How These Top 5 New Features of Taxi Booking App Can Make Your App Successful Like Uber, Lyft, Grab & Careem?


This blog is for those taxi startups, who want to develop a successful taxi booking app like Uber and Lyft. It contains a list of top 5 freshly brewed features that taxi startups can include in their taxi app and make their business successful.

Almost every day, our sales team gets inquires to build an app like Uber. Our clients ask us to develop a successful taxi booking app like Uber, Lyft, Grab, and Careem. After all, these are the biggest taxi apps service providers, who are leading the taxi industry.

The idea of developing a taxi booking app like Uber and Careem is widespread. Indeed, Uber is a huge success in the U.S ride-hailing market and the company has changed the entire concept of taxi industry with its customer-centric services.

Talking about Uber, the company has recently launched a new business line service that is known as Uber Health. The newly launched service delivers a ride-hailing platform that will be available particularly for healthcare service providers, letting clinics, hospitals, rehab centers and more to easily assign rides for their patients and clients from a centralized dashboard. Even the rider does not require the Uber app or a smartphone for accessing the service.

When it comes to talking about Lyft, the company has announced that it has completed more than one billion rides since it started out in business six years ago. Currently, the company only operates in U.S. and Canada, rather than worldwide. Apart from taxi booking app, the company, Lyft, has finally given a look on its forthcoming line of shareable bikes that will be available to rent within its mobile app in selected cities “soon”. This $15 billion company declares the final close of its acquisition of Motivate, the New York City-based mobility startup that owns a number of bike-rental services.

According to the latest report, Careem, Uber’s Middle East competitor, is about to raise between $100m and $200m from Chinese investors, a source with direct knowledge of the matter told Reuters.  However, Investment bank China International Capital Corporation (ICICC) is advising Dubai-based Careem, but the company was not instantly cleared when or if a deal would be finalized.

Considering the huge success of Lyft, Uber and Careem in different fields like Uber for food, Uber for delivery, Uber for jets and now Uber Health, a lot of taxi businesses are developing apps like Uber. However, all that matter is who serves the best blend as far as quality, price and on-time delivery is concerned.

If you as a taxi startup or entrepreneur wants to develop your own ride-hailing app, make sure that your app serves some of the unique features that can make your app stands-out from other taxi booking apps. Talking about the unique features for your taxi app, in this blog, we have listed top 5 new features to make your app as successful as Uber, Lyft & Grab.

Top 5 Freshly Brewed Features of Taxi Booking App to Make Your App Successful

1. Outstation Module

To develop a successful taxi booking app like Uber and Grab, the most important feature that you can include is an outstation module that will allow you to provide your service between two different cities. Using this feature, the passengers can book a taxi from one city to another city using their smartphone.

With just a few taps, they can book a taxi for travelling to another city that can be at a flat rate or at a rate, consisting per kilometre and per minute charges. You can allow your customers to have multiple stop-overs, explore the far-flung areas of another city or place and travel at their own pace and convenience.

To give a great riding experience to your outstation passengers, you can allow them to book a taxi for another city in advance, economical one-way or round trip, different vehicle options and trained drivers to choose from.

With these different options, you can serve your customers better and deliver them a rich riding experience for their outstation needs. By offering the outstation feature, you can think out from one city and extend your business with flexible outstation service.

2. Day Packages

Another unique feature that you can consider for your Uber cab app is Day Packages. Using this exclusive feature, the passengers can hire a car with a personal driver on rental for particular time period and kilometres. No matter whether passengers book a car for outstation or any other place, it will help them to get a car with a personal driver for a specified time as per their convenience.

You can configure different day packages with allowed kilometres and time period in your application and charge accordingly to your customers. This feature can make your application stands-out from other taxi booking apps as you will give your riders a feel that they are driving in their own car.

They can have a personalized riding experience with day packages feature. Further, it is important that you consider a very easy and flexible way to configure day packages so that your riders do not face any problem while selecting any day package for their ride.

3. Prime Membership For Riders

The third most unique feature that you can consider for your Uber-like app is a Prime membership for riders that even Uber, Grab and Lyft are not offering to their riders. Including this exclusive feature can make your app widely popular among people as this feature will help you to attract more customers with a prime offer.

Prime Membership for riders will help your riders to choose or buy one membership plan according to their needs and enjoy daily free rides up to configured kilometres. You can create different prime membership plans for your riders and configure kilometres for your riders to enjoy free rides.

In addition to this, this highly configurable feature supports kilometres that are allowed for a free trip, the validity of the offer, etc. In short, this feature can help you to boost your business with a prime offer functionality.

4. Car Pooling

In the recent time, the carpooling option has gained a huge popularity in the market, allowing people to share rides with other riders and save a huge amount of money. Car Pooling is an essential feature that you can consider including in your own Uber-like taxi booking app.


Using this feature, the riders can opt for a carpooling where they can share a ride with other riders, who are going to the same destination or place and split the cost with them. So, you as a taxi service provider can include a new carpooling feature, bringing together office goers and commuters to share their rides. You can increase the success rate of your app by providing a carpooling feature to your riders and allow them to the rider with other riders.

5. Manage Trip Parameter

Manage Trip Parameter is one such feature that plays an important role to make your taxi apps like Uber successful. With this feature, you can allow your riders to place a special request while requesting for a ride. They can play any special request like a wheelchair for the physically handicapped person, baby seat for parents, who are riding with their toddlers, and any other required request.

By serving your riders with these special services and facilities, you can give them a rich riding experience and attract more and more customers towards your taxi booking app. Moreover, this special request service can help you to win your customers’ trust and they will always prefer your service over other taxi booking app service providers.

To manage such special requests and services, you can configure it from dispatch solution, so the request for such rides will directly go to only those drivers with this service like a baby seat or wheelchair in the car.

So, these are some of the main and exclusive features that you can include in your app like Uber and increase the chances of being a successful taxi businessman. Prior to this, we have also covered top features to include in your carpooling app to survive against Uber and Lyft.

What Would Be Your Next Step?

If you are running a taxi business and want to become a successful as Uber, Lyft and Grab, you can provide your customers with taxi app like Uber, enabling them to book a ride with just a few simple taps using their smartphone. Apart from this, you can consider serving your customers with Uber air taxi along with mentioned features to increase the success ratio of your business.

In case, if you still have any query or confusion related to above-mentioned features related to taxi booking app development, you can directly consult us as we are a leading taxi booking app development company and have already developed over 50 on-demand app solutions. All you just need to is to fill up the below-given form. We will get back to you and solve all your queries within 48hrs.

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