How Superpedestrian (The Smart Bicycle Wheel Company) Has Modernized The Commute of Electric Bikes By Implementing These 3 Powerful Solutions


This article lies information for those e-bike startup companies, who want to create an app in order to revolutionize the commute. Herein we’ve rounded up three powerful solutions by Superpedestrian, which you need to check them once.

The sharing is the new ride-hailing whether it is e-bikes or e-scooters. The great players of e-bike sharing service are Ofo, LimeBike, and Mobike. Like the ride-hailing sectors, bike-sharing companies have revolutionized the commute.

Today, e-bikes have a big impact on the transportation and helping people with issues like the last-mile transportation to public transit stops. So, the rapid growing momentum of bike sharing is attracting many companies, which provide technology and services to fleet operators.

As per the latest bike sharing report from TechCrunch, “The smart bicycle wheel company, Superpedestrian, has secured $16.5 million in Series B1 funding from top-tier venture capitalists to introduce its products and services into e-bike and electric scooter sharing market.”

Superpedestrian – The Transportation Robotics Company

Superpedestrian, Massachusetts-based, is a venture-backed company, developing lightweight electric vehicles with the integrated online platform in terms of mobile app.

The six-year-old Superpedestrian startup is born out of MIT, which is famous for its product i.e. smart electric bicycle wheel that helps riders to pedal with fewer efforts. The electric bicycle company is best known for selling the Copenhagen wheel (pictured below), and an internet-connected, electric motor system, which gives riders a boost.


Image Source: autonomousvehicletech

Now, Superpedestrian has launched technologies that will power electric bike-sharing programs. The startup company has developed sensors, embedded motor controllers, and software to enable bikes to perform onboard diagnostics in order to identify maintenance issues and alert the fleet operator’s maintenance team. All top of it, let’s know more about the electric Copenhagen wheel.

What is Copenhagen Wheel?

The Copenhagen wheel is a rear bicycle wheel, launched in 2017. It contains a built-in electric motor, battery, computer, and sensor. The bike equipped with a Copenhagen wheel becomes a pedelec, i.e. a bike in which the electric motor assists the rider when they are actively pedaling.

The Copenhagen wheel is controlled through a smartphone app. It can be charged externally through the battery charger, with additional charging while riding the bicycle.

The wheel was developed by the Senseable City Lab at the MIT (Massachusetts Institute of Technology) for the city of Copenhagen.


The bike sharing system can fix some of the problems autonomously. On the back end, the software allows tracking which bikes need new batteries and other tune-ups. They can also remotely install software updates to the e-bike’s electronics.

Now, let’s dive into powerful solutions that electric bike startups can consider before developing e-scooter bike app.

3 Powerful Solutions That Electric Bike Startups Can Consider Before Developing E-Scooter Bike App

1. Technology Meets Urban Mobility

For past decades, the urban mobility has been facing radical changes around the world due to congestion in traffic. The old solutions from the 20th century are no longer useful. Indeed, as more and more electric bike/scooter sharing companies are emerging, the ride-sharing services has completely changed the face of urban mobility. To book a cab, there are a number of handy ride-sharing apps like Uber, Lyft, and Grab.

When technology meets urban mobility, then there is nothing that could beat it. Technology does not protect riders. But, it helps to build better products and help ride-sharing companies to provide optimal solutions to their riders.

Undoubtedly, micro mobility is becoming a reality in cities. It is not possible to squeeze more capacity out of roads, and nothing makes happier than one-person vehicles, because they are occupied at 100%. The cities become more congested. Still, this new concept of bikes has a different brain in them.

Basically, the hardware or Copenhagen wheel is connected to the app to synchronize the rider’s movement. Such solutions in terms of features do not provide something valuable to riders, but it also assures safety and reliability while riding.

The mobile app allows users to control and customize the Copenhagen wheel, which transforms any bike into a smart electric hybrid. When technology meets urban mobility, it enables users to commute seamlessly.

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2. Enhance The Quality of Commute

The electric bike sharing service is one of the hottest new areas in tech and venture capital. Indeed, riding a bike is just plain fun for riders.

Talking about the Copenhagen wheel, the user can attach to his or her bike and operate through an app. It actually has a circular unit that houses a motor, battery, and sensors, which is placed in the middle of the rear wheel. It also helps to measure how fast and how forcefully someone is riding and adding a little electric oomph when the pedals of the bikes are pushed.

If you are running e-bike sharing service, then you can actually think out of the box. As both the hardware and the mobile app help riders to bike fast with less effort along with absolute safety and security. However, a bunch of sensors installed so that the wheel can be more easily serviced and maintained. In this way, the user will get the quality of commute, where the rider commutes effortlessly.

By using data in real time the Copenhagen wheel learns how users pedal and personalize the ride. Customized experience enhances the quality of commute of riders. Technology not only make riding safe, but it also increases the quality of commute. If you’re bike-sharing startup, then you can think about such solutions to improve the quality of commute of riders. That being said that there is nothing wrong to do something different.

3. The Efficient & Safe Business Model for Riders

The Copenhagen wheel is a part of quickly growing trend in Europe, China, and the U.S. However, here we are not talking about something more powerful motorcycles, but the bikes by Superpedestrian that have small motors to give a little extra thrust as rider pedals. Well, the combination of software, hardware, and mobile app can reduce cost, increase uptime, and basically, it can make your entire bike share business model more efficient.

E-bike startups can remotely install software updates to the e-bike’s electronics. Talking about the features of the mobile app, check out some of the top features for users:

  • It controls the Copenhagen wheel with user’s phone.
  • Users can keep track of their trips and mileage.
  • Users can track personal usage statistics including time, distance, calories burned, power and elevation climbed. All of which can be compared and shared with friends.

Thus, if you as a e-bike startup want to ease the life of your riders, then you can think of such out-of-the-box solutions that will not only ease the commute, but also help users to track their riding habits.

On a Concluding Note

The ride-sharing industry has evolved largely from the past few years. And, micro mobility is becoming a reality in big cities. The medium of commute does not only solve commuters problems, but it also contributes to the climate and solves the chronic congestion problem, too.

As more cities becoming congested, many electric bike sharing system are emerging to provide solutions that directly contribute to the environment for the better. Being an e-scooter startup, if you have already planned to develop a ride-sharing app, then it would be great to consider such solutions.

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