How Building a Food Recipe App Can Still Make Over $2 Million Dollars?

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  • Professional Chefs – who want to share their secret recipes for creating culinary masterpieces.
  • Culinary entrepreneurs – who want to make an app like Zomato, BigOven app, Kitchen Stories, and Riaffy easy cooking recipes apps.
  • Foodtech Entrepreneurs – who inspired through top food apps or have their own idea to create an app for food/recipe / healthy food and more.

According to Statistica and Lifewire, Apple sold nearly 212 million units of iPhones and 45 million units of iPads in 2016.

Out of these iPhone / iPad users, approximately 22 Million people who live across the U.S., Canada, U.K., Australia, and India have searched for food recipes and cooking in iPhone / iPad category.

This means, 1 out of each 5 iPhone / iPad users are interested in cooking and food recipe category. And there are three types of users of recipe mobile apps.

  1. The users who install the app and deletes it after using only one time.
  2. The users who install the app and uses it only for the free features.
  3. The users who install the app tests it and even pays for additional features (in-app purchases).

Now assume that you’re building a freemium-based food recipe app for your target audience. And you’re charging as a minimum like $1 for in-app purchases.

As mentioned, there are 457 Millions of iPhone and iPad users. And 1 user out of each 5 devices makes 91.40 Million users. Out of these 91.40 Million users, approximately 22 Million users are interested in cooking.

Now if 10% of these 22 Million users do the in-app purchase for $1, it will still generate $2.2 Million in revenue.

Simple as that.

Also, don’t forget that the data is just for iOS. You can imagine how big and profitable it would be for developing food recipe apps for Android.

And as you probably know, mobile applications are making our lives easier by not leaving a single part of our lives untouched. Not even the kitchen. Today the healthy recipe apps offer step-by-step instruction guides to curating a monthly breakfast plan and even shares amazing recipe tips and tricks. In simple words, a food recipe app converts the smartphone into a cookbook.

There are different types of food recipe apps. Some of those best recipe apps Android cater to the needs of chefs, while others are useful for anyone who’s struggling with basic recipes. In fact, there are also all-in-one recipe apps and apps that focus on a specific functionality such as listing ingredients for recipes and providing step-by-step instructions.

However, whether it’s an all-in-one food recipe sharing an app or specific functionality focused app, the most successful food recipe apps share similar qualities. They all have a simple design that combines mouth-watering food images with its ingredient lists, and instructions to make it.

At Space-O, we’ve already worked on such Food Recipe App Development projects with different clients. You can access our best recipe apps portfolio from here. And what we’re going to do here is, we’ll look into the most successful food recipe apps and identify what makes them popular.

Comparison of Top Food Recipe Apps

After taxi apps, the healthy food recipe apps are next in the race of mobile takeover. It is a lifesaving solution for many people who have no idea of cooking. And once you check out the below comparison between top recipe apps, you’ll have a better understanding of what type of food recipe app works in the cooking app industry.

Now, let’s get started with top food recipe apps or we can say best cooking apps of all-time.

  1. BigOven

    BigOven is a recipe finder app for multiple platforms like iPhone, iPad, Android, Windows Phone, and Kindle Fire. This is the best cooking app that combines a built-in library of recipes, sorted by category, and with meal planning functionality.

    In simple words, you can create a shopping list based on the food recipe you choose. Now we all know that a food recipe app becomes overwhelming if there are too many details. But, the BigOven has perfectly nailed it by providing only the necessary instructions in a smart way. So let’s go ahead and check out BigOven’s features.

    cooking app

    Features of BigOven

    • More than 350,000 food recipes.
    • Grocery list and Menu Planner.
    • Search Box to find any recipe quickly.
    • Easily organize food recipes into folders or by category.
    • Plan and share your week’s plan with family and friends.

    Best Features

    • Snapshot your own food recipes.
    • Weekly organizer to ensure that you’ve all required ingredients.
    • See what friends are cooking.
    • Seasonal recipes for cooking healthy meals throughout the year.

    Business Model of BigOven

    • Free with in-app purchases.
  2. Food Network In The Kitchen

    Food Network In The Kitchen is also a food recipe app with their own recipe collection. Their unique selling proposition is that their recipes are shared by well-known chefs that you generally see on TV cooking programs. Thus, it comes under the genre of healthy meal planning apps.

    Besides this, the app also has a convenient navigation system and how-to videos for the complex food recipes. Though it’s not the best part of Food Network In The Kitchen app, the best part is its search functionality.

    The search functionality of this app lets users find recipes containing a particular ingredient or by a particular chef. The app also lets users set up multiple timers so that they can prepare several ingredients concurrently.

    recipe book app

    Features of Food Network In The Kitchen

    • Thousands of food recipes, photos, and videos from well-known food network chefs and cooking shows.
    • Search by chef or ingredient functionality.
    • Add your own notes or tips in each recipe for your reference.
    • Save favorite recipes in the recipe box.
    • Multiple cooking timers.
    • Unit converter to convert recipes by volumes to weight.
    • Add ingredients and food shopping items on your personal shopping list.

    Best Features

    • Video instructions.
    • Search by Ingredient or chef.
    • Unit converter.
    • Add your own notes to each recipe.

    Business Model of Food Network In The Kitchen

    • Free with in-app purchases.
  3. Yummly

    Since its launch, Yummy, meal planner app has always been in the spotlight as one of the top food recipe apps. The app allows users to set up flavor preferences including diets and allergies. Then, when you open the app after setting up the preferences, it will show recipes tailored for you.

    Furthermore, you can also explore other ideas based on category and also see which dish is popular. All in all, Yummly is a food recipe app for all cooking needs. It allows to save recipes and view them in My Yums section whenever you want to cook. You can also share these recipes with friends, get nutrition information, and get a specific recipe for your requirements.

    best cooking app

    Features of Yummly

    • Over 1 million recipes.
    • Add entire recipes to your grocery list.
    • Save and organize your favorite recipes in your recipe box.
    • Personalized recipe recommendation.
    • Personalized diets.
    • Search for recipes.

    Best Features

    • Personalized diets.
    • Personalized recipe recommendation.

    Business Model of Yummly

    • Free with in-app purchases.

    Now, when it comes to users of food recipe applications, their preference can vary from user to user. For some, cooking can be a hobby, while for others, it could be a dreaded necessity, or it could be just a part of their routine.

    But by developing a food recipe app, you could help home cooks as well as professional chefs. You could develop a food recipe app or a meal planner app for either professional cooks or for anyone who just wants to learn basic skills. But no matter what, there are certain features which are necessary to consider in your recipes by ingredients app development to gain a following.

How should an ideal food recipe app look like?

  • An ideal food recipe app should make it easy for users to access recipe information and use the app while cooking. Certain pictures, gifs, or even videos can make your food recipe app more kitchen-friendly and easy-to-learn.
  • An ideal food recipe app should have a UI that can work on multiple devices.
  • An ideal food recipe app should let users customize recipes and also let them share recipes across social media.
  • An ideal food recipe app should have certain inbuilt tools such as nutrition tables, kitchen timer, and a shopping list.

Remember that the recipe app industry is no longer limited to recipe information only. Therefore, you need to consider the top features of best food recipe apps before developing your own.

In fact, the food channels and networks are also developing their own recipe apps to tap the recipe and cooking app industry. So in order to make your recipe app vital to your target audience, you need to consider the best features of top food recipe apps. And with a couple of certain features and flawless UX, you can too enter the cooking industry with your own food recipe app.

Also, keep in mind that there are already 300+ recipe apps or best meal planning app on both platforms. This means it takes attention to detail and a well-thought-out design in order to build a food recipe app that has a chance of winning in the industry. So if you’re really interested in developing a recipe app, ask yourself these questions:

  • Which type of food recipe app works in the industry?
  • What should be the target audience?
  • How much does it cost to develop a food recipe app like BigOven or Food Network In The Kitchen?
  • How long does it take to make an app food recipe?
  • Indian app developers cost and app development timeline
  • And more importantly, do you know what information do mobile app developers need from your side to build a food recipe app?
  • What is the cost of hiring a mobile application developer?
  • How to make money with an app idea?

If you don’t have answers to these questions, then don’t worry. You can cross-verify these questions with us as we’re a native mobile app development company, and have already over 3500 apps along with unique features and functionalities.

In case, if you still have any query or confusion regarding grocery list app development, best healthy recipe app development features, develop a meal planner app or soul food recipe apps development, then you can get in touch with us through our contact us form. One of our sales representatives will revert to you as soon as possible. The consultation is absolutely free of cost!

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