3 Lessons Startups Can Learn From The Success of SoundHound (Music Recognition App) That Secured $100M in the Corporate Round of Funding

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This blog is for those startups and entrepreneurs who want to develop an app like SoundHound and Hound. Keep reading the following lessons, which you can learn from the success of SoundHound Inc.

The heady growth of music recognition apps contain lessons to the world. The innovative A.I based music recognition platforms have grabbed a significant round of big fundings recently. Other companies may learn from the growth of a billion-dollar company named SoundHound Inc.

Well, the SoundHound online is the best known for its song recognition app. But, it is going beyond music in a big way. Let’s dive into the world of SoundHound. Founded in 2005, SoundHound is an audio, speech recognition and sound-search technologies in the Santa Clara, California. Founded by Keyvan Mohajer, the company’s featured product is a music recognition app named SoundHound. In the year 2015, the company launched its two new products i.e.

  • Hound: The voice-recognition virtual assistant mobile app
  • Houndify: The Voice-enabled artificial intelligence platform

On a fundamental level, SoundHound Inc. turns sound into understanding and actionable meaning. The company has announced the new strategic round of funding to accelerate its growth. According to the latest report from TechCrunch, “SoundHound has raised a new round of financing that values the company at an estimated $1 billion”. And, it has joined the Unicorn club.

According to another latest report, SoundHound and Honda have partnered with each other to develop voice-enabled AI and conversational intelligence technologies. Together, both want to accelerate the development of a voice-enabled AI assistant for the Honda cars.

Key Point: Who is Driving The Investment?

The big round of funding led by Tencent Holdings Limited, one of the Chinese tech-giants that challenge America’s GAFA companies such as Baidu, Alibaba, and in the U.S. are Google, Apple, Facebook, and Amazon. China is investing heavily in A.I (Artificial Intelligence). And, the other names of participants are Daimler AG, Hyundai Motor Company, Midea Group, and Orange S.A.

Believing that in enabling humans to interact with the things around them in the same way we people interact with each other by speaking naturally to our smartphones, cars, TVs, music speakers, and every device which is emerging as ‘connected’ world. Hound leverages speech-to-meaning and deep meaning understanding technologies to create a groundbreaking smartphone experience.

The music streaming app enables people to discover, explore, and share the music around them, and even the name of the song stuck in their heads by singing or humming. Although, with Houndify platform, the aim to bring voice-enabled AI to every user and enables others to build on top of it. They call it collective AI.

Moving ahead and let’s explore what’s SoundHound music search app is up to now.

  • SoundHound is already large. The company claims to have 60,000 partners on the platform, and have more than 1,000 products that are currently powered by Houndify, its voice platform.
  • SoundHound has over 1 million downloads and over 2 billion users worldwide.
  • SoundHound, a music finder app, has raised a new and big round of financing that values the company. According to the report from Sensor Tower, you can see the growth of current ranking history.


  • Additionally, in the below image, you can check the graph, which tells about the usage rank of the SoundHound app.


Apart from this, let’s check out the important lessons from SoundHound that we’ve analyzed and curated. Let’s have a look!

3 Lessons That Startups Can Learn From SoundHound

1. Always Be Innovative

As SoundHound looks to leverage its 13 years of experience and data to create a recognition tool, the company can bake into any platform. And, it has already a become member of the Unicorn club.

So, when there is a lot of hot discussion about A.I enabled products like Alexa and Google Assistant, SoundHound has already taken a plunge to take on these Goliath. Moreover, the music recognition app its way ahead. SoundHound has already come up with its innovative ideas. And, it has always been ahead in the niche of voice-enabled artificial intelligence with the apps like Hound (voice search & mobile assistant) that allows users to search anything with the natural language or voice like “OK Hound”.

Alexa, Siri, Cortana, and Google Assistant are SoundHound’s early competitors in the race of having complete control of the technology and provide full access to the world’s top information via voice.

However, SoundHound is at the next wave of technology evolution. That is given it more than a decade of data to work with as it tries to build an audio recognition engine and tie it to the system with dozens of different queries and options, which it can tie to those sounds. The SoundHound app was a result. It is constantly try to open up that technology to developers and show that it is more powerful than the rest of the voice assistance on the market.

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Before Google and Amazon, SoundHound has launched app called Hound. Amazon has the Alexa fund to invest in smaller companies. Instead of investing in smaller companies, it is better to go with big successful companies that will invest in your company to accelerate the growth of your product in terms of mobile app. This strategy, which you can learn as a lesson to build a successful app like SoundHound. In a nutshell, all we can say that the company, SoundHound has always been innovative with its mobile apps, voice recognition and voice-enabled products.

2. Move Beyond Being Merely a Competitor

SoundHound has moved beyond being merely a “competitor” of Shazam app. The music recognition app SoundHound has not bounded itself with one product; however, the company has been continuously involving with other technologies.

For example, Hound and Houndify are the other products of SoundHound, which are different than the music recognition app. The company now centers on its other products like Hound (voice search and mobile assistant app) and Houndify (one of the first voice AI platforms). If we’re talking about the Hound app, it is more than the personal assistant-style voice recognition service where the user can string together a sentence of as many as a dozen parameters and get a decent search result back. Hound app uses voice recognition and artificial intelligence (A.I.) to field inquiries, much like Amazon Alexa or Apple Siri.


All we can say that the company SoundHound has not bounded itself with just a music recognition app, or being merely a competitor. They keep exploring the latest technologies like AI (artificial intelligence).

3. Fix The Problems of Your Customers

The “sound-to-meaning” startup has fixed the problem of big brands that are his customers. As the company used to be known for its successful music-identifying app, but its main product is Houndify that allows any software developer to quickly and easily build a voice assistant, using SoundHound’s technology. There are a number of several voice assistants, but SoundHound is a better fit for integration with established brands.

For instance, if you are running a business of cars like Mercedes Benz, and you have worked hard to create this really good brand, and you choose to integrate Amazon Alexa in your vehicles as a business owner, then user has to log into an Amazon account when they buy the product or they might have to create one. Also, users have to call Mercedes Benz ‘Alexa’ and provide the complete data to Amazon, and there is no differentiation.

Nevertheless, unlike Apple’s Siri or Amazon’s Alexa, developers can rename Houndify’s assistant. So, in hypothetical example, Hyundai could let its drivers summon their assistant by saying the brand name like Sonata rather than Amazon Alexa. Sometimes, big companies do not want to adopt these assistants made by Amazon, Google or Apple. They want to their own, and they want to personalize, and they want to differentiate. The Houndify platform exactly what big companies want. In simple terms, SoundHound has realized the problems deeply, and provided the solutions.

For instance, if Sonos (a wireless home sound system) wants to build a speaker (as it rumored to be doing), SoundHound could provide the intelligence. Every business or startup needs to solve a problem or simplify lives of their customers and help other brands according to their requirements. Being a startup, you need to listen to your customers and understand the requirements before developing apps like SoundHound.


You just have gone through the lessons from the successful tech giant, SoundHound, which is a voice-enabled AI and conversational intelligence provider that has turned sound (voice, music & more) into understanding and actionable meaning.

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