A Wonderful Opportunity to Solve Every Enterprises’ Biggest Concern “Security in Communication” By Building a Secure Messaging App

Since we started, lots of entrepreneurs, small businesses, and enterprises approached us for their mobile app development.

When asked what is their biggest concern, either as an enterprise or as an entrepreneur, 80% of them replied: security in communication.

Today, we live in a world where majority businesses are done online than in person, and almost everyone is now communicating through different chatting apps, whether for personal needs or business needs.

The new technologies and innovations have made our lives so much simpler, for example, you can order food, buy an air ticket, or rent an apartment within five minutes.

Let’s admit it: we’re fully enjoying this digital era and we’re used to it now.

Today, people love to share their whereabouts or talk to a friend overseas with the help of different real-time instant messaging apps.

These messaging apps have given us the power to talk to anyone or share any media such as photos, videos, and documents with just a few taps.

Enterprises, for this matter, are also leveraging its benefits. Today, enterprises share important documents, sensitive data, business ideas, and other intellectual properties through a number of messaging apps.

Such apps have helped hundreds of thousands of businesses and enterprises to work together and grow globally to target the wider audience.

However, as these instant messaging apps have evolved over time, the risk of data and information leaks have also been raised.

Most enterprises, small businesses, and startup fear of losing their sensitive data and information on different mediums of communication.

This means, there is a problem here that needs to be solved.

It is a wonderful opportunity for anyone who is interested in launching their own chat app like Whatsapp.

Like other messaging apps, you can build a most secure messaging app primarily targeting the enterprise sector with a secure messaging service that not only let those within an enterprise communicate securely with each other, but also let them speak to contacts outside their organization using your secure messaging app.

You can think of this secure messaging app idea as somewhat like Slack and other messaging apps except that it builds a platform that meets particular requirements of enterprises with highest security in communication.

In fact, this formula has already worked for Symphony.

enterprise messaging app

Symphony is an enterprise messaging app that has 160+ financial services companies as its customers and now it’s planning to pick up more in other sectors.

In fact, it recently closed $63 million funding round, and according to sources close to the company, Symphony is now valued at over $1 billion.

Takeaway point?

There are probably hundreds of chatting apps available on both Google Play Store and Apple App Store, but very few of them provide the high level of security for communication.

Not only that, these instant messaging apps are developed for everyone, not for a specific industry or sector.

This means, there is an opportunity to create a messaging app for a specific enterprise sector and meet their particular requirements for safe communications like Symphony did.

Similar to Symphony, you can supplement your secure messaging app with all basic messaging functionality with a range of other features.

Features like meetings, webhooks, password protection on each conversation, and so on to fulfill the needs of enterprises with rich interactive tools meeting their requirements.

So, if the idea of creating an instant messaging app like Whatsapp or WeChat is floating around in your brain, consider this opportunity before making any move. And, if you’re not sure which features to consider for your secure messaging app, you can Contact Us for the same. We would love to hear your idea and help you create a brand new secure messaging app.


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