3 Unique Solutions by Bumble (A Game-Changer Dating App) That You Need to Check Out Before Creating an Online Dating App


This blog contains information for those startups who want to create an online dating app like Bumble. Learn more about three unique solutions by a game-changer dating app – Bumble.

We live in the world of dating and connections. Indeed, the online dating world is flooded with mobile apps. So, you must be aware of top online dating apps like Tinder, Match.com, and Zoosk. However, we want to introduce a new yet successful dating mobile app over here. It is “Bumble”, which is a total game changer and one of the popular mobile dating apps like Tinder.

America’s fastest-growing dating company, Bumble online allows users to start building valuable relationships, find friends, and make empowered connections. Let’s explore more about this popular female-led dating app Bumble.

The Key Facts of Bumble Dating App

  • The app has over 36 million registered users.
  • The company’s business spin-off Bumble Bizz creates 17 million matches each week, with 64,000 new users joining each day.
  • Talking about the Bumble Bizz, the app works in the same manner as a dating app, but it aims to help people build business relations.
  • Bumble girls dating app for Android is not just a hookup app, but it appears to be doubling down on branding itself as the destination for finding empowered and long-lasting connections instead of hookups.
  • According to the latest news from TechCrunch.com, Bumble is now giving new options to its users, allowing to know each other insider its dating app. Recently, the company has announced that it’s adding voice and video calls to the app.
  • As per the report, “Bumble has opened a physical space in New York for dates to meet up”. The physical location is the first step in dating startup companies.
  • In the below-given graph, you can see that the graph is going upward when it comes to usage rank.


  • In this below-given graph, you can see the download rank history of Bumble app.


How Bumble App Becomes The Game-Changer Online Dating App

Launched back in 2014, Bumble has over 36 million registered app users, spending an average of 100 minutes a day on the app. In general, in the popular Tinder like apps, you might have heard about the concept of swiping through photos of potential mates. If the user is interested, then he/she swipes right, if not, then swipe left.

When it comes to talking about how bumble app becomes the total game-changer dating app, the app mainly focuses on giving all the power to women. However, men can also swipe through the app and find the matches, but they can’t initiate the conversations. In short, we can say that Bumble app dating is the female-led dating app.

According to Business Insider, “What makes Bumble different from other dating apps is its focus on giving women all the power”.


According to the latest report from The Verge, “The dating app, Bumble has introduced a new feature named as “Snooze”, which allows app users to pause their activities on the app.” And, it lets users’ matches know that they are on the “digital detox.” The objective of this feature to help app users to step back from the distracting noise of social media and concentrate on their mental well-being.

According to the latest news from TechCrunch, Bumble is planning to expand in India. This is the only dating application that allows women to take initiative for the conversations. The company has announced that it has been developing up a local team in the region and defining the strategy. Bumble, the dating app, will be available late this fall.

In this blog, we have mentioned top unique solutions by Bumble that startups can check out before creating an online dating app like Bumble.

Top 3 Unique Solutions by Bumble to Keep an Eye on Before Developing Online Dating App

1. A Digital Response to a Real-life Problem

The online dating app, Bumble, has been able to grow because the company had realized the issue that women were never supposed to make the first move. Realizing this problem, the company offered a unique solution by breaking up the stereotypes.

The online dating startup company has also been vocal about making sure that they are using their voice to address issues which are generally avoided by other online dating companies.

Therefore, after realizing the whole issue, the company come up with a digital response to solve real problems. Moreover, it has taken stance on by banning images of guns on its platform.

One of the best online dating apps similar to tinder, Bumble, provides the solutions that women had been expecting so far and this is the reason why it Bumble has become one of the fastest-growing dating companies.

So, being a startup, if you are planning to create an online dating app like Bumble, make sure that you work on the problems of your target audience and provide solutions that can create value in your users’ lives.

Also, you need to provide long-term dating solutions to app users as they would retain longer in the app. It sounds challenging but you need to provide such level of dating services that you will become just a transactional service provider to a trusted partner. And, the product in terms of the mobile app can add value to users’ everyday lives.

2. Female-First Platform

Bumble app is all about empowering women in the online dating world. The female-first platform means that only women have all the rights to start conversations with matches. Although, the concept behind Bumble is new and unique.

Female app users are empowered and ready to make the first move. However, the concept was pretty new and unique in the world of online dating. It would be better to say that Bumble app long positioned itself as more than a dating app because of its unique features like Bumble BFF and Bumble Bizz, which are meant for friendship and networking, respectively.

The feature Bumble BFF provides the easiest way to make new friends, whereas Bumble Bizz allows users to network, find mentors, and create new career opportunities.

According to Fast Company, “Bumble exits to empower women”.

Bumble is not only dating app and it has been working to distance itself from the label of the “hookup app”. So, it is important to provide matchmaking technology by providing an app, which allows app users to foster more than just romantic connections.

3. A Platform Where People Feel at Ease

Just four-year-old dating company, Bumble is at the forefront of matchmaking technology by providing an app that allows users more than just romantic connections. However, Bumble provides a community where people feel at ease, and where they do not feel threatened.

So, being a startup, if you have already taken a plunge to create an app like Bumble, then you should start thinking outside of the box. By providing such solutions, Bumble has become successful in such a short amount of time. Additionally, this online dating app has a different and unique approach that made it stand out from other apps.


Image Source: the verge

Furthermore, the dating app, which is pretty much like any social networking app due to its unparalleled features that are more than hookups. Bumble app has also broken up the fear to meet new people that situation commonly turns out to be a really labor-intensive and uncertain way of getting relationships. To overcome all these problems of people that would not leave people unsafe, frustrated and exhausted, providing a safe and secure online dating platform is highly important.

Alike other dating apps, people usually do not feel at ease because exhaustion makes dating apps worse at performing their functions. In short, you just need a platform where users feel secure because it is all about dating and women usually look for more security.

Thus far, Bumble has stayed true to one of its core values such as creating a space that prioritizes women. Using Bumble Bizz (one of the app’s features), only women can initiate the conversation with their potential contacts to lessen hurdles and create a more welcoming and secure place for female app users. In short, the Bumble app is centralized on women’s empowerment. Bumble’s journey as a dating app has already succeeded.

What’s Next?

In just four years, Bumble app has just transformed the way people think about online dating industry. Now, Bumble app has become something that users are proud to associate with. It has simply broken up the “gender stereotypes”, and make over 2 billion matches.

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