These 5 Quirky Features of Apple’s iOS 12 Taking Innovation to The Next Level


This blog lies information about the newest operating system i.e. Apple’s iOS 12. Herein we’ve rounded up five quirky features of iOS, which is taking innovation to the next level. Check out those features below.

As long as Apple is here, there is nothing that could beat the innovation. This year, Apple has come up with different vibes as the company is always known for its innovation and keep introducing quirky announcements more frequently.

As per the latest report, “At Apple’s WWDC (Worldwide Developers Conference), accessibility has played an integral role.” There are two things i.e. accessibility and conceptually on which Apple is emphasizing while launching and updating any product. Now, these two things have become mandatory parts.

From one another report of TechCrunch, “On 4th June 2018, at WWDC 2018, Apple has introduced iOS 12, the next version of iOS, operating system that runs on all iPhone and iPads.” However, the new features of Apple’s iOS 12 are all about performance and optimization. The company also does not forget about augmented reality (AR), and it has created a new file format for AR, which is called as USDZ. Apple is also launching a new app to teach people about AR. And, the app is called “Measure”.

According to the latest news from Apple, the company is introducing more than 70 new emoji to iPhone, iPad, Apple Watch and Mac, including new characters with red hair, grey hair, a new emoji for bald people and more. This new emojis are available in today’s developer and public beta previews of iOS 12.1 and will be available in upcoming software updates for iOS, macOS, and watchOS.

Talking about the other front and it is all about the revised App Store Review Guidelines after introducing a number of features in iOS 12 at WWDC (Worldwide Developers Conference 2018). However, the main crux of the principle of the App Store is quite simple as it is all about to provide a safe experience for its users to get mobile apps and great opportunities for developers.

However, these app development guidelines are centric towards safety, performance, business, design and legal. The guidelines are basically based on providing a safe experience for users to get the apps as well as great opportunities for all developers to be successful.

The newly launched iOS 12 is all about allowing people to better understand and control the time they spend with apps and websites, and how often people pick up their phones during the day, and how they receive notifications.

You may have heard a lot about the latest updates and unparalleled features of iOS 12, but here we’ve put together a quick roundup of them, which you can use to ramp up your iPhone apps according to the latest Apple’s iOS 12 features.

Sneak Peek: 5 Features of Apple’s iOS 12 That Will Make a Huge Difference

1. Screen Time: Allows to Track Daily Activity


As we’ve already said that iOS 12 is all about to empower its users. The feature “Screen Time” provides users with insight into how they are spending time with the mobile apps. However, this feature brings detailed Activity Report on a daily and weekly basis to users. The Activity Report shows:

  • The total time a person spends on each mobile app they use, and their usage across categories of mobile apps?
  • How many notifications does user receive on daily basis?
  • How often user picks up his/her iPhone or iPad?

The feature allows users to set a specific amount of time to be in an app, and a notification will display when a time limit is about to expire.

  • Screen Time feature allows parents to access their child’s Activity report right from their own iOS devices in order to stalk on where their child spends his time. Parents can also manage and set up app limits for their kids.


  • Screen Time gives parents the ability to schedule a block of time to limit when the device cannot be used like children’s bedtime.
  • Parents can also choose specific apps like Phone or Books, which will always be available, even during the downtime of after a limit is spent. During downtime, notifications from apps would not be displayed. And, a badge will appear on mobile apps in order to indicate they are not allowed to be used during that period of time.

2. Do Not Disturb: Reduces Interruption

One of the most awaited features, which is named as ‘Do not disturb’ is a powerful time management tool, helping users to stay in the moment during times like studying during class, meeting or dinner.

Also, this feature blocks out the majority of messages, which are not too important for the user. This feature does not mean that user could miss out something important. We mean here something important like health update or a text from a loved one. In addition, the user can also designate certain notifications as critical alerts, which will come through even with DND turned on.

3. Notifications

This feature is all about reducing interruptions, as iOS 12 gives users more options to control the way how notifications should be delivered. Instant notifications to be turned off completely or delivered directly to notifications center. Apple’s virtual assistant, Siri intelligently makes suggestions for notifications settings such as to quietly deliver or turn alters off that based on which alerts are acted upon.

iOS 12 introduces Grouped Notifications feature that has been added to make it easier to view and manage all notifications from the app at once. The new ‘Instant Turning’ feature adjusts notifications for a given app or set them to deliver quietly. The feature sends notifications to Notification Center, but not the lock screen. Siri suggests to turn off notifications for the app that is least used by the user.

4. Messages: The Customizable Animoji Called ‘Memoji’


One of the biggest changes is seen in Animoji (custom and animated versions of popular emoji). As iPhone users, cum fans of Animoji know very well that user can record in a 10-second time span. And, this time limit is tough. It makes it hard to truly convey the message in the amount of time. But the all-new iOS 12 gives users 30 seconds with an Animoji or the newly announced Memoji. Memoji is a personalized touch of Animoji, and iOS 12 offers a number of personalized options in Memoji.

5. SMS Autofill


There are more chances that users have two-factor notification turned on for at least services like social platforms, for instance, Twitter. If the user does not use an authenticator app, then he/she should select the text messages. But, with iOS 12, it will automatically recognize those codes in text messages, and autofill them into the app, which requested them and getting the user to sign in faster.

Wrapping Up

Indeed, iOS 12 must be smoother as well as faster in performance. Also, iOS 12 is improved and stable version of Apple’s operating system. However, there are also some rumors about iOS 13 in 2019. Well, it was all about iOS 12 and its quirky features which will be rolling out in the fall this year.

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