This is Why Every Fleet Manager Must Include These 3 Features into their Own Custom Fleet Management Mobile Solution

Fleet Management App Solution

This blog contains information for both those startups and the entrepreneurs, who want to develop their own ‘fleet management’ app. Check out some top features of the fleet management mobile app.

The badly performing delivery fleet is a challenge for any company. However, ‘vehicle tracking’ is one of the major concerns for those industries who are under the categories of logistics and transportation and movers. To get rid of this dilemma, it would be a great idea to track the vehicles, which are running on the roads.

There are several businesses, which are looking up for surefire methods to track the number of vehicles or we can say “fleet” so that they can monitor and analyze the distance covered by vehicles and help them out in calculating the fuel consumption and other required factors.

Tracking the vehicles is another method to control and monitor the fleet management business and activities at the same time. Moreover, it can be a reliable option to track your drivers as well.

There are plenty of businesses and enterprises which are looking forward to a fleet management system to track the path taken by their vehicles. This is due to the fact that the fleet management apps deliver complete information about driving habits, speed and the number of stops taken.

If you still want to know more about fleet management solutions, take a look at the reasons why you need to have a fleet management application.

Fleet Management Solution

Fleet management solution helps companies to manage, organize and coordinate their vehicles from the central data platform. The objective is to keep the fleet operating seamlessly by reducing cost, enhancing performance and ensuring compliance with government regulations.

The primary motive of customized fleet management solution is to collect, store, process, monitor, store, and report and export information. It is also known as fleet telematics solution. This is an IT category, which leads to long-distance transmission of computerized information.

In fleet management, the data can be collected from external sources, including gas pump processors and government divisions, which handle vehicle registration, financial firms, mapping systems, and vehicle specification databases.

Why Do You Need a Fleet Management App?

A fleet management app usually comprises the following attributes:

  • Vehicle Security
  • Track Vehicles and Drivers
  • Driver Behavior Logs
  • Vehicle Maintenance Schedule
  • Reporting on the aspects of day to day management of the fleet of vehicles

Apart from this, let us check out the top three features of fleet management app that can help to get most of your delivery fleets.

Top 3 Features to be Considered While Developing a Customized Fleet Management App

Nowadays, mobile apps have been gaining an impressive surge and this concept is more likely to increase in the foreseen times. So, check out some basic features to be considered while developing a customized fleet management app.

1. Real-Time GPS Vehicle Tracking

One of the pivotal features to be considered is the real-time GPS vehicle tracking service while developing customized GPS fleet management app. With this feature, it is easier to track up-to-date information about the location and condition of the vehicle. In a nutshell, we can say that this feature allows admin to check the real-time location of the drivers and the fleet in the most convenient way.

Considering the real-time GPS tracking vehicle tracking feature can provide the following facilities:

  • Easy to trace a stolen vehicle or equipment
  • Information about damage or inappropriate usage
  • Collect data about drivers road behavior to detect risky drivers

Furthermore, security is one of the major concerns when it comes to GPS fleet management app, and this feature provides the following advantages:

  • Vehicle Tracking: It determines the current location of each vehicle to trace the stolen cars from the fleet.
  • Accident tracking: It allows easy to manage the process of accident, repair, and recovery of the vehicle.

2. Fuel Consumption Monitoring

The poorly performing delivery fleet can arise a lot of challenges. And, ignorance of fuel consumption and usage reporting can be one of the biggest problems for your business. So, to develop a data-driven GPS fleet management app, one of the must-have features is fuel consumption monitoring, which you can’t neglect as a fleet manager.

Why Should You Consider Fuel Consumption Monitoring Feature?

It is quite a common problem that drivers deviate from the route due to personal purposes. As it leads to unnecessary wastage of fuel and extra vehicle mileage. However, GPS tracking system feature can retrieve information about fuel consumption automatically. It can reduce mistakes, cheating, and omissions. It delivers the following benefits:

  • Mileage Tracking
  • Fuel Management

3. Optimize The Routing to Lessen The Operating Cost

It is important to identify which routes are profitable and which ones are not. However, the feature, which is named as – routing, allowing fleet managers to set different routes for the different vehicles. By adding this feature, you as a business owner can save both money and fuel. However, it will also help to avoid long routes. In simple terms, with this cost-effective and must-have feature can help you to effectively manage your fleet management company.


If you own a fleet of vehicles, you know how difficult it is to manage and achieve the optimal performance in the business. Moreover, there can be a list of challenges, including uncontrolled fuel consumption, inappropriate usage of vehicles and high drivers’ turnover.

However, without fleet management software and its surreal features in terms of the mobile app, you as a business owner can’t imagine keeping control challenges like your team’s tasks and vehicles of your feet.

The GPS fleet management app allows to solves most of these challenges with the help of above-mentioned features like real-time GPS vehicle tracking, routing, and fuel consumption monitoring. Furthermore, being a startup, if you have fleet tracking app ideas, it would be great to discuss it with a technically-sound iOS/Android app development company.

Apart from this, if you have any confusion related to above-mentioned features of fleet management app or fleet tracking management system, then you can get in touch with us through the below-given form. We’ll figure out how on-demand app solution can meet your business requirements.

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