Dating App Development: How To Give a Tough Competition to Tinder

How 'Precisely' is Giving a Tough Competition to Tinder?

Do you know Tinder has more than 10 million users using the app daily and has generated over 9 billion matches to date? That’s the reason App Store is flooded with an application like TInder

On January 3rd, 2016, Tinder experienced the most downloads and growth of active users.

Let’s Sheds some Lights On Tinder – A Dating Application

A location-based mobile dating app, Tinder is available for free and simplifies the dating process that most of the websites thinking of. To use Tinder, you just have to download an application to your phone, connect to your Facebook account, select up to 6 photos and write a short intro about yourself.

Tinder has created millions of hook-ups stories, let’s me share some stories.

One of my friends told me his story before some days. He had a Tinder account for a while and got nothing. His first hook up was a cute girl of the sports industry. She got them special access to a game, after that, they went to a party at somebody’s Uber expensive apartment. He got a BJ in the bathroom, however, he isn’t a guy to brag. Overall, he had enjoyed enough.

One more story, here I want to share is of Golder user. She shared that The first person I met on Tinder peed on me. The second one called me the next day and accused me of drugging him at the bar. This was especially weird because he left alone without even saying goodbye to me. The third met me for lunch and was actively swiping on Tinder matches during the meal.

Tinder made millions of Dollars with its Application and Similarly, there are hundreds of Other People Develop Good Alternatives with Tinder Clone.

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Tinder hookup is improving its reach by adding statewide races, so to enable the users to choose the right candidate without any efforts. Last fall, the Voter launched with an interface, borrowing the swipe-right-swipe-left metaphor of a dating application to provide recommendations for the 2016 presidential campaign.

Delivering political matches that based on how users respond to a series of yes-or-no questions. Available from February 2nd, 2016, its latest version offers the same guidance from U.S. Senate and gubernatorial races.   

Hunter Scarborough, Chief executive, and founder said that he set out to develop a mobile application that solves a problem for millennials, who are sceptical of traditional news sources but have the lack of the time to inspect aspirants’ voting records, speeches or confirmations.

I was working very long hours — 12-hour days, 14-hour days. When it came to an election, I didn’t have time to do research. I was frustrated by the lack of objective information. I was at a loss,” said Scarborough. “In the 21st century, there’s got to be a way to take technology and make that process easier.

This application is one of the growing numbers of ballot guide that designed to arm voters with information before entering the voting booth. A similar guidance offered by Sean Parker’s Brigade though it incorporates a social networking features, one might be anticipated of the former president of Facebook.

Where the Idea of the Voter App Comes from?

One day, Scarborough was sitting at lunch with his friend that advised him to check out the dating site, OkCupid. It looks to provide the perfect fit for matching different sort. Looking at OkCupid, I got an idea for the Voter app and thus, I have contacted graphic designer to develop a mock-up and started showing friends and family. The official launched of this application is Sept. 17 — Constitution Day, after a soft launch on July 4.

This application needs some little introduction: Swipe right to vote “yes” and left to vote “no” in response to eight policy questions. The next set of questions include some trending topics like sending troops to foreign wars, requiring background checks to buy a gun, etc.

After Voter Application, Precisely Also Introduces to Beat Tinder with its pushes ‘Love Data’

A new dating application – Precisely lands in the iTunes with remarkable features of push ‘Love Data’ to beat Tinder and grabs its users. Precisely delivers quick and painless dating service to users by finding informative, detailed, and searchable profiles. One of the best features about Precisely is it doesn’t force users to write an essay or take lengthy quizzes before posting a profile, as Sidestepping is sometimes quite.    

Sidestepping, which sometimes-stressful demands of older sites and apps like and OKCupid, doesn’t require that users write essays or take lengthy quizzes before posting a profile. Nor does it has short-circuited the whole process with Tinder’s thorough “photo and two lines of text” approach.

Rather than, Precisely claims that it provides users with the best clickable menu of over 200 filters across 25 different categories that describe the qualities they have got and exactly what they are looking for. They have all filters like “Blonde,” “beard” and “big booty” that can be activated on the physical side, not to mention “freckles”, “curvy,” and “dimples.”

It saves so much time to segment what you’re looking for,” Mindy Willens, who co-founded Precisely with her brother, Eric Willens.

Sharing her experience of using Precisely –

The idea of Precisely comes to her mind when she meets too many guys on other apps who had pets and she is allergic to animals. She finds difficult to meet a perfect partner through an application and thus, Precisely is developed. Precisely will show the closest matches that allocate percentage rankings as per the relevant filters. Mindy Willens said that the average setup time for a Precisely profile at 2 minutes and 14 seconds.

Still, there are people, including Mindy Willens, believes that application like Snapchat and Vine are rapidly transforming smartphone users into capable prodigies. Tinder is not lacking behind. Although there are many free dating applications like Precisely & Voter, offering a vast collection of filters to search the most compatible matches and discover their type along the way.

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