt Financing round of funding.”

If you as a taxi startup or entrepreneur is constantly seeking ways to incorporate unparalleled safety solutions in terms of safety features for your customers, then you need to check out top safety solutions by Uber.

Top 4 Safety Solutions From Uber That You Need to Consider While Developing Uber-like App

Solution #1: Safety Center

Undoubtedly, Uber has offered a lot of usable features, but this time Uber has come up with the solutions about safety. In the app, they have located safety in one central place and making it accessible directly from the home screen during the ride. If we’re talking about the safety center, then this solution in terms of the feature will soon let users know a dedicated place in the app where they can learn about the key safety information, including tips built in partnership with law enforcement, driver screening processes, insurance protections and community guidelines.

For U.S. users, Uber has updated its app with a safety center that provides users with safety information by the app. If you want to become the next Uber, then you must consider this safety solution before developing apps like Uber. Safety is one of the important aspects, which you need to take extra care if you share Uber-like business model.



Solution #2: Trusted Contacts

With this Uber’s latest solution, riders will be able to designate up to five friends and family members as ‘trusted contacts’, and be prompted to share trip details with close ones during every ride.

This solution provided by Uber has made it easier than ever to share the trip, so users’ closed ones that can follow along and know when the user has arrived. However, night time sharing is also an option to share the trip’s details and live locations to close ones. This solution does not only provide safety but also build trust among users. In short, it is a powerful feature, which you need to consider as a startup before developing apps similar to Uber.

Solution #3: Emergency Button That Connects Riders to 911 Operator

There is no guarantee when it comes to transportation and nothing comes with 100 percent free of incidents. If the rider faces an emergency situation, then he or she can get assistance using an emergency button, which will connect the rider directly with 911 help.

Most importantly, this feature shows rider’s real-time location in the app both on the map and as an address, so that rider can share it directly with the 911 operator. However, such feature can also be launched for drivers.

Solution #4: New Offense Notifications

With this solution, Uber is going to take safety to the next level. This solution of Uber is based on the technology, which rapidly identifies the new offenses. By using the data sources, that covers the new criminal offenses, Uber will receive notifications when the driver is involved and leverage this information to help continuously enforce the driving screening standards.

In addition, Uber is also involving in driver’s screening in which Uber will investigate and verify the potentially disqualifying information from public records such as new and pending charge for a DUI (Driving under the influence), and ensure the driver is still eligible to work with the company.

Wrapping Up

Since 2009, the ride-hailing company, Uber has been helping people move safely around their cities, countries and the world. All these solutions are built on the safety benefits that ride-sharing already brings such as helping people avoid drunk driving, providing GPS tracked records of every trip, and 24×7 feedback, and quick response from safety team.

Technology has made traveling completely safe more than ever before. And while there has been a lot of progress, then you as a startup company must be ready to do more for your users from the safety perspective. When it comes to safety, you need to pay an extra attention like Uber, and you must have come up with the features that can create value for riders’ lives.

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