What Industry Leaders Don’t Tell You About Building An Exceptional Mobile App Startup – How to Do It Right

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Nowadays, we witness so many Entrepreneurs and businesses launching their own mobile apps to capture the online market. In fact, mobile apps helped Entrepreneurs gain millions of users and make millions of dollars. All with mobile app startup.

Apps are massive right now and they show no sign to slow down in the future as well. And, this has got many people thinking – How it’s possible for Entrepreneurs and mobile app developers register huge shares of profit?

The answer is pretty simple: Today, mobile app development is no more novelty.

It has now became a necessity for majority businesses as well as enterprises. A small pocket device has given birth to the era of mobility. In fact, providing services with the help of mobile apps is considered as the best channel to bridge the gap between businesses and consumers.

Although, it’s quite surprising to learn that even though mobile app stores are overwhelmed with millions of applications, but very few of them are successful in today’s market. The reason behind its success is: Idea, Market, and Opportunity.

There are many startup apps in the market that are splendid, but failed to hit success in the app store. And, our today’s article will cover various aspects that industry leaders and successful startup entrepreneurs don’t tell how to thrive in the mobile industry with mobile app startup.

First, Identify The Market Opportunities

There are many aspects that contribute in the development of a sustainable product, with the capabilities of generating huge amount of revenue for the business.

But, to know how to come up with a product idea, try to figure out the pain points faced by majority of people. Then, convert those pain points into an actionable product or come up with a service that fit the market.

Take Airbnb for example. The app become successful because it hit the two most demanded market in the hospitality industry.

They developed an app for two markets – for those who are looking for affordable rooms to stay while traveling, and for those who are looking for paying guests.

Similarly, the right way to develop a successful product app is to identify the market pain points and be ready with the idea for your mobile app startup.

Hit The Market With a MVP

Once you’re ready, it’s time to build a MVP (minimum viable product) and release the trial version of your app to comprehend the market behavior and perspective.

Though, developing a MVP of your product app is not an easy task. For entrepreneurs, it is one of the biggest challenges to choose certain features to exhibit the concept of their mobile app.

The main purpose of MVP is to identify whether you’re giving something unique to the world, and that your target audience responding positively or not. Some startups make use of a landing page, but it’s only relevant when you’re launching a web product too.

Bottom line is, releasing MVP helps in many ways to understand the behavior of your targeted audience, and if the market will adopt your product for their problem or not. This is why, release your app MVP, understand the market review and revamp your app accordingly to get the best results.

Modify Your App Strategy By Removing Non-Core Features

Once you’re done with MVP, it’s time to implement ideas in form of documents. These documents generally help to decide the flow of mobile app. It describe how your app is going to connect with features and how a user will navigate throughout the app.

So, if you want to hit the targeted audience, offer only those features that actually solve users’ problems. In the beginning phase, don’t confuse them with “nice-to-have” elements, you can update these parts later once you win a good amount of user base.

Iterate To Monetize Smartly

Once your first version has made the mark in the market, then probably it needs to be expanded further. This is where, you need to outline your monetization strategy.

Although, focus on money in the early stage of your mobile app startup may restrict the future growth, and this is why it is recommended to cherish more users in the market, collect detailed population statistics, and then start building your monetization strategy.


Remember, a strong determination to lead your idea till the end is what makes a business successful. And, if you don’t grow ahead, identify the issue, and develop the next version that solves the problem. Talk to experts, meet developers, or consult with a mobile app development company in order to upgrade your app, or build a fresh-new app from ground zero.


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