Mobile apps for Recruitment: Top 3 Solutions by Job Recruitment App, MeetFrank

Mobile apps for Recruitment: Top 3 Solutions by MeetFrank

recruitment app development, Mobile apps for Recruitment: Top 3 Solutions by MeetFrank

This blog includes information for startups and entrepreneurs. Herein we’ve rounded up top three solutions by MeetFrank (the secret recruitment app), which you need to check out during AI-powered chatbot recruitment app development.

As more and more mobile apps are emerging, there is an increase in the usage of apps. People are using apps for exploring a wide range of services whether it is about booking a taxi or job search. Naturally, there is an increasing demand for job recruitment apps, too. Meanwhile, we came across the statistics based on the leading trends in recruiting for professionals roles, according to decision makers worldwide. Furthermore, in 2017 survey period, 50% of respondents saw the utilization of data as a key trend. So, in the below-given image, you can see the top trend that is shaping the recruiting industry.

recruitment app development, Mobile apps for Recruitment: Top 3 Solutions by MeetFrank
The technology ‘AI-powered’ is also responsible to shape the recruitment industry. There’s a recruitment app, MeetFrank, which uses machine learning and a chatbot wrapper in order to break the old way of finding out the by just a passive way, and job hunting plus talent-to-vacancy matching. According to the recent report from TechCrunch, “MeetFrank, aka, the ‘secret recruitment app’ has raised $1.1M in SEED round of funding led by Hummingbird Ventures to fuel expansion in Europe.”

The Estonian startup named MeetFrank was founded in September 2017, however, the recruitment startup company is pretty young. But, it has 125,000 active users in its first markets, including Estonia, Finland, Sweden, Latvia, Lithuania. Furthermore, around 2,000 companies are using the MeetFrank app in order to try to attract talent.

Currently, MeetFrank app is showing 50% MRR growth, according to the sources.

3 Powerful Solutions Worth to Consider Before Developing AI-Powered Chatbot Recruitment Apps like MeetFrank

1. Think Outside The Box: The AI-Powered Chatbot Technology is the Real Booster

The heart of this app its solution for job seekers and companies, who look talent, is its AI-Powered chatbot technology. Before heading to the solution, we’ll first understand “what is chatbot?”

What is a Chatbot?: The chatbot is an artificial intelligence, which is also known as IM bot, interactive agent, talk bots or chatterbot. It is a type of bot (a computer program, which performs automatic repetitive tasks), which is designed to interact with humans on conversation basis on its programming. Chatbots automate the procedure of interacting with the apps and their users in an attempt in order to create the best user experience. It also helps to maintain the presence of a helping hand, even when one can’t respond instantly. The chatbots are exactly human-quality of chatbots.

However, we can say that implementation of this technology in this niche can be a great problem solver for job seekers as well as companies who are looking for talent without hassles. Both job seekers and companies get huge help using such AI-based recruitment mobile app. So, if you are planning to implement chatbots into recruitment app, then it could give you a huge success. In this way, you can provide your customers with a new way of job hunting.

2. Convenience: Provide The Easiest Way to Switch The Jobs

Once again, convenience is foremost when it comes to powerful solutions if you are thinking to creating jobs apps. The MeetFrank, which is also known as known as ‘secret recruitment app’, is mainly focusing on technology-related companies. Around 50% of the positions are engineering and other 50% is marketing, sales, customer support, legal, data sciences, product & project management, etc.

In short, mobile apps for recruitment has already taken the platform of finding jobs and recruitments to the next level. The mobile recruitment app like MeetFrank works on the talent side, and it generally goes through a relatively quick on-boarding chat where the chatbots asked to specify their skills and experience in order to choose from the pre-lists, instead of needing to type, plus to state job seekers’ current job titles and salaries.

Additionally, the AI-powered recruitment app has broken up old method of hunting the job. This is not the end of the story, chatbot is having a strong emojis and GIF game options too to convince talent.

recruitment app development, Mobile apps for Recruitment: Top 3 Solutions by MeetFrank

The chatbot app also asks job seekers what would convince them to switch jobs. Asking a slew of questions like higher salary, more flexible or remote working, relocation, and a startup culture.

Also, you can include the aspect in which there is no need for app users/job seekers to provide their real name, identity, or any other personal information in order to get potential job positions. This way, you can build trust of your customers in order to make them retain.

So, if you are still wondering whether you should develop chatbot powered recruitment app or not, then this is what, which is the future. And, chatbots itself provides convenience to your app users’ lives.

3. A New & Different On-demand Model for Job Hunting App

recruitment app development, Mobile apps for Recruitment: Top 3 Solutions by MeetFrank

The last but not the least solution is that an ideal job hunting app’s goal to encourage “greater openness’ from employers and stay out from the pay negotiation situations. When it comes to matching users’ expectations, make sure that it must match with their preferences.

When it comes to an on-demand business model, it is important to open about the job positions while developing job hiring apps like MeetFrank. The on-demand recruitment app model uses machine learning to algorithmically match potential users/job candidates to the deserving position. So, in this way, job recruiting app is automatic pre-select across thousands of potential job applicants.

However, an on-demand business model for job hunting app provides an easier way of finding a job by just matching and filling up the details with just a few simple taps. The on-demand app for recruiting matches people who do not currently have a job or are looking for their first jobs. Hence, it provides on-demand solutions to freshers or job seekers who eagerly look for a job.


All top of it, being useful is all-important, and startups should provide their app users with the solutions that can help them to be more productive in their respective fields. However, if you are planning to create an app, which falls under the category of ‘job recruitment’, then you might have a slew of questions such as –

  • What is the app development cost breakdown for chatbot powered job recruitment apps?
  • When should I start with custom Android/iOS development to develop chatbots app for job recruitment?

If it so, and you are trying to find out optimal answers to the aforesaid questions or similar to them, then it is high time to hire full stack developer.

In case, if you still have any query regarding recruitment app development, then you can get in touch with us through the below-given form as we are a leading mobile app development company and have already developed over 3500 mobile apps in diverse app categories.

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recruitment app development, Mobile apps for Recruitment: Top 3 Solutions by MeetFrank recruitment app development, Mobile apps for Recruitment: Top 3 Solutions by MeetFrank
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