How These 4 Features Make ‘Genius’ Stand Out from the Other Music Apps on The App Store?

Genius music app

If you want to take initiative in developing a mobile app in the genre of ‘music streaming services’, this post is for you. We’ve embraced the top four features of ‘Genius app – Song Lyrics & More’ mobile application. Check them out.

Beyond the doubt, everyone loves listening to music.

At least, the majority of people do listen to music through downloads, music streaming apps, and prefer to go online.

Going to statistics, music streaming applications or the new music apps that are known as music streamer app going into being.

  • According to the report from Statista, “In 2022, the revenue is expected to show an annual growth rate of 4.8% resulting in a market volume of US $5,861 million”. This is good news for music streaming apps business owners, who love the best free music apps.
  • There’s another report by Statista, which says, “Music streaming is now too big to fail”. You can check the complete data in the below image.


  • In the below image, you can check the unstoppable rise in music streaming. The report tells, “It has increased threefold, topping 30.4 million in the first six months of the year”.


Apart from the above, which lies the data of growth of music applications so far. Now, let us shed some light on the app ‘Genius – Song Lyrics & More’, which is currently standing out from other music apps on the App Store. Basically, Genius is a music streaming app, which provides an online network of song lyrics and annotation platform.

It gives the user a platform to share the music. One of the sources says, “Genius and Spotify team in order to stream the backstory on music tracks”. According to the report from The Verge, “Music encyclopedia and lyrics database, Genius has announced a partnership with Apple Music, and allowing app users to read lyrics while listening to songs.” In short, Genius lyrics are now available in Apple Music.”

Looking at the latest news from TechCrunch, the music application is launching its own version of stories, which is like the Snapchat and Instagram-like short-form sharing format.

Top 4 Features Which Make The ‘Genius’ Stand Out from Other Music Apps 

The mobile app, ‘Genius – Song Lyrics & More’ works differently from other music apps. The main aim of this new music app to maintain the status, and provide a different platform, which can take the user’s experience to the next

What makes Genius stand out is – its main features, which make listening to tracks comfortable, interesting, and seamless as possible.

1. Allows to Watch Music Videos Along With Reading Lyrics

One of the most attractive features, which is worth-including in the apps to find songs. Obviously, Genius is not the only app, which can provide the feature like reading lyrics along with the music. But, it also provides the facts behind the tracks, which are verified by the artists.


2. Provides Compatibility With Other Music Platforms like Spotify and Google Play

Providing compatibility with all other music platforms like Spotify, Apple Music, and Google Play. In which, the app user can integrate the music players of his choices. For instance, the user has multiple options to listen to the track from other apps (it is also not mandatory to choose Genius app).

Also, we can say that this is one of the most attractive features, which you can include if you want to create a music app like Genius, Spotify or Google Play. In addition, the user can also explore the popular songs, and also find out annotated lyrics for his favorite songs using the best playlist app.

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3. Feature: ‘Identify Music’ by just holding the phone up to the music

It is important to take care of this feature if you need to create rap genius app that recognizes the music. Well, the feature is ‘Identify Music’, which allows the user to identify any random track. With just one tap, it helps the user to recognize the song.


4. Enable Emojis ‘Lyrics are the New Emojis’ in iMessage

The app, Genius has created the app extension for lyric sharing in iMessage. With the feature, the user can talk in lyrics in iMessage (a popular instant messaging service developed by Apple).

Also, the user can create emojis in order to share with their friends in the iMessage as well as other social network platforms like Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter via Slack and Email.


Image Source: Genius

Final Thoughts 

Well, the most deciding thing for making successful music streaming app like Genius is to make the smart approach and stick with the logical pattern of actions.

Undeniably, the app, ‘Genius’ has been rapidly gaining pace, and become stand out among other music apps on the App Stores. To put these features altogether, you can create your own music app that recognizes music like Genius. Still, if you have queries in your mind like – How can I start off with the music and lyrics streaming music app? Or how much does it cost to develop the best music streaming app? Find the trusted app development company which has already worked and developed music applications and free music streaming apps. That’d be easier for both of you. Because of their expertise, you can expect your application within a deadline.

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