4 Important Ingredients to Establish Successful On-Demand Food Delivery App


In this post, we’ll discuss four important ingredients that will help food delivery startups and entrepreneurs to get succeed in an on-demand food delivery industry. Let’s check out what are those ingredients that can speed up the growth of your startup and help out during food delivery app development.

Online food delivery platforms are frequently expanding with choices and convenience. The on-demand food platforms allow customers to order food from a wide array of restaurants with a single tap.

Indeed, the business of delivering food is undergoing rapid change as the new online platforms or we can say on-demand food delivery apps race to capture markets and customers across America, Asia, Europe, and the Middle East. However, ride-sharing giants like Uber and Grab have already plunged into on-demand food delivery industry. As per the recent report, “Grab has launched a food delivery service in Southeast Asia.”

According to Sensortower.com, the top food delivery app by worldwide downloads for 2018 was UberEats with 66+ million installs, mainly concentrated in the United States and India.


Talking about another popular food delivery app, DoorDash, this delivery unicorn is reportedly raising another $500 million in funding at a valuation of over $6 billion with Singapore’s Temasek Holdings likely to lead the financing, according to the crunchbase.com. Moreover, this food delivery giant has raised nearly $972 million since its 2013 inception.

Being an on-demand food delivery startup, if you might be thinking about those important ingredients, which are behind the success of these on-demand food delivery apps, then you are at the right place. Here, we are going to explain four ingredients, which are essential to establish successful on-demand food delivery startup.

4 Pivotal Ingredients to Establish Successful On-Demand Food Delivery App

1. Easy User Registration and Account Set Up

The on-demand food ordering apps have become one of the biggest pursuits, and venture capitalists have also invested hundreds of millions of dollars into it. And the main ingredient behind the success is easy user registration and account set up.

This is because that the app user’s journey embarks on the sign-up process. If this process is complicated, the user will leave it within seconds. Therefore, the user registration and account-set process must be simple and easy to follow, allowing users to sign up within minutes.

It is also important to let users log in quickly through social media sites as whatever social media platforms are popular at the moment. Therefore, while developing on-demand apps, this is a core feature, which you need to pay attention.

2. Finding Out The Popular Restaurants

Whenever people order meals online, they usually start looking for the most popular restaurants in their areas. So, first thing has cleared that you need to provide multiple options in terms of names of the restaurants in the food delivery app. To do so, you need to research well in the targeted area or market where you want to launch your food delivery startup. We’ve rounded up some key points, which you can consider while developing on-demand food delivery apps like Postmates, Doordash or UberEats.

  • Based on the search, the results of all the popular restaurants of the targeted region must be shown in the app. Users can explore the map or list to see all the top restaurants.
  • Users can also browse different restaurants by offers and discounts.
  • Let users open particular restaurants to see all the details of that restaurant like name, logo, images, address, reviews, and the menus uploaded by the restaurant.
  • Users should be able to select items from menus and add them to the cart with the quantity, toppings, and preference data.

So, if you have ever thought about developing mobile app under on-demand food delivery category, then such feature is essential to consider.


Image Source: doordash

3. Ordering & Tracking The Food

Once the menu is all set, the user must be ready to order the food. It is important to provide your app user with the options to add the dishes or meals in his/her cart. First and foremost thing, the process of ordering the food must be simple so that every age group of people can use it easily. The second thing is that you need to provide a delete button to remove the items if the user is no longer looking forward to ordering.

The idea of on-demand food delivery app development is to cut the wait time. No matter where your user is, your main objective is allowing users to order the meal in the minimal time. Moreover, allow your app users to track their food using real-time GPS tracking.

Such feature allows staying updated with the whereabouts of his/her order. It is important to make this ingredient easy with three simple steps like –

  • When the order went to the kitchen
  • When the food was out for delivery
  • Let users show the estimated time to reach the food to user’s location

Thus, you can provide your app users a hassle-free service in terms of real-time location tracking feature in order to make it seamless for users. It is a must-have feature, which has been using since long.


Image Source: ubereats

4. A Secured Payment System

Everything starts when the user pays for the deal. So, the next important ingredient for on-demand food delivery startup is that the payment integration like Stripe, Paypal, and CCAvenue in the app.

You need to ask restaurant mobile app developers for the same in order to create the food delivery service apps like Uber Eats. The user can place the final order with direct online payment option, or pay when delivered options.

Thus, with the instant notifications of the order completion and payment, your food ordering app is all set to roll. There are two widely used payment integration systems i.e. Braintree and Stripe that made it easy for users to make payment.

Top 3 On-Demand Food Delivery Apps

Undoubtedly, the on-demand world is dominated by ride-sharing companies like Uber, Lyft, and DiDi Chuxing. But, on-demand is also dominating in food delivery niche. Here’re top three on-demand food delivery apps, which have already created a buzz in the food delivery market.

1. Uber Eats

In 2014, Uber has launched on-demand food delivery platform in Los Angeles that helps to bring food to consumers in a convenient and reliable manner. In 2015, UberEats has also launched as an individual app in Toronto. In the past 18 months, the app has grown incredibly fast, and now available in 26 countries and 78 cities around the globe.

Specialities of the App:

  • UberEats allows users to easily find and order the right food for the moment with just a single push of a button.
  • Users can view food photos and broad cuisine search, while the suggestions bubble up restaurants that users will love.
  • This app is based on machine learning, and the thing that made it popular is the creation of individualized taste preferences and customized restaurants, dishes for each app user, which is based on their past orders and recent contextual information.
  • The user can schedule the food order now or later.
  • Talking about this most popular food delivery apps, Uber Eats has secured the third position in the list of the top Food and Drink Apps in Canada for 2018 by downloads.

2. Dahmakan

Dahmakan is the Malaysian-based food delivery app that has become one of the famous food delivery apps among people. According to the report from Techcrunch, in the year of 2017, Dahmakan raised $2.6 million funding and expanded its business across Southeast Asia.

Specialities of the App:

  • Daily changing menu by professional chefs.
  • With just three clicks, the user can place the order.
  • The user can pay with the cash, credit card, Paypal, and online banking directly on the app.
  • The user can check when the food will arrive.

3. Postmates

Postmates is the San Francisco based company with over 65,000 active users. The company operates the largest on-demand service in 44 major U.S. metropolitan markets by collaborating with Starbucks, 7-Eleven, Apple, Walgreens, and Chipotle.

Specialities of the App:

  • The on-demand app similar to Postmates delivers food to home, dorm, office, for meetings, and a fancy dinner party as per user’s convenience.
  • The user can pay with Google Pay and use credit or debit cards stored in Google account.
  • The user can order food along with alcohols.
  • The app allows users to track food in real-time.
  • Fastest delivery

Above, you have just gone through with the top on-demand food delivery apps like Postmates, UberEats and Dahmakan, which are performing exceptionally well in the market.

Wrapping Up

The food ordering industry has been revolutionized by on-demand food delivery apps by setting up new benchmarks for the consumers. A deep research and market study can take your on-demand food delivery startup to the next level. You can also consider the specialities of the most popular food delivery apps like Postmates or UberEats and try to make your app stands out from the rest.

In case, if you still have any query like how much does it cost to create an app like Uber Eats, Dahmakan, and Postmates, or food delivery app development, then all you need to fill-up the below-given form. One of our business representatives will get back to you within 48 hours with an optimal solution. The consultation is absolutely free of cost.


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