How LimeBike (San Mateo-Based Lime Bike App) Has Paced Up Its Growth With These Top 3 Strategies


This post contains information for those startup companies, who want to develop e-scooter apps like LimeBike, Bird or Spin. As we are one of the few on-demand e-scooter app development companies across the globe and having a team of dedicated e-scooter app development experts. Herein we’ve gathered the top three strategies that are behind the exponential growth of LimeBike. Let’s check out what’s inside?

There is no room of doubt in that e-scooter is one of the easiest ways of transportation services, which is also responsible for less traffic congestion. In the past few years, the overwhelming success of a number of ride-sharing companies like Uber, Lyft, and DiDi Chuxing has generated an interest in the “sharing economy”.

There are many other startups like Bird and Spin who are performing exceptionally to ease the commute. Here, we would like to introduce one of the popular dockless bike-sharing companies, Lime, which is now formally known as LimeBike. However, according to the latest report from TechCrunch, “The ride-hailing giant, Uber has teamed up with Lime (electric scooter rental company).”

Furthermore, according to the latest report from TechCrunch, “Lime recently hits 11.5 million bike and e-scooter rides. Furthermore, as per the report, “The San Francisco-based startup, Lime has launched in the United Kingdon with a group of electric-assist bikes.”

With a total funding amount of $765 million, the LimeBike company is based in San Mateo, California. It operates the dockless bicycle-sharing system in several cities and college campuses across the United States by providing a mobile app for reservations. As per the latest report from TechCrunch, “Santa Monica will allow Lime, Bird, Lyft, and JUMP to operate e-scooters.”

Before jumping into the main section of our post, we’ll give you a quick overview of how e-scooter company, LimeBike, has been doing so far. Let’s have a look!


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How LimeBike, E-Scooter App, Has Been Doing So Far

A promising new growth area, which has emerged from the ongoing trend is electric scooter or e-scooter. LimeBike is a key player in the nascent industry that allows people to locate and rent the Lime scooters nearby via a mobile app.

LimeBike aims to revolutionize mobility in cities and campuses by empowering residents with cleaner, more efficient, and affordable transportation options, which improve urban sustainability.

  • A San Meteo-based dockless bike and e-scooter company, LimeBike, launched back in 2017. Now, it has expanded to many other US cities, including San Francisco, San Diego, Washington DC, Austin, and Texas.
  • As per the report from TechCrunch, “LimeBike, the transportation company, has partnered with Segway to launch its next-generation electric scooters in May 2018”.
  • According to the latest report from Crunchbase, “The e-scooter company, LimeBike has raised $310M in Series D round of funding, led by Bain Capital Ventures.”
  • As per the latest report from The Verge, “The users of Lime can find Lime e-scooters and bikes in cities in Google Maps.”
  • According to the report from TechCrunch, “Lime is reportedly trying to squeeze up to $500 million out of VCs”. So, in the below-given graph, you can check the Lime’s potential round, which is highest compared to its rivals Bird and Spin.

funding graph of escooter app startups

  • LimeBike app has already hit over 3 million rides across the fleets of bikes and scooters.
  • Lime is also planning to release a small fleet in Ontario, Canada.
  • The below-given graph reflects the Usage and Google Play rank of the LimeBike app, which is going upward.


  • According to the latest report from Bloomberg, “E-scooter rental company, Lime is teaming up with Uber to bring an unconventional mode of transportation to the world.”
  • With $1.1 billion valuations, the bike and e-scooter company, Lime has complete over 11.5 million rides till now. And, this is what you can see in the image below.


  • Alike Bird, the San Francisco-based company, Lime is growing leaps and bounds. According to the report from The Verge, “Lime’s e-scooters and bikes are now going to completely carbon free.” Well, it is a part of the new sustainability effort, which is called “Lime Green”.
  • According to TechCrunch, Lime has raised a $310 million Series D round, led by Bain Capital Ventures, Andreessen Horowitz, Fidelity Ventures, GV and IVP, the round values Lime at $2.4 billion.
  • In this image, you can check the download rank of an e-scooter app, Lime.


Moving ahead, and let us have a look at the leading e-scooter apps that are performing extremely well in the market:

Top 3 Strategies of LimeBike, E-scooter App That Paced Up Its Growth

1. Provide More Convenient Transportation Choice Along With Safety

One of the strategies behind the success of LimeBike is to provide the highest rate of convenience and safety in transportation services. However, there are various US cities like San Diego, San Francisco, and Washington D.C., which are flooded with the e-scooters, but LimeBike has become one of the fastest-growing e-scooter startups.

When it comes to convenience, there is no option that can beat the convenience provided by the e-scooter apps. And, the convenience comes with a slew of features like nearby bike option and easy-to-operate. After each ride, the fare will be automatically charged online. It means riders can enjoy the cashless ride. In this way, convenience is one of the dominant factors behind the success of e-scooter companies.

Therefore, if you are planning to create e-scooter apps like LimeBike or Bird, then providing “convenience” to riders to book e-scooter can surely help your startup to stand-out.

2. Offer an Alternative & Inexpensive Option to Commute

E-scooters are meant to be a ride on the sidewalks. The company, LimeBike, employs independent contracts so that their services must be readily available in more locations. The seamless process of hiring the e-scooters has lessened complications and cut the expensive options to commute. Herein, we’ve rounded up a few takeaways that you can consider under this strategy:

  • Every business or startup company needs to solve a problem of consumers whether it is about to lessen hassles in transportation or simply cut out the expenses of commute, which is generally one of the major concerns in people’s lives.
  • Also, all you just need to provide the quality of services, which can be a great alternative in the ride-sharing app.
  • It is also important to listen to your targeted audience and try to find solutions for the same.
  • If we would take an example of the ride-sharing giant, Uber, then the company has changed the balance by providing rides at a cheaper rate with a high level of services.
  • When it comes to e-scooter apps, you can also add an option of accountability by allowing app users to share their ride experience after using each ride. It helps you to improve your service as a service provider.
  • In a similar way, an app like Uber or an e-scooter app like LimeBike, both have successfully resolved the perennial public transportation problems of large cities and increasing the mobility of people to get around easily. And, believing that e-scooter is one of the best and cheap alternatives to commuting for all age groups.

Furthermore, what value your startup company can offer to your audience that your rivals can’t offer? It is important to answer such questions if you want to build successful e-scooter apps like LimeBike, Bird, and Spin.

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3. Solutions for Urban Mobility With Technology

Undeniably, there is the highest rate of traffic congestion, plus harmful CO2 emission in the largest cities like San Francisco, San Diego, Berlin, and Washington D.C. Therefore, the emergence of e-scooters are the solutions to ease commute to work as youngsters need to go to their dance classes or students who need to go swimming in the local lake. In the simplest way, we can say that the mode of transportation e-scooters has conquered the urban traffic.

First of all, you need to identify urban traffic problems to conquer urban traffic. In short, urban traffic is shorthand for stress, frustration, and time not spent actually living. To face increasing congestion in major cities, urban mobility is in demand for transformation. The challenge is not just to find something that is eco-friendly and easy-to-use but also adaptable to consumers’ needs and can be shared between app users. All these challenges can be addressed in several ways.

When urban mobility meets technology, then it must be conquered by urban traffic. The development of the mobile app is the best possible strategy that e-scooter companies like LimeBike and Bird have used. As people love to use their smartphones, in fact, people’s daily schedules involve heavy usage of smartphones with key transactions conducted over mobile devices. By just tapping into the app, users can book electric scooters nearby. The ride-sharing giants have already aware of the fact that they have a guaranteed market in the smartphone users, and these companies realized that they need their service.

Technology has been known to be able to break down past barriers to transportation. Also, technology makes easier for both ride-sharing companies and app users to book a ride with a few taps.

Being a startup, you need to think to add more valuable features, which can make your business more attractive to your app users. So, if you have decided to start your own e-scooter sharing startup and develop an app like Bird and Lime, then check out the 6 common features of eScooter app to consider while developing your own apps like Bird and Lime:


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To Sum Up,

We can say that if your startup company is providing solutions locally, then your business idea can work globally. The key is to implement highly-effective strategies in terms of providing solutions, which can actually work for your business and targeted audience’s needs.

So, being a startup, if you have ever thought about developing mobile app under the categories like ride-sharing or e-scooter app development, then you can cross-verify your app idea with us as we are a leading mobile app development company, and already developed over 50 Uber clone apps.

In case, if you as an electric scooter company are having a query like what is the development cost of the complete app-based solution for e-scooter app business model or battery-assisted bikes app development and lime bike app development cost. If there is any confusion regarding e-scooter app development, then you can get in touch with us through the contact us form. Our sales representative will right back to you as soon as possible, who is committed to quality work. The consultation is absolutely free of cost.

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