Technologies to Develop Camera Apps like Camera360 and Candy Camera

Whether you are a professional photographer or an entrepreneur, who wants to create a photo-editing app, you can go through this blog and check out the technologies that are behind the successful camera apps like Camera 360 and Candy Camera.

In the world of technology, there’s no better way to share your life other than sharing images on social media platforms. People are capable of clicking their special moments due to the camera. However, camera apps add a pinch of creativity and usability to them. That’s why photography enthusiasts are more bend towards the usage of mobile photography apps to shoot.

So, photography enthusiasts can also have their own camera and video application with their desired features to take their photography experience to the next level. When it comes to talking about the best camera apps for Android, here, we’ve listed top camera apps, including Camera360 and Candy Camera.

  1. Camera360

    Camera360 is under the badge of ‘the best app of 2016’ on Google Play in several countries. This photo editor app is free, containing professional editing tools, themed funny stickers, motion stickers, art filters, poster templates, and video effects.

    If we’re talking about one of the world’s most successful photo camera app, Camera360 has more than 800 million users, and it is one of the world’s most successful photo camera apps.


    • Talking about the overseas market, Camera360 covers more than 200 countries across the globe, and it has reached a rank of top 5 among 145 national and regional imaging apps.
    • “Camera360 app named as App Annie 2017’s “Belt and Road” best app”, according to the report. However, this ranking is based on the total downloads on iOS and Google Play.
  2. Candy Camera

    Candy Camera is another candy photo app that allows photography enthusiasts to add a touch of style to their photos. With 100+ real-time effects, the app provides a wide range of filters, frames and sticker options.

    In the below image, you can see from the graph, which includes Usage Rank and Google Play Rank of the app. This graph is exponentially growing.


    Moving ahead and let’s check out the technologies behind the features that used by our app developers while creating top camera apps like Candy Camera and Camera360.

Technologies Behind The Features That Are Used By Our Mobile App Developers

In general, an ideal photo editing app contains the following top features:

  1. Filters

    Photography through smartphones has dramatically risen these days. Users use filters in images due to improving aesthetics, adding vintage effects, highlighting the object and manipulating colors. However, people use iPhone camera filter apps to make the images even more fun and unique. There are several attributes to use filters in images, which are:

    To Improve Aesthetics: The feature, filters in photo editing app is used to enhance the image and correct for brightness, saturation, contrast, and focus. The general goal of using the filter in the image is to improve aesthetics. Basically, filters are used for enhancements of pictures.

    To Add Vintage Effects: Filters also provides the image with a certain texture. For instance, black and white filters bring nostalgia.

    To highlight the objects: Filters help to bring out the focus to a certain object in an image. In android camera apps, the feature – filter is quite popular when the user wants to focus on the object and less in the surroundings. To remove distractions from the image, this feature is used widely.

    Take Into Account a ‘Photo Filters’ Feature If You Are Planning to Create One of The Best Photo Editing Apps

    The third-party camera apps like Camera360 and Candy Camera are pretty much famous because of enhancing, stylize, saturate or age an image. If you are planning to create Android/iPhone camera filter app, then this is one of the must-have and common features.

    Technology We Use: Google’s Mobile Visions API


    Image Source: Lifewire

  2. Cartoon Effects

    Well, to a great extent, the growth rate of smartphones rely on third-party camera apps. When it comes to transforming images into comic strips, then a comic book or image enhanced with cartoon effect feature can convey so much drama and emotion. Image with a single cartoon effect can amaze users so much, that’s why this effect is quite popular among users.


    Image Source: befunky

    Including this unique feature into your photo editing app is worth for your photography app. And, provide your app users with the features, which can make their images artwork for them.

    Technology We Use: CIFilter (Core Image Filter)

  3. Photo Collage

    Another important feature is photo collage, which can be widely used by people worldwide. The feature like Photo Collage helps app users to gather their memorable moments in terms of pictures into one frame. However, to create a collage of different images is something, which could not be possible to capture through the camera alone. That’s why users use third-party photo editing apps.

    Additionally, this feature is one of the primary among other features when you’ve decided to create a photo editing apps like Camera360 and Candy Camera.
    photo-collageImage Source: befunky

    Technology We Use:

    Frameworks –

    • AFNetworking
    • SVProgressHUD
    • SDWebImage

Wrapping Up

To summarize, we can say that the aforementioned features such as filters, cartoon effects, and photo collage are crucial when it comes to camera app development. These are some of the common yet important features of photography app; however, apart from these features, you can also consider some other useful features like beauty camera, motion stickers and add glitters in videos with KiraKira effects in photo editing. Such features will surely help to make your app stand-out from other camera apps.

All top of that, if you have questions like how much does it cost to make an app like Camera360 or Candy Camera or developing mobile apps on photo-editing or photo editing apps development, then you can consult us with your queries as we are leading Android application development company and already developed 50+ photo and video camera apps. Here are some of the top camera apps that developed by us:

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